15 Stages Empaths Go Through In A Relationship With A Narcissist

15 Stages Empaths Go Through In A Relationship With A Narcissist

Empaths and narcissists are the exact opposites of each other - one is loving and gentle and appreciates others' emotions. The other is harsh, cold, and only considers their own needs. In a world where opposites attract, it is almost unavoidable that an empath woman will end up with a narcissist man at some point, and the results are devastating.

To an outsider, it may seem like the empath is happy, but in truth, this sensitive soul is being suffocated by the selfish demands of someone who manipulates and controls.


There are usually 15 stages in such relationships that the empath goes through before things conclude horribly and painfully.

1. The Fateful Meeting

A couple of strangers randomly meet and fall in love. The empath envisions a happy future with someone they care about and dreams of a happily ever after. This won't have a happy ending, though, and heartache lies waiting around the corner.


2. The Empath Is Convinced She Found the Man She's Been Waiting For

The narcissist makes the empath think that she has found her soulmate, the man of her most imaginative dreams. He pretends to be something that he isn't and takes the empath on an emotional pleasure-ride.

3. The Manipulation Starts

Once the narcissist has his empath eating out of his palm, he'll start to weave his web of manipulation, control, and lies. Slowly, he will break down her self-esteem and take away her self-love. He will start to be the decision-maker in their relationship, stripping the empath of her voice.


4. The Empath Will Endure This Slow-Build of Abuse

She will be in love and convinced that her narcissistic man is acting the right way. He's taking control because he loves her so much. He will make her feel unworthy of respect or love and incompetent.

5. The Empath Continues To Pour Everything into the Relationship

She will feel that the more she gives, the better things will be. The empath will remain true and selfless.


6. Realization Dawns

Finally, the empath will realize that something isn't right. She will come to realize that the relationship isn't healthy. She will see that the narcissist loves no one but himself. But getting out won't be easy, as she's invested and in love.

7. The Empath Will Be Submissive To Avoid Problems

She will feel that as long as she gives him what he wants, things might be okay. She will throw in more love and devotion in hopes of making things better.


8. The Empath Makes A Decision

When she realizes, after many nights of crying, that the relationship is sinking, she will decide to leave. The narcissist will start to feel threatened at this point. He does not want the empath to think for - or about - herself.

9. The Empath Realises The Narcissist Feeds On Attention

She will then realize that no matter how much attention she gives this man she loves, it will never be enough. She can't satiate his hunger no matter what she does.


10. The Narcissist Improves His Game

As soon as he realizes that his empath wants to leave, he will become even more manipulative. He will convince her that everything that went wrong is actually her fault. He'll label her high-maintenance and needy.

11. The Empath Believes The Narcissist's Mean-Spirited Lies

With her spirit already broken and weak, the empath will believe whatever the narcissist feeds her. He will make her doubt everything she's feeling and even her own behavior.


12. The Narcissist Continues To Mess With The Empath's Head

She doesn't realize the manipulation that she is under and will continue to suffer greatly. She will reveal her emotions and open up, giving the narcissist the control he wanted.

13. The Empath Continues To Believe The Lies

Instead of standing up for herself, the empath will continue to think she's in the wrong and the narcissist is right. She will blame herself for all the problems in the relationship.


14. The Escape

After much suffering and many fights, the empath will finally realize that she can leave. She doesn't have to stay, even if she loves the man utterly. For her own sanity and soul's sake, she will find a way out.

15. The Recovery

It won't happen overnight, but the empath will start to heal and recover. She may never be the same again, but she will be free. Eventually, she will find the kind of love she deserves.


These 15 stages that empaths go through in a relationship with a narcissist can take a toll. It will take a long time to bounce back after such an intense experience completely.