15 Texts To Make Him Feel Jealous (To Make Him Beg For Your Attention)

Texting a guy can be an exposing experience. You risk revealing your true self as you send him witty and smooth texts and await his replies.

It's common to experience jealousy during this delicate moment, even if there's no cause for concern. Although jealousy may not be a positive emotion, a touch of it can be a great motivator. After all, when you're feeling jealous, you tend to put more effort into the situation, correct?

If you want to prompt him to up his game, we have the ideal solution: texts to stir his jealousy. Send him one of these, and he'll be eager to regain your focus.


At Connection Copilot, we advocate for building healthy relationships rather than promoting mistreatment. We believe that relationships should be built on a solid, positive foundation and our goal is to assist you in creating such a bond.

Before we share the text messages, let's establish guidelines to promote a healthy dose of jealousy in your partner without resorting to petty tactics.

Don't lie to him

First rule: Avoid lying to him. Many guides on making men jealous often suggest tactics such as inventing a man who asked you out or fabricating stories about multiple men pursuing you. However, lying is not a recommended approach.

While it may seem like a viable strategy, lying to make him think other men are interested in you with the intention of making him value you more is not an ethical approach.

However, this tactic may backfire and harm your relationship. Lying can damage your credibility and if he finds out the truth, it can severely damage the trust between you two.

Even if you have multiple men pursuing you, avoid flaunting it excessively. It's fine to mention it subtly now and then to show him there is competition, but do not use it as a means of manipulation.

Stay away from immature mind games

You may use natural jealousy as a motivator for your partner from time to time. It can even be a useful tool to strengthen your commitment in the relationship.

However, it is recommended to avoid childish mind games, such as flirting with someone else in his presence or deliberately being unclear about your relationships with other men in your life.

This approach is as harmful as lying. It shows a lack of respect for your partner and if he discovers your games, he may feel demeaned.

You wouldn't want to be in a relationship with someone who makes you feel insignificant, and neither does he.

To steer clear of mind games, be honest and act naturally. Mention things in a normal, conversational manner instead of abruptly switching topics.

If he asks about your plans for the weekend, let him know. If you're discussing work, it's acceptable to mention a coworker who may have been flirting. Just keep it in the flow of conversation.

Evaluate your own motivations closely

To avoid crossing the line, examine your motives. Ask yourself why you want to make him jealous. Is it a recurring desire or just a temporary feeling?

To make him jealous because he's making you jealous, assess why he causes that feeling. It could be intentional, such as mentioning other women, despite your feelings. If so, consider if he's worth your time.

If your jealousy stems from misinterpreted conversations, evaluate his overall treatment of you. Is he supportive? Does he show that he values and respects you? Consider these factors.

If you answered positively to the previous questions, your jealousy is due to insecurity. Instead of trying to make him jealous, remind yourself that he cares about you.

Secondly, evaluate how often you feel the need to make him jealous. Regular jealousy is not healthy in a relationship, trust and respect should be the norm.

If you frequently resort to making your partner jealous, it indicates a lack of security in your relationship. Evaluate the health of the relationship and if necessary, openly communicate your feelings to work towards a solution together.

Ways to boost your relationship through texting: Suggestions for texts to brighten his day.

Take the high road

We previously advised avoiding mind games, but it's important to delve deeper. Take the high road in love for your own benefit.

At the end of the day, it's crucial to accept and live with oneself. You should feel proud of yourself and confidently walk towards your romantic future, knowing that you have been the best version of yourself.

Avoid the urge to make him envious through harmful actions. A slight touch of jealousy can be acceptable, but don't go overboard.

Keep in mind that using unethical methods will only bring temporary satisfaction. Eventually, it will lead to feelings of failure and regret.

For healthier ways to keep him pondering about you, consider using some of our texts that will make him think of you throughout the day.


Now, onto the main attraction: texts to create jealousy. These messages employ varying strategies.

We'll provide the best use case for each text and mention if they have any potential risks. Feel free to personalize these texts to suit your guy.

If you require additional support, don't hesitate to seek additional resources. We personally recommend the Text Chemistry program, as it was developed by a qualified relationship expert and offers numerous helpful tips.

"I'm sorry I won't be able to spend time with you this weekend, I have prior commitments. Can we schedule for another time?"

Great for: When you wish to maintain a positive tone but spark his curiosity about your life.

"I'm occupied at the moment, let's catch up later."

Great for: Escape awkward conversations elegantly, it will also make him ponder about your activities.

"I'm thrilled for the weekend! I have wonderful plans lined up."

Great for: When you want to remain cheerful and raise his interest simultaneously.

"Send him a photo of yourself looking your best while enjoying a night out."

Great for: When you want him to see your attractiveness. Showing your happiness, success, and looking great is a subtle way of creating jealousy in him.

"There's a persistent, bothersome guy at work who keeps hitting on me."

Great for: Remind him that there is some competition. Use this text with caution, and don't fabricate, or he may uncover your deceit.

"Wait before texting him back - take your time."

Great for: Indicate to him, without words, that you have a life separate from him. This puts him in a difficult position and makes him feel anxious.

"I feel self-conscious in my new outfit, people keep gazing at me."

Great for: Mentioning in a casual manner how attractive you are.

"I encountered a new guy at work today. He's incredibly humorous, I couldn't help but laugh!"

Great for: Planting the thought of competition in his mind. This is less harmful than implying interest in someone else but still inspires him to make an effort.

"I had an amazing time last night. How was your evening?"

Great for: Indicating that you can enjoy yourself even without him. He will be eager to find out what you did.

"Whenever I visit a particular bar, the bartender always offers me a complimentary beer."

Great for: Hinting that you're popular and well-liked, implying that others find you attractive, which may evoke jealousy in him.

"Suggesting that you're being pursued by others and may no longer be available. This can make him feel the need to act before it's too late."

Great for: Demonstrating your commitment to him while also indicating that you have other choices.

"Indicating that you're looking good and letting him know that other people will see that too."

Great for: Stirring his imagination about how attractive you'll look in your new dress and how others may take notice.

"What attire do you suggest for tonight's outing? Send pictures of some of your top outfits."

Great for: Providing a clear illustration of your sexiness.

"Unfortunately, I need to cancel our plans for this weekend. My apologies as something unexpected has arisen."

Great for: Inducing a strong desire in him to reschedule plans with you, and causing him to worry that your interest in him may be waning. For additional inspiration, refer to our guide on messages that cause him to fear losing you.

"I must depart now. Let's continue our conversation tomorrow."

Great for: Abruptly ending the conversation when it begins to slow and simultaneously creating suspense. He'll be curious about what you might be up to.

Make sure to consult our guide on texting a guy for comprehensive advice that can be applied to any kind of text interaction with a man.


In today's dating scene, strong texting abilities are essential. With more and more individuals finding love through online platforms such as dating apps or social media connections, good texting skills have become a must-have.

Even if you don't meet your ideal partner online, texting will likely play a big role in communicating with them when you're apart. Thus, it's crucial to have good texting skills, as lacking them may lead to losing their interest to someone who can text effectively.