15 Signs Hen Is Immature About Sex

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Sleeping with a guy who has immature views on sex can lead to long-term consequences for a woman. In such a scenario, the guy may not be equipped to handle the complexities of a relationship, sex, or the emotions that follow. It is better to avoid hooking up with a guy who exhibits the following traits:

1. He Can't Tolerate A Girl Who's Had More Sexual Partners Than Him

A person's sexual history should not determine their worth. Sleeping with a higher number of people does not make one a bad person, just as being a virgin does not make one good. If a guy fails to understand this, he may resort to slut-shaming and bragging about his sexual conquests. Is it worth facing such repercussions?


2. He Gets Annoyed Or Pushy If You Tell Him You're Not Comfortable With A Certain Act

Giving in to a guy's bad behavior to avoid an argument is not the solution. If a guy manipulates a woman into having sex, it amounts to sexual assault. If a guy becomes pushy or makes the woman feel guilty for taking things slow, it is better to run away.

3. He Expects Sex To Be Exactly Like In Sex Movies

Sex online and in real life are vastly different experiences. Real women don't resemble porn stars, and they don't urinate unexpectedly during orgasm. For many women, rough sex is too intense, and most men don't have large endowments. If a man expects sex to resemble a Brazzers video, he's likely inexperienced and has unrealistic expectations about what it should be like.


4. You've Heard Him Boasting About His Conquests Before

A man who boasts about his sexual prowess is probably not as experienced as he claims. Bragging about it suggests that he's still stuck in a high school mentality and hasn't matured yet.

5. You've Seen Him Lash Out At Girls Who Reject Him, Or You've Seen Him Play The "Nice Guy" Card

If a man throws a tantrum because a woman rejects him, it's a sign that he's as immature as a toddler when it comes to women, sex, and dating. If he can't handle rejection, he certainly won't be able to deal with more complex issues related to sex.


6. He Can't Have The Sex Talk With You

If a man cannot have a mature discussion about things like contraception, boundaries, and other related issues, then he may not be as mature as you hope. It's essential to communicate clearly about expectations and needs, and if he can't do that, it's a red flag.

7. He's A Deadbeat Dad

If a man is unwilling or unable to handle the consequences of an accidental pregnancy, and views it as "not his problem," then you should not engage in sexual activity with him. This is a clear sign that he's too selfish and immature to handle the challenges that life can bring. If you do get pregnant, it's unlikely he'll be there for you.


8. He Giggles Like An Idiot If You Say The Word "Vagina"

It would have been better if this had ended in middle school.

9. It's Always About Him

Sleeping with a man who only cares about his own pleasure and ignores your needs and feelings outside of sex is not advisable. Sex is a mutual exchange, and if he only focuses on his own satisfaction, the experience will not be enjoyable.


10. Any Effort He Puts In Is Minimal At Best

If he expects you to do all the work, drive to his place, and be available at any moment, he needs a reality check before he can expect intimacy. Even in a friends-with-benefits situation, this behavior is unacceptable, and he must make an effort to meet you halfway.

11. His Game Is Garbage

A man who behaves like a creep is likely not mature enough to handle the emotional implications of sexual activity. The more aggressive and manipulative he is in his flirting, the less he understands the significance of sex.


12. He Body Shames, Slut Shames, Or Makeup Shames

Women come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, and if he cannot appreciate and accept this, it is a clear indication of immaturity.

13. He Can't Confront Problems

A man who cannot provide a straightforward response to an uncomfortable question is not someone you should be involved with. If an uncomfortable situation arises, such as a broken condom, he will be unable to handle it in a mature manner.


14. You Get The Distinct Feeling That He Sees You As An Object

A person who objectifies others is not mature. Men desire intimacy with a person, whereas boys desire sex with a living, breathing sex object.

15. He Sends Penis Pics

Girls, do not encourage or engage with a man who behaves this way. Eventually, he will likely stop.