150 Sexy Text Messages To Excite Your Partner

150 sexy text messages to excite your partner

Figuring out the sexy words to use to turn on your partner can be tricky. After all, you can end up creating awkwardness and embarrassment.

Fortunately, today we have texts you can use to kick the romance up a notch while still using the lover's love language.

The good thing about text messages is that they reduce the intensity of having to say dirty things to your partner face to face. Texts also give you plenty of time to come up with appropriate responses.

So, if sexy talk makes you feel nervous and embarrassed, texts are the way to go. Most people love it when their partners can manage some level of dirty talk.

The key to good texting, whether it's sexy or not, is to do what feels natural. The idea is to get your partner turned on and excited.

Romantic And Sexy Text Messages

150 sexy text messages to excite your partner

1) Our love is like fine wine, it just gets better and better as time goes by.

2) I don't say this often enough, but you are the sexiest person I know.

3) Remember the first place we had sex, I would like to try that again.

4) I miss the way you touch me.

5) I can't wait for our date tonight. You have no idea what I have planned for after.

6) Just wanted to let you know you are very dear to me, and that I want to put my mouth on yours.

7) Imagine how much trouble we would get into if we were co-workers.

8) I'm sucking on a lollipop right now and wishing it was you.

9) You really suck at pretending you don't like me.

10) You are a big part of my fantasies.

11) If you could pick three pieces of clothing for me to wear tonight, what would be your choices?

12) You'll need your safe word tonight.

13) I plan on kissing you from the lips going down, how far do you think I will get?

14) If I was your boss, you would definitely always be working late.

15) Do you think I look better in a skirt or tight jeans?

16) By the way, did I tell you what I call my [insert body part]?

17) What if I told you I am texting the person I am fantasizing about right now.

18) If you could try anything with me, what would it be? Be honest.

19) I'll need help taking off my panties later on, can't wait to see you then.

20) I was changing clothes and couldn't wait to get dressed before texting you.

21) What is the naughtiest thing you have ever thought about me.

22) You made my wildest dreams come true.

23) I miss having your hands around me.

24) There is nothing I miss more than being in bed with you right now.

25) You looked great the last time we met, I bet you look even better without that shirt on.

26) I would come over and say hi, but I can't trust myself to keep my hands to myself.

27) Guess what I want to do to you later.

28) I think I am addicted to you already.

29) I just want to spend the whole night next to your naked body.

30) I am looking at the new couch and wondering how strong it is. We should test it later.

31) Happy birthday, today, I'll do whatever you want me to.

32) I bet I can get you begging for more.

33) Do you know the most sensitive part of my body?

34) Are we just hanging out or are you secretly dating me?

35) Why I am always thinking about you trying to get me naked? Is there something I should know?

36) You are such an expert in bed, you should give lessons.

Sexy Text Messages To Get Your Partner In The Mood

150 sexy text messages to excite your partner

37) Do you know what my favorite thing in the world is right now? The second word of this message.

38) I'm lying in bed thinking of you.

39) We should make a dirty movie today.

40) Your kisses turn me on so much.

41) Can you guess what I'm wearing right now?

42) I am watching a very dirty video right now.

43) Do you think we should have a mirror in the bedroom?

44) I feel that someone will get spanked today. I have a feeling it's you.

45) My new underwear feels amazing against my skin.

46) I had a really naughty dream about you last night.

47) I feel like getting naked right now.

48) I think our bodies are perfect for each other.

49) Tonight, I will blow your mind.

50) Last night I came so hard, I can't wait to see how it will be tonight.

51) Dinner is ready, and I'm the dessert.

52) There are three things I need right now. You and sex.

53) Do you think I am too noisy in bed?

54) There is something different about my body. Up to you to find out.

55) I'm too turned on to wear any clothes. Get here as soon as you can.

56) I was just thinking about how hot you look in that suit you are wearing.

57) I've been thinking about you all day long.

58) Let's play a game. You name a body part, and I send you a pic.

59) Tell me something naughty about myself.

60) I know what you are thinking of doing to me later.

61) What are you thinking about right now?

62) I have been curious about rough sex for some time now.

63) I bought something we are going to use together later.

64) Going commando: yes or no?

65) I've been online trying to master a new skill.

66) How are you doing? [text sent while naked]

67) What are you planning to do to me after our date tonight?

68) As soon as you get here, I will take you to the bedroom… I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

69) After last night, I think I have an oral fixation.

