16 Girl Names He Won't Resist (According To Reddit)

16 Girl Names He Won’t Resist (according To Reddit)

A name is just a name, right? No, not according to several Reddit users who admit that they were attracted to certain girl names more than others.

By having a certain name, guys can be more drawn to you. Largely, this depends on the person, but some names seem to carry some universal appeal. Apparently, girls with a certain name are 'hot', while others are 'sexy' just because they were lucky enough to get those names.

While changing your name to make yourself more attractive might be a little crazy, it would be flattering to learn that guys find your name irresistible.

So, do you have a lucky name that makes guys crazy for you? Let's find out.

1. Alessandra, literally means "beautiful flower of God"

The name and its meaning are both irresistible. But for one Reddit user, the beauty of this name went far beyond when he was involved with a girl by that name. Even though they parted ways, he hasn't forgotten her and has a thing for girls by this name.

That aside, Alessandra is a beautiful exotic name, and it oozes passion and romance. Then we have celebs like Victoria's Secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio making guys associate the name with the greatest forms of feminine beauty.

2. Naomi, or I moan in reverse

One Reddit user cannot get over this name based on what it says when spelled backward. But the name also has biblical origins, and it means 'pleasantness.' However, it seems this Reddit user has added a sensual erotic side to the name. No wonder he finds it irresistible. But then we also have Naomi Campbell and Naomi Watts, two beautiful models who are popular the world over making the name so desirable.

3. Ashley, a beautiful name for beautiful girls

Apparently, any girl by this name will be hot. Few can dispute this. The name refers to a place in England, although it also means 'lives in the grove of the ash tree.'

4. Heather, a sensual name you can't help repeating

There was a time Heather was one of the most popular names in the U.S. The name just rolls off your tongue. There is a flower with the same name, and the name is also quite popular among hot girls in popular culture.

5. Paige, for hot women only

There is a guy on Reddit who swears that if your name is Paige, then you will be hot. Paiges are a little shy, but they have an interesting side to share and a killer smile.

6. Vanessa, a seriously sexy name

Vanessa is a sexy name, and we can all agree on that. Apparently, the name refers to a butterfly genus. Then we have world-class beauties like Vanessa Hudgens to prove just how hot women called by this name can be.

7. Emily, a gentle name with a wild side

There is a certain allure to this name, and it's also one of the most popular female names there is. The name has Roman origins, and it means rival. That's probably because many girls by this name would be serious rivals to other seriously hot girls.

8. Ambers are irresistible gems

Amber is the name of a beloved gem, and it seems girls by this name share this reputation. The stone associated with the name is thought to symbolize warmth, peace, and positive energy. And who wouldn't want some piece of that? No wonder girls by this name are so irresistible.

9. Sarah, just sounds beautiful

With solid and prominent biblical origins, the name Sarah is also a huge turn-on for one Reddit user. And he might not be the only one. The name means princess, and if popular culture is to be believed, princesses are beautiful and irresistible. So, we get where this Reddit user is coming from.

10. Sasha, because all Sashas are hot

This enchanting and exotic name is apparently only given to super hot women. It has a very respectable meaning as well as it stands for 'defender of mankind.' With a heroic name, you are bound to draw a huge legion of fans. But the name is also linked to drama and romance, which might explain why Beyonce would pick it as her alter ego name.

11. Soriya, a pretty gorgeous name

For this user, dating a girl by the name Soriya is what made him believe this to be among the most beautiful names ever. The charming name is doubtlessly beautiful. Additionally, as per Cambodian culture, where the name originates from, Soriya means honesty, creativity, and sacrifice, which are all very desirable qualities.

12. Jennifer, a sexy name no doubt

In case you didn't know, Jennifer was the name of the queen of Camelot, and it means enchantress. So, any Jennifer who is anything like the name means is bound to be irresistible. Think of Jennifer Lawrence, Jeniffer Aniston, and others and how hot and alluring they are by the admission of many adoring fans.

13. Erin, a uniquely beautiful name

The name is derived from the name Scotland, which is called Eire in Scottish. The name means green waters, and we can't help notice that green is the color of envy. That would make it a challenge for you to resist a girl by this name, naturally.

14. Kayla, a beautiful name for incredible girls

Kayla is a lovely name, and it might mean 'crown' or 'laurel', which adds to its appeal. Others believe it translates to purity in Greek. So, this girl is likely to be beautiful and trustworthy.

15. Julia, a simply beautiful name

Because it ends in -ia, a Reddit user considers Julia one of the hottest names there is. It can mean youthful or hairy. So, if you are called Julia and are anything like your name, chances are that you will have a timeless beauty. And who can resist that? And again, the name is the female version of Julius, as in Julius Ceasar, a true and unforgettable legend.

16. Emma, remember all the hot celebrity Emmas you know

Just for the record, we have Watson, Roberts, Stoneā€¦ So yes, the name Emma seems to be common among hot women. The name means 'whole', which is probably because women by this name are totally hot. And even if you go back in history, you will discover that many Emmas were irresistible beauties.