15+ Texts To Make Him Smile After A Fight (And Get Him To Open Up To You)

Arguing with someone you love is very painful, and the pain is even greater when it's with someone you're romantically involved with.

After the argument ends, you fear that you might have pushed him away permanently. The hurtful words exchanged during the argument leave you feeling wounded and alone, with a cold and empty heart.

Have either of you overstepped boundaries? What will happen next?

You're probably asking yourself these questions. The good news is that arguments are normal in any type of relationship, whether romantic or not. Challenging each other from time to time is necessary for personal growth.

As a result, you can work through the disagreement and come back even stronger. The following text messages can make him smile after a fight, helping you to reconcile and strengthen your relationship.


There are those who suggest that you should be the one to apologize, regardless of the circumstances. Their advice is to apologize even if it's just to initiate a conversation with the other person.

We disagree with that view. At Connection Copilot, we believe that there are situations where it's appropriate to offer an olive branch and situations where it's better to keep to yourself.

First things first, when is the appropriate time to reach out to him after an argument?

If the argument was about something minor or you recognize that you were at fault, we recommend that you take the initiative to reach out to him.

In case of a minor argument, such as him accidentally ordering the wrong food after you gave him your order, it's best to reach out to him promptly. It's crucial to communicate that you don't want this minor issue to harm your relationship.

However, if the argument is about something significant, such as your partner cheating on you again, it might be better to allow him some time to reflect on his actions.

It's also a good idea to contact him if you recognize that the argument was your fault. For example, if you were the one who gave him the wrong order or forgot something essential to him. In such cases, sending him a warm text can help ease the way for your apology.


We have created some texts that can assist you in reconciling after an argument. Some of them refer to particular items like food or games. You can modify them as needed to suit your particular situation.

Furthermore, remember that this is not the only resource at your disposal. If you require additional assistance, we recommend utilizing romance programs like Text Chemistry, which was created to assist women in keeping a man's interest at all stages of a relationship.

"Apologies for being a jerk last night. Would you like me to treat you to some food as a gesture of goodwill?"

Suitable for admitting fault and sweetening up the situation. Food can be a helpful intermediary.

"Your cuteness is a saving grace; I can never stay angry with you."

"At times, I wish you weren't as charming as you are. It's just too hard to stay mad at you."

Perfect for expressing your willingness to communicate with him. It has a similar tone to the previous message.

"You have my permission to call me anything you like after my unpleasant behavior the other day."

Suitable for playfully admitting that you were wrong and want to make amends.

"Come over tonight and I'll give you plenty of reasons (69 to be exact) to forgive me."

Great for adding a touch of blush-inducing humor to your apology. It's perfectly fine to turn up the heat. You may also want to check out our list of over 40 daring, suggestive text ideas for guys.

"Do you realize how difficult it is to argue with a man as attractive as you?"

Perfect for inserting a compliment into your apology. Complimenting him is a great way to soften him up.

"Whenever we argue, your good looks always distract me, and I forget why I was upset in the first place."

Great for making him feel warm and fuzzy with some cheesy affection.

"I'm done fighting with you. How about we let our lips do the talking instead?"

Perfect for when you're tired of arguing and want to return to the enjoyable aspects of the relationship, such as making out.

"I'm ready to begin peace negotiations. How about we get together for food or drinks to discuss our terms?"

Suitable for showcasing your wit and employing it to your advantage.

"Do I at least look adorable when I'm angry?"

Great for seeking a compliment when you're feeling hurt, there's nothing wrong with that. Besides, reminding him of your cuteness might soften him up a bit.

"I might be more inclined to forgive you if your apology comes with cuddles or pizza."

Ideal for expressing your willingness to forgive him, but with a little extra motivation.

"I have to admit, you look incredibly attractive when you're upset."

Perfect for catching him off guard with a sweet compliment.

"My pet misses you (and maybe I do too). Come over after work, and we can all hang out."

Perfect for an effortless way to get through to an animal lover. The notion of a pet missing him will undoubtedly make him sappy.

"I know I said some foolish things during the argument. To make it up to you, I vow to take it easy on you the next time we play insert game he enjoys."

Perfect for a competitive guy. It's likely that he'll forgive you and relish the challenge.

"I have a proposition: any upcoming arguments must be settled through insert game you both play. I guarantee that I can defeat you every single time."

Great for motivating a competitive guy. Instead of taking it easy on him, challenge him to show off his skills during your next argument through a game you both play.

"You bring me [something], and I'll consider accepting your apology."

Let's negotiate. You bring me coffee/flowers/whatever you're craving and I'll consider accepting your apology.