16 Signs You've Been Single For Way Too Long

Being single can be great. There are moments, especially around family holidays, when you might wish you had someone special in your life to share these occasions with. You might also encounter people who ask when you plan to start a family or try to set you up with someone. However, if you're not interested in casual hookups or using dating apps, it can feel like your options are limited. Despite this, being single has its own set of benefits and can be a fulfilling experience.


1. You Have No Interest In Sharing Your Bed With Anything Other Than Your Laptop

Cuddling can be a nice idea, but it can also be uncomfortable and lead to expectations of intimacy. It might be more relaxing to share your bed with a streaming service that will always be there for you, no matter what. Plus, a romantic partner might not appreciate your habit of taking up the entire bed while you sleep.


2. You've Stopped Swiping

Perhaps it was the challenging winter season, or maybe you've been on a string of unsuccessful first dates. Whatever the reason, you're happy to spend time with your closest friends rather than seeking out a romantic partner right now.

3. You Don't Try

You've stopped wearing sundresses and you don't always put on makeup before leaving the house. It can feel like too much effort, especially when you're not trying to impress anyone. You've embraced a casual, low-maintenance style as your new way of life.


4. When Your Friends Complain About Dudes, You Kind Of Tune Them Out

It can be frustrating to hear about unsuccessful dates from friends who use OkCupid or similar dating apps. You might find yourself rolling your eyes after hearing about these experiences too many times.

5. You Automatically Assume That Meeting Someone Is Pointless

First dates often seem to go poorly or end with one person unexpectedly cutting off communication. The anxiety and stress that comes with anticipating a first date can be intense.


6. No One Even Asks Who You're Dating Anymore

Your friends no longer ask about your dating life, your family has stopped trying to set you up, and even your manicurist has stopped asking if you have a significant other. It seems like you're seen as a "lost cause" when it comes to romance. It might be time to embrace being single and consider getting some pets to keep you company.


7. Engagement Announcements No Longer Bother You

At first, you might have scoffed at the engagement announcements you saw on social media. But now, you're past the point of trying to keep up with other people's romantic milestones. You no longer feel invested in who is getting married or not.

8. Purchasing A Pet Seems Like A Real Option

Dogs require a lot of care, just like romantic partners, but they are often more attractive. While you might not be ready to fully embrace being a "cat lady," you have thought about your options for companionship and fulfillment.


9. You're Actually Over Your Exes

In the past, seeing updates from your ex on social media might have been difficult to handle. Now, you can scroll past their posts without being overwhelmed by memories of your past relationship. You might not be completely over them, but you're getting there.

10. Admit It — You Don't Really Want To Make Compromises

You enjoy being able to make your own decisions about where to eat and how to spend your weekends, without feeling like you have to check in with someone constantly. While having a romantic partner can provide some sense of security, you also feel prepared to handle potential dangers with tools like pepper spray.


11. Eating In Bed Isn't Exactly Adorable

It's become a common occurrence for you to eat most of your meals in bed, not because someone is bringing them to you, but simply because it's convenient.

12. PDA Is Disgusting

As the winter ends and people start showing affection in public again, you might feel a bit grossed out by the displays of affection you see. You may have been guilty of similar behavior in the past, but you hope that you weren't as excessively affectionate as some of the couples you see now.


13. You Have Every Single Dating App On Your Phone (Just In Case)

It's hard to predict where you'll meet a romantic partner, which can lead to swiping through the same profiles on dating apps repeatedly and trying to remember where you've seen them before.

14. You Definitely Don't Dress For Dudes

When you do dress up, you often choose fashionable, attention-grabbing outfits that might not be to everyone's taste. For example, you might wear bold lipstick that could easily smudge during a kiss, or you might pair Vans with a more formal outfit. Your fashion choices are for you, and you don't necessarily expect others to understand or appreciate them.


15. You've Given Up On Meet-Cutes

Many of your friends have met their romantic partners online or while under the influence of alcohol, which has made you less likely to daydream about a perfect, fairytale-like first encounter. You might still hope for a cute meet-cute, but you don't expect it to be the norm.