16 Signs You're An Alpha Female And Most Men Find You Intimidating

16 Signs You’re An Alpha Female And Most Men Find You Intimidating

The days of women being timid are long gone. As we speak, we have women who can handle life in a way only men were allowed to in the past. And this is getting some guys a little nervous.

So, if you are a woman who can proudly describe herself as an alpha female, don't be surprised that some men will not take that kindly.

Are you wondering if you are an exception to this reality? You don't have to – here are 16 telltale signs that you are an alpha female who intimidates men.

1. You Can Handle Intimacy

Whatever kind of intimacy they face, alpha women will face it without fear. This obviously means that this woman is very confident, both in and outside the bedroom. Some men are not comfortable being in a relationship with such a woman.

2. You've No Problem Being In Charge

For as long as we can remember, this has been a man's world. Men were always on top, but there has been a drastic paradigm shift. Women are regularly at the helm in society, business, and even their own lives. Some men are yet to accept this fact, let alone stand strong women like you who are making this new world order a reality.

The only thing women were charged with was raising children. In nearly everything else, men were in charge.

Today, women are not just raising children – they are doing it while still managing to put food on the table. In fact, even as they do all this, they still have time to visit the salon and look their best.

A lot of men cannot handle this kind of woman. They are at a loss to understand what place this kind of woman can take in their lives.

3. You Know Your Worth

Some men expect a woman not to know her worth unless she is told about it. You are different, you know your worth even without anyone telling you. That is intimidating to some men.

All you have to do is get a man who understands your worth as well. In the end, living a life you love is your highest priority.

4. You Like To Motivate Others To Be Their Best Selves

Being a strong woman, you know plenty about getting things done. Yes, you know that you are not perfect. But you are also working to be a better woman every day. You also expect this of people in your life.

Some people don't respond well to this encouragement since they want to be whatever they want in their lives, even if that means being comfortable with mediocrity. So, the man who can handle you is a man who has no problem working on himself to become the best version of himself.

5. Your Superhero Is You

You're every bit an independent woman, and you don't need anyone to do anything for you because you can do it just fine on your own. When your life is a mess, you clean it up all by yourself, without the need for assistance from any man.

That throws some men off because they expect women to run to them whenever they need assistance. Since you are not that kind of woman, they have no idea how to relate to you.

6.You Have No "Need" Of A Man In Your Life

As far as their relationships with women go, some men are all about being needed. This scenario is what gives them strength and reassurance that they matter and have something to offer.

But that is not who you are. You are independent on your own, and you don't need a man coming to your rescue now and then. You have full control of your life, and you are also very happy to be alone.

Therefore, a man who expects a woman to need him will find you very intimidating because they will have no basis for their sense of self-worth in such a relationship.

But the truth is that men who need a woman to need them are actually in need of a woman in their lives. But it does not look good making this admission. And so, instead, they like to act like they have everything figured out and like they can offer the stability a woman needs in her life.

7. You Can Read People

Being a strong woman means you have asked yourself some deep questions. You dug deep and discovered who you are. This level of introspection is rare, and it makes you very good at reading people and understanding what they are about.

So, you will know very easily that someone is lying to you. People generally don't like people who can understand what they try to conceal about themselves, especially when they are men trying to associate with women they are interested in romantically.

8. Your Personality Is Too Strong

As an alpha female, you have a strong personality and will always say what you think. You often stand up for yourself and challenge many lasting notions about things like gender roles.

This will obviously rub some men the wrong way as these men believe women are generally weaker. This is clearly not the truth, although many women let it hold them back. So, some men will not want to associate with a woman who is strong, not realizing that this is to their benefit as well.

9. You Value Honesty And Vulnerability

You may be a strong woman, yes, but you also know the importance of being honest and vulnerable. You have seen how these qualities have helped you achieve success.

While most men will not have a problem having an honest and vulnerable woman, they tend to take exception to have a woman who expects them to be honest and vulnerable as well.

Men find dealing with their vulnerabilities to be a huge challenge, especially when a woman has to know about it. So, an alpha woman will be very intimidating to these kinds of men.

