15 Struggles Of Being A Woman That's Bad At Expressing Her Feelings


Frequently, people use the words "heartless," "cynical," and "uncaring" to describe you, but they simply don't comprehend your struggles. You find it difficult to express your emotions, not because you lack them, but because you struggle to articulate them. Unfortunately, instead of acknowledging your predicament, many individuals attempt to pressure you into opening up (which is not very helpful when you're already feeling uneasy). Perhaps if they could empathize with your experiences, they would be more understanding when you're not broadcasting your emotions to the world.


1. Even Your Friends Don't "get" You

Discovering genuine friends who appreciate that you care, even if you don't always vocalize it, is a time-consuming process. Often, you encounter friends who abandon you because they cannot comprehend that, despite your external demeanor, you are not an unfeeling automaton.

2. You Constantly Have To Pretend You're More Upset Than You Are

Although it's not necessary, it can be useful to avoid unwanted attention when everyone else is weeping and you're the only one with dry eyes. The film may have been poignant, but why is everyone else bawling?


3. Mushy Stuff Is Just Uncomfortable

While everyone else desires to express their deepest emotional experiences and embrace, you prefer a simple handshake and a conversation about the weather. You're not attempting to spoil the moment; you simply dislike becoming overly sentimental. You're quite certain that excessive hugging causes physical discomfort.

4. You Get Accused Of Resting Bitch Face A Lot

You're sitting calmly, and out of nowhere, someone accuses you of appearing bitchy, which makes you feel even more so. Having a resting bitch face does not imply that you are unhappy or angry. It would be somewhat unsettling to walk around with a constant, exaggerated clown-like grin on your face all the time, wouldn't it?


5. People Always Think They Can Fix You

As soon as you mention that you struggle with expressing your emotions, everyone seems to fancy themselves an expert. They shower you with endless suggestions on improving your communication skills, but all you want is for the conversation to come to a close.

6. You're Always Being Accused Of Not Saying "I Love You" Enough

You don't take saying "I love you" lightly. Additionally, you believe that if you've already expressed your love once, it should suffice. It's perplexing why the person keeps pressuring you to repeat it incessantly.


7. Hearing "I Love You" Makes You Freeze

You're aware that you're expected to reciprocate the sentiment. However, you don't feel entirely at ease doing so. Love is such a significant emotion, and you don't want to express it unless you're entirely certain you mean it. Moreover, what if you inadvertently convey it inadequately when you do express it? It's preferable to clam up and shift the conversation elsewhere.


8. You do actually express emotions, just not around anyone else

You're not devoid of feelings or unemotional. Instead, you've constructed a thick barrier that restrains your emotions from surfacing when in the presence of others. While alone, you express a range of emotions, such as yelling at no one, laughing at the TV, or crying after a breakup, like any other person would.


9. You Struggle To Comfort Emotional Friends

Your method of providing solace can sometimes appear insensitive or unfeeling. Since you don't exhibit such behavior in front of others, you're uncertain how to provide comfort. You're genuinely attempting to console your friends, but it would be much simpler if they instructed you on how to fix the problem.

10. You Use Sarcasm As A Crutch

Whenever you find yourself in a situation that may elicit an emotional response, you tend to resort to sarcasm instead. Frankly, you've become quite skilled at it by now. It's intended to alleviate tension or deflect attention, but those who don't comprehend your coping mechanism perceive you as a cynical and unpleasant person.


11. Guys Are Put Off By Your "cold" Attitude

You do find the guy approaching you attractive, but you struggle with articulating your emotions. Flirting and physical interaction aren't your strong suits. When you're not feigning laughter at his unfunny jokes, he perceives you as aloof and turns his attention to another woman.

12. Opening Up At All Is The Most Painful Experience Ever

Childbirth may be painful, but it pales in comparison to the agony of revealing your innermost feelings. It's akin to having your heart and stomach squeezed tightly in a vice and then being forced to extract both through your eyes. Whoever you're divulging your emotions to better be grateful for the effort.


13. You're Accused Of Being Mean, Heartless Or Emotionally Unavailable

Friends and boyfriends can be callous. Just because you don't convey your emotions in the same way as they do, they belittle you. You never intended to harm anyone. Yet, now you're the one suffering, and they're indifferent to your pain.

14. You Actually Feel Bad For Guys Sometimes

Men are frequently criticized for their inability to express their emotions. As a woman who struggles with expressing her own emotions, you empathize with them. It's not that they lack emotions, it's just that they convey them in distinctive ways.


15. You Like People, But They Just Don't Get You

You find solace in your own company at times, not because you dislike people, but because it can be exhausting when no one seems to comprehend you. Despite the occasional discomfort, you genuinely enjoy being around others.