70) I wish you knew how I feel when we have sex.

71) What is your favorite part of my body?

72) I'm freezing right now, would you mind coming over and helping me out.

73) Can you imagine what we would be doing if we were in the same room tonight?

74) For some reason, I can't stop sucking on lollipops today.

75) I finally have a plan for what I am doing tonight. You.

76) I feel like I am missing something in my life, and it's you between my legs.

77) Guess what I am thinking about right now. It's about you naked and my lips.

Sexy Texts Messages To Make Him/Her Cancel His/Her Plans For You

150 sexy text messages to excite your partner
150 sexy text messages to excite your partner

78) Can't wait for you to get home…

79) Having X-rated thoughts about you right now.

80) I get shivers just thinking about how great last night was.

81) Where would you put this? [followed by a picture of something naughty]

82) Send me a sexy photo of yourself.

83) Wanna play a sexy game?

84) You're on my to-do list.

85) Would you like a lap dance?

86) I wouldn't mind a tackle from you when you get here.

87) It would mean the world to me if you were by my side right now.

88) What's your greatest turn on?

89) Do you think there is something like too loud in bed?

90) Just got an x-rated board game.

91) Save some energy for me tonight.

92) I'm almost burning up thinking about you.

93) Come quickly, I want to show you my most erogenous zones.

94) Guess what I'm not wearing.

95) I have figured out the perfect safe word.

96) You have no idea how turned on I get when I undress you from head to toe.

97) Hi beautiful/handsome, can't wait to see you later.

98) Ever thought of trying anything on Fifty Shades?

99) Ever seen me in my yoga pants.

100) What are your greatest turn-ons.

101) I love it when we make love.

102) Guess who just shaved.

103) Is there something you would like us to try tonight?

104) You better be here in 30 minutes!

105) I have a very naughty surprise waiting for you when you get back home.

106) I think we should try to top last time.

107) Quick question: quickie or all-nighter?

108) What came to your mind after our first night together?

109) What sort of dirty talk do you like?

110) How many times can you go in one night?

111) I'm ready, all you have to do is show up.

112) Why sleep when there are more exciting things to do.

113) Guess what I am wearing right now.

114) I'll be completely naked today at 9 p.m., mark your calendar.

115) I just found my cheerleading outfit. Still fits.

116) I love seeing you in the lingerie/briefs you were wearing last night.

Loving And Sexy Text Messages For Your Lover

150 sexy text messages to excite your partner
150 sexy text messages to excite your partner

117) My friends are always complaining about how much I talk about you.

118) Not wearing a bra today. Thought you should know.

119) Thinking about us tonight gives me goose bumps.

120) For some reason, I was thinking about you and now I am completely undressed.

121) I love your body.

122) Do you have any secret sexual fantasies?

123) When you get home today, come straight to the bedroom.

124) Tonight is the night. Just you and me baby.

125) I can't get you out of my mind. Not that I want to.

126) Wish you were here right now, I would rip the clothes you are wearing right off your body.

127) Just had a shower and I'm undressed on my bed, can't decide what to wear.

128) I am so bored. What would you do to me if you were here right now?

129) You have no idea how much I want you right now.

130) Tonight we can be as loud as we want.

131) Can't wait for you to come so we can have shower sex.

132) Thinking about you gets me so hot.

133) I'll wear anything you want me to.

134) We were so loud last night, I hope nobody heard us.

135) Ever heard of those vibrators you can control from your partner's app?

136) When we meet later today, I will explore every inch of your body.

137) All I'm thinking about is making passionate love to you tonight.

138) What is your best memory of us in bed?

139) I'm gonna blow your mind today.

140) Come over.

141) Send me a nude photo.

142) I'm missing the touch of your magical fingers.

143) If I told you that you had a sexy body, would you hold it against me?

144) Do you believe in love at first sight?

145) You are the sexiest thing on earth.

146) I'll do it to you better than anyone ever has before.

147) After the count of three, let's all say what we are thinking about.

148) You are all I want to night

149) You're the most romantic person I have ever met.

150) I'll be eagerly waiting for you when you get here.

Think You've Got A Hang Of It?

150 sexy text messages to excite your partner

With these sexy text messages, you can rest assured that you will quickly get him/her in the mood. Of course, texts are not all you need to keep the relationship going.

At some point, you will need the courage to say these things to your partner one on one.

However, the texts can keep you interested in each other, especially when you are in a long distance relationship.