15 Texts To Make Him Commit (And Make Him See He Needs You)

Falling in love leaves you feeling exposed and vulnerable like nothing else can. Your thoughts become fixated on just one person, causing you to constantly analyze their every utterance, leading to a whirlwind of nervousness and unease.

Many times, you may question if he will ever take a step forward and firmly commit to you. It can be disheartening to feel as though your romantic desires are not being reciprocated.

At times, a gentle reminder or push may be necessary to steer your partner in the right direction. Sending a simple text message can sometimes be all it takes to show him that you are the perfect match for him.

We have compiled a list of 15 text messages designed to encourage commitment from your partner. Each message takes a distinct approach and we will guide you on the most effective way to use them. Additionally, we will remind you of some important texting etiquette to ensure you are presenting your best self.


Commitment is not something that should be taken lightly, for either men or women. It requires a significant amount of time, patience, and the establishment of trust before a man will fully commit himself and make the relationship official.

During the process, there are many pitfalls that can easily be encountered. In order to avoid these mistakes, it is important to recognize and understand them. Let's discuss them now.

Avoid having unrealistic expectations

The first common error is having overly high expectations. When we begin to develop feelings for someone, it is natural to want them to feel the same way. This can lead to daydreaming about a grand romantic gesture that will definitively show that we are the right one for them. However, it is important to manage your expectations and take things slow.

In reality, love does not follow a set formula. There is no guaranteed action that can immediately convince a man that you are his soulmate. Building a strong and lasting relationship takes time and effort from both parties.

Sometimes, despite all your efforts, it may not be possible to get your partner to commit. This could be because they are not emotionally ready for a commitment, no matter how much time and affection you give them. In such situations, it is crucial to be honest with yourself and acknowledge that the relationship may not be meant to be. By doing so, you can move on and find someone who is ready and willing to commit to a relationship with you.

Don't make yourself too available to him

Another common error is being overly accessible. This can happen when you always respond to messages immediately or when your schedule is always conveniently open whenever your crush wants to spend time together. Being too available can give the impression that you have no other commitments or interests, and can also make it seem like you are not fully invested in the relationship. It is important to maintain a healthy balance of availability and independence.

You do not want to give the impression that your entire life revolves around your partner. This can make you vulnerable to being taken advantage of and can also give the impression that you lack a fulfilling life outside of the relationship. It is important to maintain your own interests, friends, and activities in addition to the relationship.

It is not just about the way your availability affects his perception of you, but also how it impacts you personally. It is important to live life to the fullest and engage in activities that bring you joy. While it may seem like waiting for your partner to commit is the best use of your time now, it may lead to regret in the future for missing out on opportunities and experiences.

Stop yourself from coming on too strong

When we have affection for someone, we have the desire to communicate it to them. Our aim is to make them happy and, naturally, we hope that they reciprocate our feelings.

Therefore, we tend to express admiration towards our object of affection. We compose flattering remarks and talk about the emotions they evoke in us, without giving much thought to the impact it may have on them.

It's uncomfortable when someone is excessively eager. It places an undue burden on you to have specific emotions, and if you are not yet prepared to reciprocate, you begin searching for a way out.

Avoid applying pressure on him. Allow time for the development of a trustworthy bond with him before considering any drastic gestures, such as sending a love poem, for example.


The following texts are crafted to prompt contemplation about making a commitment. Each text employs a unique strategy and is most effective in various circumstances.

We will provide a brief explanation following each text, detailing the optimal usage and the type of approach it employs. This way, you can determine which text suits your needs best.

If none of the texts seem to fit your needs, don't despair. You can explore the Text Chemistry program by Amy North for further guidance and ideas on how to captivate him through text messaging.

"I am grateful for all that you do for me."

All men enjoy feeling valued. Demonstrating to him that you will make him feel appreciated provides a powerful incentive for him to commit to you. Use this text when you believe he could use some affection and attention.

"Care to come over?"

Having a sexual desire is perfectly normal! Although relying solely on sexual encounters to secure a commitment from him is not advisable, there is no harm in developing physical intimacy with him. Texts such as this one tantalize him with the prospect of a physical connection.

"Apologies, I have prior commitments this weekend. Would you like to get together at a different time?"

Recall our discussion about avoiding the appearance of being too accessible? This text serves as a counterbalance to that, showing him that you have a life outside of your relationship with him, thereby sparking his interest. Utilize this text when you sense that you may have been overly clingy in the past.

"Let's proceed at a gradual pace."

Reverse psychology is a potent tool, capable of making people change their intentions and desires simply to rebel against someone's expectations of them. Requesting him to slow things down could persuade him to move more quickly. This text is ideal for situations when you want to secure his commitment while maintaining a relaxed demeanor.

"Having you in my life greatly improves it."

Have you come across the adage "you attract more with honey than with vinegar"? While we are not suggesting you try to catch insects, the sentiment behind this saying is that a little bit of kindness is more likely to draw someone in than a cold demeanor. This is why texts like this one are ideal for when you aim to make him more receptive.

"I cherish the way you make me feel."

At times, the most effective way to spark someone's interest is not to attempt to change their emotions, but instead, to demonstrate clearly how they impact you. This text is favored because it indirectly flatters him and allows him to see the influence he has on you.

"I have no plans later. I'll be so unoccupied... "

At times, men can be obtuse. Occasionally, they require a gentle nudge to steer them in the right direction. Send him this text if you want to spend time with him and he hasn't picked up on your more subtle hints.

"I'm currently occupied. Let's catch up later."

Acting aloof is a highly effective romantic tactic. Want to make him ardently yearn for you? Use this text, particularly if you have been too accessible in the past, and observe him struggle to regain your attention.

"What are your thoughts on women taking the initiative?"

Commitment occurs only when one party takes the initial step towards it. This doesn't have to be from the man - you can take charge too! If you're tired of waiting for him, send him this text to gauge his reaction to you making the move.

"Wishing you a wonderful evening with your friends!"

I understand the importance of having time with friends, and I want you to have that even after being in a relationship. Have a great time tonight.

"Appreciate your offer of assistance with my homework/car/computer issues, but I think I can handle it on my own. Thanks though!"

Thank you for offering to assist me with my homework/car/computer issues, but I feel confident in my ability to handle it on my own.

"My bed has a side reserved specifically for you."

Blending together charm and sensuality creates a captivating allure. The notion of having a designated place in your bed will definitely get him pondering about the possibilities of a romantic connection with you. This is a fantastic message to send him, gently increasing the intensity.

"I truly appreciate your exceptional memory in regard to all of my preferred items."

This message can be personalized to make it more meaningful to him. The objective is to identify a unique characteristic of his to compliment and show appreciation for. Expressing gratitude in this manner will surely make him feel valued.

"What would be your reaction if I daily reminded you of your remarkable handsomeness?"

It is essential to make men feel attractive as well. A message like this demonstrates to him that you acknowledge and validate him, thereby increasing his feelings of worth and desirability.

"My unwavering support is always available to you."

Ultimately, a healthy relationship is built on mutual support and encouragement. Assuring him of your unwavering support will not only bring warmth to his heart but also foster a vision of a future together.