15+ Texts To Make Him Feel Bad

Guys can make mistakes, just like anyone else. As humans, they are prone to errors in all areas of life, including relationships.

Men often have persistent character flaws. They may be unfaithful, lethargic, or fail to acknowledge the effort you put in for them.

Men can have persistent negative traits, such as infidelity, lack of energy, or neglect of the efforts made for them.

Let us present what we have created...

Think About Your Approach Carefully

Before discussing the texts, it's crucial to examine the motivations behind wanting to hurt him. It's necessary to reflect on our own reasons to ensure they are justifiable.

Are you seeking to make him feel guilty because he hasn't been attentive toward you? It's worth considering that he might be occupied with work, family, or friends. Creating a sense of guilt for him might only result in pushing him away.

However, it's possible that he has committed a wrongdoing. For example, he may have a habit of disregarding you, fail to show gratitude for your actions, or the two of you may have had a major argument recently.

In such scenarios, a small dose of guilt may help steer him toward better behavior. However, resorting to abusive, harmful, or manipulative tactics is not advisable. Building a relationship on negativity will ultimately lead to a toxic and unhealthy dynamic.

Express your feelings to him openly and honestly. If you're unable to do so due to emotional pain, request some space to process.

Choosing a more positive approach instead of succumbing to the desire to hurt him is likely to have a greater impact. Acting maturely will prompt him to do the same and reflect on his actions. On the other hand, resorting to insults and manipulation will make him feel justified in his behavior.

Texts To Make Him Feel Bad

Here are the texts we have crafted to make him feel guilty. Some of them mention specific incidents such as arguments or looking at other women. If you like the overall idea of the message but disagree with those specific references, feel free to adjust them to suit your needs.

1. Avoid contacting him via call or text completely.

Ideal For: When you're uncertain about what to express, give him the initiative to approach you. This will give you insight on how to respond appropriately.

2. "You really hurt my feelings with what you did/said."

Ideal For: When you want to communicate your emotions, start an open conversation without blaming him for anything. This approach reduces the chances of him becoming defensive.

3. "I'm really not in the mood to talk to you right now. Give me some space."

Ideal For: When you're struggling to control your emotions, it's advisable to step back and take a break instead of speaking impulsively and potentially regretting it later.

4. "I need some time to heal. Maybe after I've had a breather, we can talk again."

Ideal For: When you require reflection time, consider referring to our list of texts that may make him worry about losing you for added impact.

5. "I'm done with you. Stop texting me."

Ideal For: When you believe he has reached an irretrievable stage, send him this to end his negative influence and stop it from escalating further.

6. "What you did/said was wrong. We need to talk about it."

Ideal For: When you're prepared to discuss the aftermath of his misdeed.

7. "I don't think things are working out between us. Maybe it's time we go our separate ways."

Ideal For: When you believe his actions signify the end of your relationship and want to sever ties without being excessively harsh.

8. "I feel as if you're taking me for granted. If you want our relationship to work, I need you to step up and treat me right."

Ideal For: When you desire to maintain the relationship but want to clearly convey the actions he needs to take to do so.

9. "I saw you checking out other women the other day while we were together. If you don't want to be serious with me, let me know so I can stop wasting my time."

Ideal For: When you wish to demonstrate your independence and affirm your value. This effectively communicates that you will not tolerate his negative behavior, and is most effective when the relationship is in its early stages.

10. "I need some time to think. Talk to you later."

Ideal For: When you aim to be distant and create space. This will prompt him to question the situation and what went wrong.

11. "We can't hang out this weekend. I've got plans."

Ideal For: When you want to make him feel anxious. The message is cold and does not reveal the reason for the distress.

12. "Let's cancel our date for now. We'll talk about whether or not we'll reschedule it later."

Ideal For: When you aim to make him uncomfortable. Similar to the previous message, but with the added impact of canceling a planned date.

13. "I know you didn't mean to hurt my feelings when you forgot to call me. I can forgive you…this time."

Ideal For: When his actions are not severe enough to elicit strong emotional distress. The teasing tone is inviting and will attract him.

14. "When you're ready to make things up to me, I'm all ears."

Ideal For: When you desire for him to devise his own apology.

15. "Can't talk right now. I'm busy."

Ideal For: When you want him to reflect on his actions independently. The tone is distant, and impartial, and will make him anxious.

16. "We need to have a talk."

Ideal For: When you intend to have a substantial conversation about his behavior. This classic message immediately elicits concern in him.

17. "I might be able to let it slide this time if there's a date in it for me."

Ideal For: When his actions against you were not significant, and you want to playfully tease him about it. This may also result in another date with him.

Make Him Never Hurt You Again

If you are seeking texts to make him feel remorseful, it suggests that something unfortunate has already occurred. The most effective approach to handle such situations is to proactively prevent them from happening in the first place.