15+ Sweet Texts For Your Ex-Boyfriend

If our world were perfect, moving on from our exes and leaving them behind would be an effortless task. However, the reality is far from flawless, and thus the process is often more complicated than it ought to be.

On occasion, one may experience intense yearning for their ex-partner. It's possible that they were genuinely the one true love, but unfortunate circumstances led to the breakup. Alternatively, the relationship may have been enjoyable and ended prematurely, leaving one unprepared for its conclusion.

No matter the specific circumstances of your breakup, you might be contemplating how to reestablish communication with your ex. Texting can be a secure and effective means of starting a conversation, but the question remains: what ought you to say to him?

Our goal is to assist you, and to simplify the process, we have compiled a collection of affectionate text messages for your ex-boyfriend that are suitable for any level of relationship you may have with him.


Let's begin by discussing why sending a sweet text to your ex is appropriate and when it's suitable to do so, before delving into the texts themselves. As highlighted in most of our guides on ex-boyfriends, there are instances when it's not advisable to send a text to your ex-boyfriend.

If your ex-boyfriend's presence or behavior gives you any cause for concern, we strongly advise against sending him a text. Regardless of your past history together, prioritizing your safety is paramount. If you find yourself feeling uneasy, it's best to distance yourself and resist the urge to contact him by putting your phone aside.

In situations where your ex-boyfriend is involved with someone else, if your breakup was particularly tumultuous, or if the split is still very fresh, it may be wise to maintain some distance. In these cases, it's best to give him the space he needs. If he genuinely desires to reconcile with you, he'll likely reach out when he's ready.

So, when is it appropriate to send your ex-boyfriend a text? We believe it's acceptable to do so if you have remained friends after the breakup, or if the separation was amicable and some time has passed. If you're still pining for him in such situations, there's no harm in reaching out and breaking the silence.

Under those circumstances, a sweet text message is an ideal way to break the silence and get him thinking about you once again.


We'll categorize our list of text messages into two broad groups: texts suitable for when you're still on amicable terms, and texts that may be appropriate if things are a bit strained between you.

Certain texts in our list may reference particular topics, like places or TV shows. Please feel free to modify those aspects to better suit the nature of your relationship with your ex-boyfriend.

Texts for When You're Still Close to your Ex

If you have a close relationship with your ex-boyfriend, a regular text message may not suffice. You'll need a tone that is familiar, friendly, and perhaps even a bit flirty to grab his attention and engage him in a conversation.

Before sending any of these texts, be certain that you and your ex-boyfriend are genuinely on good terms. If you're unsure about whether you'd feel at ease conversing with or spending time with him, and your response is something like "maybe," then you may not be ready for the following texts:

"I hope I've been on your mind as much as you've been on mine!"

Ideal for: When you want to add a touch of flirtiness while still maintaining a casual tone.

"Just walked past our favorite coffee shop. Remember when you took me there for the first time?"

Ideal for: Reminding him of the good times you shared and enticing him to engage with you.

"Hey, I finally finished the last season of insert TV show you used to watch together. It was insane! What were your thoughts?"

Ideal for: Starting a friendly conversation about a shared interest or hobby.

"I went to an incredible restaurant last night, and it made me wish you were there to try all the delicious food with me. Would you like to go together sometime?"

Ideal for: Casually inviting him to go out with you and impress him once more.

"You won't believe what just happened to me..."

Ideal for: Building anticipation and keeping him interested. However, make sure you have an actual story to share!

"Hey, do you have some time for a call? Something incredible just happened, and I think it would be better to discuss it out loud."

Ideal for: When you want to have a more emotional and personal conversation with him, and you prefer to do it over the phone. It's a perfect variation of the previous text!

"Hey, I'll be in your neighborhood tomorrow. Want to grab some food together?"

Ideal for: When you want to meet him in person without making it seem like a date, and you don't want to come across as too eager or desperate. By avoiding the word "date," you're keeping things casual and relaxed for both of you.

"Have I ever mentioned to you how your smile used to make my knees weak? I hope this message brings a smile to your face once more."

Ideal for: Situations where you want to communicate your intentions more explicitly, especially if he has responded positively to your previous conversations. It's a daring move, but it can be effective.

"If I recall correctly, you mentioned having an important interview today. I have no doubt that you'll do great, but please keep me updated on how it goes!"

Suitable for: Situations when you want to demonstrate your support and express interest in his life. Remembering and acknowledging things that matter to him, like his big interview, can boost his confidence and earn you extra credit.

Texts to Send When You Want to Get Close to Him Again

In case you and your ex are not on the best of terms, the following texts we've crafted could be more appropriate. They're not as affectionate or amicable in tone, as their aim is to engage with him in a more neutral manner.

Keep in mind that you should refrain from texting him if you don't feel entirely at ease doing so, if the breakup occurred recently (such as within the past few days), or if he's currently with someone else and appears to be genuinely content. Texting him in these circumstances could lead to unnecessary heartbreak.

That being stated, below are some texts you can send to your ex to initiate a conversation without coming on too strong:

"Hello, I seem to be experiencing some computer problems, and I understand that you are knowledgeable about these things. Would it be alright if I posed a few questions regarding the issue?"

Ideal for: When you wish to put him at ease with some compliments. It's always gratifying to be acknowledged as an authority!

"I understand that things may not have concluded well between us, but I would appreciate the opportunity to have a conversation about it. Would you be open to the idea of meeting with me for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinks?"

Ideal for: When you aim to be transparent with him and reveal everything. Being truthful is typically the best approach, and it will prevent him from suspecting that you're attempting to deceive him.

"Recently, you've been on my mind quite often. How have you been doing?"

Ideal for: When you wish to casually inquire about his well-being and get an overall sense of how he's doing.

"I still have your sweatshirt with me. Although I'd love to keep it, I think it suits you much better. Would you like me to swing by and return it?"

Ideal for: When you desire to meet him in person again without exerting any pressure on him. Who knows where it might lead? (I shouldn't have to remind you, but please ensure that you genuinely have something of his to return!)

"I can't seem to get you out of my mind lately, and I find myself pondering whether you're thinking about me as well."

Ideal for: When you wish to adopt an upfront approach and express your romantic intentions clearly.

"I genuinely miss conversing with you and having you as a friend. Would you be open to talking more frequently again?"

Ideal for: When you're not entirely prepared to dive back into a romantic relationship but desire to rekindle your closeness with him.

"I'm having a hard time replicating that incredible steak recipe you used to prepare frequently. Can I give you a call so that you could guide me through it?"

Ideal for: When you wish to get him on the phone without appearing too obvious about it.