16 Hilarious Warning Signs Found By Ordinary People

16 Hilarious Warning Signs Found By Ordinary People

Warning signs play a vital role in our daily lives because they warn and help us avoid getting into trouble. Whether stating the obvious or prohibiting an unusual activity, these signs are intended to make us watch out.

Some warnings go beyond a simple "Caution!" "Danger!" or "Beware!" alert.

Often, some warning and street signs end up being hilarious and a source of chuckles, as witty people try to capture our attention, whether they're trying to make you giggle or not.


In a modern world where images greatly influence people's decisions, you'd think sign creators would be more careful with their signage. But it's not the case.

Here are 16 hilarious and funniest signs found by ordinary people. They range from the witty to the whimsical.

1. Challenge accepted!

2. So true!

3. One does not simply use his brain!

4. This is epic!

5. Thanks for caring about me.

6. We don't want the animals to get sick, do we?

7. Don't mess with guys from Idaho.

8. A warning sign on a beach in Singapore

9. Human nature at its finest!

10. We all need this sign at work.

11. Inside Twitter's New York office:

12. Beware of the cat.

13. "The Italian hotel we stayed in had these warning signs next to the windows."

14. We look so yummy!

15. You won't get out of here alive anyway!

16. Is this what the fox said?