15 Things That Are Attractive To A Sapiophile

15 Things That Are Attractive To A Sapiophile

Sapiophiles are attracted to the intelligence of others. These people get off having great intellectual conversations about random stuff, or even watching someone so engrossed in a mental activity like reading. If this sounds like the kind of person you want to attract, then here are a few things that will have them finding you to be an irresistible catch.

1. Be open-minded

Don't get it twisted, having your own opinions is okay. However, you should also have an open mind about many things, and that will be quite attractive to a sapiophile.


2. Embracing your sapiophilic side

If you like sapiophiles, odds are that you are a sapiophile yourself in your own limited way. If you can embrace this part of your personality, your target will find you more attractive as this will resonate more with their personality.

3. Having a photographic memory

A sapiophile will find a photographic memory to be quite attractive. Such a person can see a lot of details in a situation, and exploring them is something a sapiophile will find irresistible.


4. Be educated

It is not a turnoff not to have a high level of education. But it does imply that you will be more confident about your intelligence, which is what matters to them when looking for a partner.

5. Get a library

If you have a library, you will have scored a lot of points with a sapiophile. To them, a library means that you can have a lot of deep and complex conversations without struggling to find the right words.


6. Not pretending to be dumb

Some people mistakenly think that sapiophiles need to feel intelligent, and so they pretend to be dumb to give them this impression. To a true sapiophile, this is actually a turnoff.

7. Admitting your ignorance and your interest in learning more

If you are with a sapiophile, don't feel the pressure to appear smart, even when you know little about the topic. Just admit it, and express an interest to learn more and you will have them very excited about you.


9. Showing your quirks

Sapiophiles like interesting and intriguing things, and that is why letting them know about your quirks is such a turn-on for them. So, any weird interests should be shared with a sapiophile because they love this.

10. Win a debate

If you can win a debate against a sapiophile, then you will have gotten yourself a very huge fan; especially if he is a guy. Such guys will be thrilled to find someone who is not as ignorant about special topics as most people are.


11. Be unique

If you jump on every trend that comes along, chances are that a sapiophile will have little interest in you. Be comfortable with your own tastes and choices, not just something that's trending at the moment.

12. Spelling words correctly

Sapiophiles notice it when people can spell words correctly. In fact, this is a huge turn on for them.


13. Be curious

Sapiophiles find people who are curious about life and everything around them very attractive. This means they will not be going around indulging their curiosity while you are left behind uninterested in something that affects them so deeply.

14. Think of conversations as a form of foreplay

Instead of talking about things regular couples talk about when things are getting romantic, you could instead discuss your favorite book or talk about an interesting study you came about. Such conversations can get so passionate and before you know it, you will be having a really good time.


15. Demonstrate emotional intelligence

While mental intelligence is a huge turn-on for sapiophiles, emotional intelligence is just as important. Otherwise, you might come off as cold; and no person can put up with that.