15 Unspoken Guy Code Rules You Should Never Break

15 Unspoken Guy Code Rules You Should Never Break

The guy code; rules that must never be broken by "bros". These unwritten rules are sacred, even if some of them do sound dumb and illogical. It is important though that you get familiar with them so you don't fail your guys, putting them on the spot by breaking one of the bro codes.

Here are 15 guy code rules you should know.

Never date your friend's sister

This sure has a way of breaking bros up especially if he knows you to be a playboy who isn't ready to get serious with her. So, if it's just a fling you're looking for, steer clear. Sisters are off-limits.

Never date your friend's ex

This is quite a serious one. Either during or after their relationship, don't date her. Before you know it, comparisons will be made plus some top-secret secrets revealed and this could damage your relationship with your guy.

Handshakes before hugs

No screaming in high pitches like the girls. It's handshakes before hugs. And yes, hugs must be accompanied by pats on the back. There should be no extended show of affections though.

Bail him out of jail

If your friend commits an offence and lands in jail, you are to save him by bailing him out. Taunting him with it afterward is permitted by the guy code.

Back him up even if he's being stupid

Pals can sometimes be idiots, shaming themselves and you. But come on, he's your guy, your idiot. So, stand up for him even if you'll likely end up fried too.

If he's drunk, drive him home

Do not leave your drunken pal to find his way home on his own. You either hail him a cab or drive him home. If you let him embarrass himself, it will rub off on you. If he talks gibberish in that state, just use it to blackmail him later.

Keep his secrets

Ever heard that "a bro who snitches is a bitches"? (Lol). Well, do not spill on him. If his girlfriend asks a question that will put your guy in a bad spot, it'll be better to feign ignorance.

Pranks for bonds

It's allowed to pull pranks as long as no one gets hurt in the process. It bonds bros forever.

Bros over babes

Except she's one you are serious about and going to go all out for, you just can't ditch your boys for her.

Advice prohibited unless asked

Every man values his pride and self-respect. So, unless your friend comes to you for a solution, don't offer unsolicited ones.

Best man duties

If you are chosen as the best man, the bachelor's party is on you. As his right-hand man, make sure you are always available on-call.

Respect boundaries

As much as you all talk about a whole lot, some things are off-limits, recognize your friend's boundaries and respect them.

Always put in a good word

If some girls are gathered and your friend comes up in their conversation, find a way to chip in a good word for him in a very tactful manner. This is especially important if a girl he likes is present.

Never ditch a bet

A bet is a bet. You must pay up; no backing out at the last minute.

The one-urinal-apart rule

In the urinals, make sure there is one urinal between you and another guy. It's just better that way, to avoid unnecessary embarrassments from straying eyes.

The unwritten and unspoken guy code rules are numerous but the above-mentioned should keep you informed. Don't forget or break them. That way, you'll be brothers for life!