15-Year-Old Boy Shoots His Abusive Dad After He Finally Had Enough Of Him Abusing His Mother

15-year-old Boy Shoots His Abusive Dad After He Finally Had Enough Of Him Abusing His Mother

Tucker Gales is a 15-year-old boy from Georgia. He was charged as an adult after he shot his father and allegedly admitted to it.

Tucker Gales was behind bars for intentionally killing his father, Wesley Jordan Gales (66), by shooting him. And this incident happened on the 28th of October, at their home in Appling on Gales road.

Tucker Admitted To The Crime

Tucker admitted that he shot his father with a .22 caliber Marlin semiautomatic rifle. All because he said he had enough of his father abusing his mother time and time again.

The judge granted Tucker a signature bond. This means he was only released from jail until his trial.

Before Wesley's Death, there were multiple complaints about domestic violence

The court has said that there were multiple complaints about domestic violence in the Gales' home. Wesley Gales was arrested in March for cruelty to children and family violence.

For example, he was arrested for abusing his wife, Deborah. He punched her in the eye, and kicked her in the head.

After this was reported, the responding officers saw that there was blood coming from Deborah's nose. They then questioned Wesley and he admitted to the verbal and physical abuse.

And at one point, when Tucker wanted to use the DVD player, Wesley cursed and screamed at him. Followed by throwing the DVD player down the hall.

Wesley was sentenced to a year of probation after he admitted to all of this. This was reported by the Augusta Chronicle.

Also, in September, Deborah called 911 after Wesley threatened to shoot their son in the head. Deborah also mentioned that her husband kicked her in her genitals.

But, of course, knowing he was on probation, he denied all of this. He was having trouble standing and walking at that time and used this as an excuse.

But unfortunately, there were no physical evidence and a lack of third-party witnesses. So, no charges were filed.

In 2017, both Deborah and Tucker told the police that Wesley was being abusive towards them. But Wesley kept on denying these allegations.

And also, in 2011, Wesley was arrested for slapping his wife in front of Tucker. Tucker was only 6 at the time.