16 Things To Expect From A Loved One With Anxiety

16 Things To Expect From A Loved One With Anxiety

Trust me, anxiety is very difficult to live with. And it does not discriminate. Even the rich and famous suffer from this problem. Anxiety can affect intelligent, hardworking, and successful people, basically all kinds of people. In fact, anxious people are naturally quite ambitious, but they also tend to care too much about what other people think.

Here are 16 things you can expect from a loved one who suffers from anxiety:

1. Prepare For Some Deep Breathing Exercises

When an anxiety attack comes, you have to be there to help through the crisis. That means learning some breathing exercises yourself.

2. Accept That You Can't Solve All Their Problems

You have to accept that you cannot solve all the problems an anxious person goes through. But don't feel bad about it – they can't solve all their problems either.

3. Be Ready To Give A Little More Reassurance Than You Would Expect

You have to tell an anxious person they are safe, they will be okay, and so forth. These reassurances matter even when it might seem obvious that everything is alright.

4. Learn To Communicate With Honesty

Anxious people can notice even the most minor details. Therefore, if you hold anything back, they will know, and that will make them even more anxious.

5. Very Strong Boundaries

Many anxious people value their alone time, particularly when they are also introverted. Retreating from you does not mean they don't love you or have a problem with you, it just means they need some personal space to regain their composure after the stresses of the day and other issues in their lives.

6. Be Ready To Cope With Lots Of Failed Anxiety Management Attempts

We will try a lot of things to keep our anxiety in check, but most will never work. Those that do will never do a thorough job, and they will not work every time. Be ready for that if you love someone with anxiety.

7. Be Ready For Lots Of Preparations

Anxiety is easier to handle when you prepare. Therefore, expect that you will have to do lots of preparations in order to keep them from suffering from anxiety attacks.

8. They Have No Problem With You Being In Charge Of Plans

Anxious people have no issue with someone else doing the planning for them. After all, having to make too many decisions can seem stressful for them.

9. Appreciation For Little Things

Nothing gets past an anxious person. That is why this person will appreciate even the smallest things you do for them.

10. Learn To Offer Stability, Not Drama

Anxious people want someone they can depend on. Their lives are full of drama and they don't need any more of it.

11. Learn To Help Your Partner To Try Self-care

Anxious people can ignore some things about themselves. Therefore, learn to encourage them to take care of their health and that there is nothing selfish about it.

12. Sometimes, Logic Will Be Overcome By Anxiety

Even for anxious people in high-powered careers, logic does not always win in its battle against anxiety. During these moments, what this person needs the most is unconditional support.

13. Brace Yourself For Wild Sleep Patterns

Insomnia and anxiety tend to go hand in hand. Therefore, you should be ready to have different sleep schedules from your anxious loved one.

14. They Form Deep Bonds

If an anxious person lets you into their hearts, you are in for real. They cherish and appreciate those they call friends and the love they receive from them.

15. Learn To Listen Instead Of Giving Advice

An anxious person needs someone who can listen to them, not someone who offers advice. When they get a listening ear, they feel better about themselves as that's therapeutic.

16. Don't Forget To Take Care Of Yourself

Anxious people need quite some help in order to handle their anxiety. Therefore, don't forget about yourself, not only for the sake of your health but because you have to be strong for your loved one as well.

Although your partner will seem like too much to handle due to their anxiety, you can try some of the things above and make both of your lives a little easier.