15 Ways Being Awkward AF Can Work To Your Advantage In Dating


Despite how effortless smooth girls make flirting and dating appear, awkward girls should not despair. It is true that we might respond with a "Thanks, you too," when the waiter tells us to enjoy our meal, and we might not realize that our fly is down for the entire date. However, being clumsy and awkward does not always work against us in the dating world - it can actually be an advantage. Even as we stumble and fall, we can still make men fall for us.


1. You're Good At Laughing Off Embarrassment

When you accidentally call the maître d' "Mom" or trap your skirt in his car door, you simply laugh it off and move on, as you have always done. After years of awkward moments, you learn to recover quickly from dating disasters.

2. You Have A Lot Of Entertainingly Cringe-Worthy Stories

Whenever there is a dull moment or an awkward silence, your partner is in for a treat. You are not afraid to share your most embarrassing stories to fill the silence, and you have enough of them to keep the rest of the date going.


3. You Know How To Be Vulnerable

You don't have to worry about your partner having a hard time breaking through your tough exterior to find the real you. Even if you had one, it's likely that you've already shattered it by stumbling on your way to the bathroom. Embracing vulnerability is appealing, and when you're at your most awkward, being vulnerable is simply a fact of life.


4. You're The Furthest Thing From Fake

You're not one to pretend to be something you're not, and even when you try to play it cool, you usually end up exposing your true self before anyone else has the chance to call you out on it. Your authenticity is something that people can't help but fall for.

5. You're Naturally Sympathetic And Forgiving

If your date-mate runs into a pull-don't-push door by accident, they might feel embarrassed. However, it's likely that you've also made a similar mistake in the past 24 hours. By not judging them for their moment of awkwardness, you can show your date-mate that you appreciate them.


6. You're Girlfriend Material

Awkward girls may not be the best choice for a one-night stand (you're more likely to give a high-five than invite someone back to your place), but the more a guy gets to know you, the less awkward you seem. This makes you a prime candidate to transition into the girlfriend zone.

7. You're No Good At Playing Games

Most people don't enjoy playing games, and if you're not good at them, your date will quickly catch on. Waiting days to reply to a text is a thing of the past; nowadays, you might have already sent a Snapchat of your toilet-paper-stuck shoe by the time you reach home.


8. You Can Play It Off As Adorable

Thanks to pop culture, awkward girls can be seen as adorable and charming. Your accidental burp during dinner might have caused you to turn red with embarrassment, but to your date, it could have been the cutest thing they've ever seen. Embrace your dorky side, as it can be quite attractive.

9. You're Self-Aware

You're aware of how it feels to be uncomfortable, which makes you a great date. You have a way of keeping things lighthearted and relaxed, without being overly serious or uptight.


10. No One Ever Has To Wonder What They're Getting Themselves Into With You

It's best to be upfront and honest about yourself from the start. Holding back can lead to unexpected surprises, which can be frustrating for your partner. While it may seem alluring to be mysterious, it's not always practical in real life.

11. You're Actually Really Nice

Nice girls are desirable to guys, even if they are not as attractive as a more difficult girl. Being awkward can actually work in your favor, as guys will be drawn to your natural charm and kindness. So, don't worry about being last in the dating game because, in reality, you're every guy's first pick.


12. You Get Overlooked By Obnoxious D-Bags

If a guy isn't interested in you, it's not necessarily because he's a terrible person. It could simply be because he's not comfortable with your awkwardness. And that's okay because it means that he's not the right fit for you anyway. You can move on knowing that you didn't miss out on a good guy.

13. You Come Off As Very Down-To-Earth

Your awkwardness can actually be an asset when it comes to finding a meaningful relationship. You give off a down-to-earth, girl-next-door vibe that is incredibly attractive. You're not concerned with flashy things, and you can make it through the awkward phases of a relationship with ease. These qualities make you a catch.


14. You Have Fascinating Talents And Interest To Offset Your Awkwardness

You might feel like you don't have the suave nature or sultriness to make friends or attract men. However, the skills and passions you've developed make you interesting and easy to connect with. So, embrace your uniqueness and know that it makes you stand out in a crowd.

15. You Make People Feel At Ease Around You

While it's true that your awkward moments might make you want to crawl into a hole, they actually make others feel at ease. Your charming and disarming awkwardness is beautiful and endearing. So, embrace it and know that it's just one of the many things that make you who you are.