15 Things To Be Thankful For Every Year Of Your Life

15 Things To Be Thankful For Every Year Of Your Life

It's easy to get all frustrated with how life has been treating you. I know how that feels. Yet, I have learned over the years that what you see is not always the truth. There are things to be thankful for every day of our lives.

So, if you haven't been thinking about these happy things, then it's time you start counting your blessings.

15 Things to be thankful for every year

Here are 15 things you can be thankful for today.


1. You can actually read this right now

You don't know it, but around 800 million people in the world as of 2013 could not read. It's very easy to forget the fact that you have eyes and you can see the letters in the article.

For people who are either illiterate or facing one difficulty over another, this is a miracle.


2. You can smile

The dead can't smile. While you might be going through so many trying moments right now, you can actually still smile.

Go ahead and smile right now. That's a right that has not been taken away from you yet. So be thankful for this precious gift.

3. You are alive and kicking

You should be thankful that you are alive. So while you might have hit the goals that you set for yourself, you are very much alive.


You must realize that life is really where all the pain and sorrow starts. If you can still feel these qualities, then it's a good thing at the end of the day.

4. You can feel the sun on your face

Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to be a vampire? (Obviously, they don't exist, but you get the point). Feeling the sun on your face is something that is usually just taken for granted.


However, the warm feeling of summer cannot be discarded. You only know how precious it is when you lose it.

So be thankful for that.

5. Be thankful that you have an extra one second to live

Every millisecond, someone around the world dies. Their loved ones never get to see them again. They never get to come back home to see their dog or little kid.


But here you are, still alive and smiling. Here you are with the gift of one extra second. So even if you are sick, it's time to enjoy the time that you have on earth. Most people have run out of time.

6. Be thankful for the quality that is Love

Love makes the world go round. This is true, and without love, humanity is pretty much nothing. You have love all around you.


You can sense love in others. Be thankful for the love you receive on a normal day from family and friends. It's so important that you cultivate and enjoy love while you still have teeth.

7. Be thankful for the gift of nature

If you are looking for things to be thankful for, then nature is a good place to begin. Be thankful that you can feel the breeze hit your cheeks. You can still see the sunsets.


Be thankful that you can see the chameleon change color. Not many people can hear the owl at night. So count your blessings.

8. You can still wait around for the holidays

The holidays are always around the corner. You still have the chance to spend the holidays with your family and friends. This is one thing you should be thankful for.


Celebrating the holidays never gets old.

9. You can binge on Netflix

If you were dead, would you still be able to watch Netflix? No, you certainly wouldn't. You also wouldn't be able to eat all the popcorn you want while you watch Netflix.

If there's nothing to be thankful, be thankful that you still know what good entertainment is all about.


10. Be thankful that you are sane

There are so many people today that are suffering from limitations. So be happy that you are still sane. You should thank the stars that you still remember the faces of the ones you love.

Not remembering your childhood and the experiences you went through can be scary.

11. Be thankful that you can still hug someone

Hugs are often regarded as one of the core elements of intimacy. You can still hug someone today. So make sure you keep that in mind.


Be absolutely grateful for these privileges you have now before you lose them for good.

12. You can learn and comprehend things

The gift of learning allows you to store new information and habits. You have that right on your fingertips.

No trial or suffering or anxiety can take that away from you.

So make sure you remain grateful for these things. Being able to comprehend something is one of the greatest gifts humans have today.


13. Be thankful that you live in the modern era

One of the things you should be thankful for is the modern era. At least you can hardly die of malaria or polio. There is so much advancement in modern medicine.

You can now live for a longer time. So put that down among the things you should be thankful for.


14. You have the Internet

The joy of the internet is just between your palms. You have the internet and a smartphone or device. For people in medieval times, the things you take for granted would be pure magic.

15. You can travel around the world within a day

You don't have to wait for months to travel to somewhere else. There are cars, airplanes, and so much more to aid transportation.


That's yet another thing you can be thankful for.

The world is simply a beautiful place to live in. Don't let anything or any feeling keep you from enjoying your time on earth.

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