15 Things That Instantly Make You More Dateable

Have you ever pondered upon the traits that render someone suitable for dating, making them worth pursuing after the initial encounter? While everyone has their individual preferences in a potential partner, certain qualities hold universal appeal, and possessing them can instantly enhance your desirability as a date.

1. A House

Regrettably, it is a fact that owning a home significantly impacts how attractive you appear to many individuals. For most, it signifies stability and indicates that you have your life sorted on a significant level. However, owning a house may also attract individuals who are solely interested in dating you for the convenience of having a place to stay.


2. Friends

Having friends is an indication that a person is not entirely unpleasant. It is unappealing to pursue a relationship with someone who lacks social connections as that would mean they rely solely on their partner, and it could be a warning sign of underlying issues.

3. A Career

Do you want to know what repels most people? Being with someone who cannot contribute towards monthly expenses, lacks the drive to improve themselves, and has no noteworthy achievements. A career showcases an individual's ambition and goals in life. Without that drive, you would be relying entirely on your partner to support you both, which is unfair.


4. A Positive Attitude

The saying "you attract more flies with honey" applies to dating. It's easier to maintain a positive attitude when you're already with someone. It's frustrating!

5. A Good Body

It's unfair, but unfortunately, true. In today's world, appearance often outweighs personality. Men generally prefer women who have a slim to average body type. If you want to increase your chances of attracting someone, you may have to forego those late-night snacking sessions. Alternatively, you can wait for a guy who can see past appearances and appreciate you for who you are.


6. Hobbies

Engaging in hobbies, no matter how niche, can make you more appealing as a potential partner. It indicates that you have passions beyond just seeking physical intimacy, and can provide excellent conversation topics on a date.

7. Intelligence

Saying something foolish that reflects poorly on your date is a surefire way to ensure that you won't get a second date. Intelligence is an appealing trait, but it's essential to display humility while showcasing it. Being knowledgeable about a range of topics can lead to an excellent first date and leave a remarkable first impression.


8. Tolerance

While you shouldn't put up with unacceptable behavior, displaying some tolerance towards differences can make you a better partner.

9. Goals

Someone who lacks goals may not be able to contribute much to a relationship. Drifting through life without a clear sense of direction is not a beneficial approach.


10. Manners

In the dating world, displaying the capacity to remain courteous while dealing with the unpleasant behavior that frequently arises can earn you significant points. Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, your conduct can ultimately determine your success with someone.

11. Cooking Skills

It's often said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Interestingly, many women also appreciate men who possess culinary skills.


12. Dance Skills

Individuals who are skilled at dancing are often perceived as passionate and skilled in other physical activities, including sexual intimacy. The allure of dating a dancer is partially due to the sensuality they exude while performing on the dance floor.

13. A Good Sense Of Fashion

Knowing how to dress appropriately for your body type can enhance your appearance significantly. A sharp sense of fashion is a simple and efficient method to increase your attractiveness in the dating scene.


14. A Sense Of Humor

Men and women alike appreciate a good sense of humor. Demonstrating the ability to make others laugh can earn you significant brownie points.

15. Standards

Being someone's last resort is undesirable. Demonstrating standards can instill confidence in your partner that they are valued and chosen for specific reasons.