10. Give Respect When It's Due, And You Also Expect It

A strong persevering woman certainly respects herself and others. She wants respect in return.

Men find this particularly intimidating. They can't imagine a scenario where they have to show you respect at all times, even though they might expect you to do so for them.

11. You Don't Mind Taking The "Provider" Role

Many men still think it is their role to "put food on the table." Now, women are doing this and this glorified male role does not even make sense to an alpha woman. What makes it worse is that some men are realizing that this role was the only thing they could offer in a relationship. When it's taken away, they feel out of place and intimidated.

12. You Know What You Want Out Of Life

Generally speaking, being with someone who knows what they want in life can be a little intimidating, especially when this person is determined to go after it no matter what. That means people cannot sway your thinking and convince you to do things their way or in a manner that favors and accommodates their interests. Many men count on finding a woman who will support their lives, not a woman who has her own life and wants a man who can support her instead.

13. Being In Control Is Not A Problem For You

An alpha woman is perfectly fine taking charge. Whether it's in the bedroom, social settings, or at work.

So, unless men take a different look at such social conventions and accept that they can't control everything, they will always have issues with strong women who know otherwise.

14. You're Intense

You blow hot and cold. You are never mild. Whatever you do, you do it to the fullest. It does not matter if you are playing, living, working, or whatever. When you set out to do something, you pull all the stops.

That is because you expect the very best out of life, and you know how to get it. Men don't want to deal with all this, especially when it comes to fights. So, you can be too much for some men, and they might shy away from associating with you.

15. In Whatever You Do, You Give Your All

However mundane or serious a task is, you give it everything you have. You have come so far and you never back down from a challenge.

The fact that you are ready to handle everything life throws at you can be intimidating.

16. You are A Feminist

To some men, being a feminist is an indication that you think they are weak. They simply cannot handle the notion that a woman can do what a man can do. This can be intimidating to many men, who fail to understand that life is about being your best.

They fail to understand that strength or weakness has little to do with what another person can or cannot achieve. To these men, women should be submissive and should never shine, even when they have the qualities to stand out.

Are Alpha Females All They Are Made Out To Be?

Yes, alpha females are strong and will go after what they want in life without fear. They can take charge.

These qualities are not traditionally expected in women, and some men cannot handle this kind of woman.

If you are an alpha woman, know that it is perfectly fine for a woman to be in charge. You can also do a better job than a man can, and that makes our society better, not worse.

As a matter of fact, here are 10 signs to know if a man is intimidated by you.

10 Signs A Man Finds You Intimidating

If you seem to be getting nowhere with men you are interested in, then it could be that you are intimidating to them. Women have become so independent, and this is not something some men are equipped to deal with.

1. Everything You Say Seems Insulting To Him

If the man is offended by your compliments and comments, then it shows that he finds you intimidating. Men don't always take criticism well, but that does not mean you should hold back.

2. He Just Shows Off

A guy might do this because he doesn't know what else to do with you. He does it to get your attention because he does not know how else to get you interested in him.

3. He Keeps Smiling At You

Even after smiling at you and getting your attention, a guy who finds you intimidating will just keep smiling and make no additional move.

4. He Seems Interested, He Does Not Make A Move

Although you can see that you intrigue him, he never makes any move. He smiles and says the right things, but he never says or does anything promising.

5. Things Get Awkward

When around you, he cannot speak or do things right. He can spill his food, misunderstand you, and generally act very awkwardly because he cannot manage to tell you how he feels about you.

6. He Doesn't Share Much About His Life

When a guy is intimidated by you, he will refrain from talking about himself because he thinks there is nothing exciting he can say about his achievements.

7. He's Tongue-Tied

When a guy is intimidated by you, he cannot get his words in order when talking to you. He sees your worth, but he probably doesn't think himself good enough for you.

8. He Seems Nervous Talking With You

He can't seem to get his words out properly, which is a good sign he is into you. It probably also means you are intimidating.

9. He Brags

Sometimes, men brag in an attempt to make themselves seem better than they think you see them.

10. He's Jealous Of Other Guys

If the guy is suddenly jealous of another boyfriend even though he is just a friend, then it's probably because he is intimidated by you. He thinks he is about to lose you.