15 Signs It's Not In Your Head - There's Some Serious Sexual Tension

When you encounter them, you feel a strong physical and emotional response, characterized by an increased heart rate, trembling voice, and an intense desire to engage in physical intimacy. This reaction is likely the result of a chemical attraction, and if they are also experiencing similar feelings, it can lead to a high level of sexual tension.

1. They rarely break eye contact

Making eye contact is different from sustained eye contact. Typically, people will glance at the person they are speaking with, but not maintain constant eye contact. However, if someone maintains unbroken eye contact, it may indicate a specific reason.

2. Their playful compliments are extremely serious

When someone compliments your appearance or clothing, they are being genuine, even if they phrase it jokingly. They may do this in a subtle and playful manner to avoid being too direct or intense in their flirting.

3. When sex comes up, they get weird

When the topic of sex is brought up in a group setting, it can cause a shift in the atmosphere and change the behavior of those present, including yourself. Even if the conversation is not specifically about you, it can make you feel exposed and uncomfortable, potentially causing one or both parties to distance themselves.

4. People around you get jealous

Sexual tension can be identified by observing the behavior of those around you. If people make subtle comments or observations about your interactions with someone else or if the person you are "dating" becomes uncomfortable with the idea of spending time together, it could indicate that there is sexual tension present.

5. There are more than a few awkward moments

It is natural for there to be some awkward moments when two people are attracted to each other and are trying to suppress their impulses. This can manifest as uncomfortable pauses, lingering gazes, and other signs of tension.

6. You're easily distracted by them

The person has your complete attention, you are constantly thinking about them even when they are not around. They occupy your thoughts even when you are performing mundane tasks or spending time with others.

7. Cliche moves don't seem cliche with them

It's uncommon, but when you are with someone special, you may find yourself able to express affection in a playful, flirtatious way without feeling self-conscious. Even gestures that may seem cliché or cheesy, like winking or blowing a kiss, feel effortless and natural when you're with this person.

8. You feel it even more in a crowded room

Feeling a strong connection with someone can be intensified when you are in a private setting, but if the attraction remains intense even when you are in a crowded room, it is likely that sexual tension is present.

9. They don't pull away and neither do you

When you and the other person accidentally touch, and neither of you withdraws or flinches, it may be a sign of sexual tension. Instead of pulling away, these accidental touches may even lead to both of you getting closer, as if those moments of contact were intentional and desired.

10. You feel like a kid again

The feeling of attraction and nervousness you have towards someone, similar to the one you had during middle school, when you had a crush on someone, is a sign of sexual tension. Your heart races when you see them and your conversations are filled with laughter and excitement, making you feel like you are back in middle school again.

11. You constantly catch yourself daydreaming about them

You may find yourself having sexual dreams or fantasies involving the person, which indicates a strong sexual tension. It could be daydreams of them doing something romantic or intimate with you, or just thinking of them in a sexual way. It is a clear sign that there is a strong sexual attraction between the two of you.

12. They lean in a little too close to talk

The distance between people during a conversation can reveal a lot about the relationship. If someone stands close to you during a conversation, it may indicate that they are attracted to you and want to be in your personal space. This could be even more pronounced if there is no apparent reason for them to be standing close, such as loud background noise or the need to hear something important you are saying.

13. You always dress to impress around each other

When you and the other person regularly make an effort to dress nicely when you know you will see each other, it can be a sign of sexual tension. You both want to look attractive to the other person and make a good impression, rather than showing up in casual, comfortable clothing or without making an effort with appearance.

14. Their eyes wander

If someone is frequently looking at you and their gaze occasionally wanders over your body, it can be a sign that they are attracted to you. It doesn't necessarily mean they are objectifying you or imagining you in a sexual way, but they are drawn to your physical appearance.

15. You find yourself whispering

When you find yourself instinctively leaning in close to someone and speaking in low tones even when the conversation is not intimate or sexual, it can be a sign of sexual tension. This body language is a subtle, unconscious way of expressing attraction and desire for closeness.