15 Signs Your "Facebook-Perfect" Relationship Is Not That Great In Real Life

Before you hit that "share" button on Facebook to tell the world how great your relationship is, take a moment to reflect on why you feel the need to prove something. Here are 15 signs that indicate your relationship may look fantastic on social media but lacks the substance that truly matters in real life.

1. You Only Post About The Good Stuff

While airing your dirty laundry on social media is never a good idea, portraying your relationship as flawless when it's actually filled with conflict and tension is equally problematic. It's better to refrain from posting anything at all than to deceive people with a false representation of your relationship.


2. Your Quality Time Is Filled With Taking Pics To Post

You may think you're capturing special moments with your significant other by taking pictures on your phone, but in reality, you're missing out on the experience. If you're constantly distracted by your phone, you might want to put it away and enjoy the moment before it's gone.

3. Your Online Persona Excites You

Your social media persona may project an image of a carefree, happy-go-lucky girl who's thrilled to be in a wonderful relationship, but that's not always the case in real life. If you're stressed out and insecure about your relationship, it's better to be honest about it rather than to present a false image to the world. Your social media persona may be cool, but it's not real.


4. You Post Daily

Your constant social media updates about your relationship can be quite tedious. It begs the question: if you were genuinely content with your partner, would you feel the need to keep your friends up-to-date with every little thing? It may come across as excessive and questionable.

5. You're Bragging To Hide The Bad

In a study published by the Personality and Social Psychology Journal, it was discovered that people who are anxious or insecure tend to boast about their relationships on Facebook, particularly when they are feeling uncertain about their partner's emotions. It's almost as if they are attempting to compensate for the love that they lack on days when their relationship is not at its best.


6. You Don't Comment When Things Get Real

When someone who is familiar with you and your relationship in real life leaves a comment on your overly-positive post, asking a personal question about your relationship, such as "Are you alright now?" following a disagreement with your partner, you will most likely not respond. Instead, you may even delete the comment, as it undermines the perfect image of your relationship that you are presenting online. It's all about maintaining appearances.


7. You're Posting On Multiple Social Media Networks

It's not enough to simply post pictures of your perfect relationship on Facebook. You're also sharing them on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+ and even LinkedIn (seriously?). Hold on a second. A study conducted by the University of Oxford's Internet Institute revealed that among 24,000 married couples, those who used more than five social media platforms experienced a 14% decrease in marital satisfaction. Perhaps it's because they are too preoccupied with social media to fully engage in their marriages.


8. You're Trying Way Too Hard

Happy people don't constantly talk about their happiness. They don't feel the need to post photos or organize photoshoots to prove their happiness. If you're doing these things, even though you're not engaged, what are you trying to hide?

9. You Crave Attention

It's okay to share your relationship on occasion, but if you're always talking about it, it could be because you're seeking attention. Maybe you're not getting enough attention in your relationship.


10. You Want To Feel Worthy

Sharing details about your relationship on Facebook might make you feel validated, but why do you need validation from others? Having a boyfriend doesn't make you more worthy in society's eyes. Your relationship should be a part of your life, but it shouldn't define your self-worth.

11. You Don't Consider Your Partner

Although social media is a platform for self-expression, it is not fair to your partner if you post about your relationship without their approval. Your partner might not be comfortable sharing certain details publicly or might feel uneasy with particular photos. By disregarding their feelings, you are prioritizing the image of your relationship on social media over the actual relationship, which can create resentment.


12. You Post Sexy Pics Of Yourself Without Your Partner

If you're posting photos of yourself in bikinis, looking attractive, without your partner around and still claiming that you love him, things can get a little strange. It appears that you're seeking attention while using your relationship as a shield. This is inappropriate behavior if you're in a committed relationship. Perhaps all those posts about your perfect relationship are not as authentic as they seem.


13. Your Boyfriend Doesn't "like" Your Stuff

It can be quite revealing when you're constantly talking about your relationship, but your boyfriend never acknowledges your posts despite being active on Facebook. This can lead to doubts and questions about the authenticity of your relationship.

14. You're Competitive

It's unfortunate if you require validation and approval from others to feel good about yourself. Facebook can create unnecessary stress and tension in relationships, as you constantly compare your own relationship to others. In many cases, a healthy relationship is one that doesn't receive much attention on social media. It's real and doesn't need to prove its worth to anyone.


15. You Seem Desperate

If you're posting excessively about your relationship, it may seem like you're trying too hard to come across as someone who is happy and deeply in love. It's possible that you're more in love with the idea of love than with your actual relationship. It might be time to log out of Facebook and focus on your partner in real life. Try leaving your cell phone at home for a change.