15 Ways To Get Someone's Attention On Snapchat

15 Ways To Get Someone’s Attention On Snapchat

When you first open Snapchat, the first thing you'll see is the signature selfie camera, prompting a picture or video message. The design of Snapchat, particularly the ease of sending and sharing photos and videos, makes it easy to keep in touch with your friends and meet new people. But what if you're wanting to get someone to notice you on Snapchat? Here are a few ways you can catch someone's attention in a positive and friendly way using your Snapchat account.

1. More Snaps, Less Chats

15 ways to get someone's attention on snapchat

When sending messages to anyone, especially this person, send a snap rather than a chat. When speaking to someone and hoping to increase your chances of a reply, send an image of your face and a friendly expression. Instead of reading a chat, similar to a text, where this person might simply ignore you, they'll now feel more inclined to reply because he/she has seen your face.

2. Keep A Streak

15 ways to get someone's attention on snapchat

A Snapchat streak forms when sending at least one message per day to someone while the receiver does the same to you. After three days, Snapchat maintains a count of the number of days of your streak. Maintaining this streak gives a good excuse to remain in contact with someone, gaining their attention.

3. Make Your Streaks Unique

15 ways to get someone's attention on snapchat

While streaks can just be an image of your blank wall or the ceiling fan, making streaks more memorable can make you appear more interesting. Make your streaks unique so that they can become conversation starters. For example, you might send a streak with parts of your Spotify playlist, asking for music recommendations. You might send a streak with your face or something you found funny. You might reflect on your day in a couple of quick sentences. Keeping some variety in what you send might also spark someone's curiosity about what you will send next.

4. Send Your Best Selfie

15 ways to get someone's attention on snapchat

When posting on stories or sending streaks, you can also take advantage of your phone camera for flattering pictures. These can be of yourself, a vacation scene, or something you find artistic or interesting. Be mindful that while posts on Snapchat disappear after 24 hours, but this does not stop people from screenshotting or screen recording private information that you would not want to be exposed to the general public.

5. Try A Flattering Filter

15 ways to get someone's attention on snapchat

Use filters, lenses, and bitmojis. Designing your posts, chats, and streaks so that they are more artistic makes someone more likely to associate with you in the app. Snapchat has many creative ways to interact with others in a way that compensates for the lack of interactions in real life.

6. Be Friendly And Approachable

15 ways to get someone's attention on snapchat

In your story, make yourself appear friendly and approachable. To do this, you might post a snap while out with good friends, eating at a restaurant, or walking along the beach at sunset. You might ask for streaks, tell people to "hmu" (hit me up), and show that you enjoy interacting with others. Doing so will make it seem less strange if you reach out to this person, and they will be more likely to respond.

7. Make A Private Story

15 ways to get someone's attention on snapchat

If you're concerned about how this increased content might appear on someone else's Snapchat story feed, you might consider making a private story with the person from who you hope to gain attention. With a private story, this person will be able to view your story, while others who are not added to the private story will not see the messages. People often create private stories for a closer group of friends or love interests.

8. Don't Be Shy, Reply

15 ways to get someone's attention on snapchat

Reply to the person whose attention you are trying to gain with interesting responses. When this person sends a streak or posts a story, you should interact and make conversation. For example, if this person has their music playlist in a streak, you might comment in support of the same artist.

9. Join A Group Chat

15 ways to get someone's attention on snapchat

If possible, participate in group chats with this person. Seeing your name, your bitmoji, and seeing your face more often will increase a sense of familiarity and make this person more comfortable with replying and conversing with you.

10. Send A Birthday Snap

15 ways to get someone's attention on snapchat

Send a birthday snap to this person when it's their birthday. They will be so thankful that you took the time to say something. The interaction will increase their comfort level when it comes to sending messages between you two.

11. Match Their Enthusiasm

15 ways to get someone's attention on snapchat

Once you actually begin talking to them, maintain at least some level of enthusiasm. As mentioned in the first step, show your face in snaps instead of using a blank wall or the ends of your hair.

12. Continue Conversations

15 ways to get someone's attention on snapchat

Within the conversation itself, try not to be dry. Keep the conversation going with questions and expressive comments to increase your chances of not being left on read.

13. Start a Game

15 ways to get someone's attention on snapchat

If everything is going well, try starting a game. When you swipe to the left instead of the right in Snapchat filters, there are several games, including Snap 8 Ball, Real or Fake, What's That Cartoon, Draw Charades, Pocket Soccer, Snap Blocks, and Friend Questionnaire. Starting these games initiates a response and creates a potential conversation topic.

14. Be Observant

15 ways to get someone's attention on snapchat

Through your conversation with this person, take notice of what seems to be more engaging and try to do more of it. If you notice that someone is more responsive to your story, try out a similar conversation in the future.

15. Say Hi!

15 ways to get someone's attention on snapchat

If all else fails, just reach out and say hi with a friendly face and a kind snap! If this person matches your energy, start a conversation about something you have in common and keep all these tips in mind to maintain their attention.

Many people rely on Snapchat to connect with friends, family, and others. The app is easily one of the best ways to communicate or spark a new relationship.