15 Relationship Goals Every Couple Should Have

15 Relationship Goals Every Couple Should Have

Who doesn't have relationship goals, right? But what many people don't get is that relationship goals are not always fun and desirable.

And so, let's have a look at different relationship goals for all stages of a relationship. Without achieving these goals, there are very few chances that the relationship would be a success.

Don't be surprised to learn that some of these goals are familiar to you. However, some might be and they will be worth pursuing if possible.


Here we go – 15 relationship goals you will have when in a romantic relationship.

1. Infatuation

This is for relationships that are just starting. Everything is hyper and positive at this stage. Knowing whether you have achieved this relationship goal is easy because your heart will race when you receive a text from this person, and the prospect of meeting them gets you so excited. In other words, during infatuation, your relationship will be full of fun and excitement and also filled with promise. If that has happened, then you have already achieved this goal. Unfortunately, this stage doesn't last too long.


2. Disturbance

During this stage, the infatuation will be over and your life will go back to normal. While your new catch will still be on your mind, you will not be daydreaming about their exciting company and cute quirks. In all likelihood, you will be thinking of how annoying their jokes are.

Slowly, you start to turn against your partner, and you no longer recognize the charm that made them so irresistible when you first met.


Even the most innocent of comments are taken out of context and become hot issues in the relationship. You will have succeeded in achieving this goal if you still end up together afterward.

3. Changes

No couple can survive without undergoing changes. In this case, a partner or the relationship undergoes some changes. The person changing might expect the other partner to follow suit, and when it does not happen, problems arise. The partners also start to weigh their options and wondering if the relationship is worth the changes they are expected to make.


4. Honesty and Understanding

If you have already survived the disturbance and the changes stage, you have come a long way and achieved a major relationship goal. It means you now understand each other.

Kudos on that by the way!

You have now embraced simplicity and have put the notion that your partner is two or three different personalities in one out of your mind.


You get a little introspective as well and try to avoid lying. At this stage, you also make a number of compromises in order to stay together over the long run.

This is a major relationship goal.

5. Mental Desire

If your relationship is to last the distance, there needs to be a mental attraction between the two of you. The initial excitement is now gone. You start to see that your partner is actually a very brilliant person and you begin to explore things like literature, books, culture, and art together. It doesn't have to sound like you are having academic discussions when you talk, but your conversations go beyond simple greetings.


6. Physical Attraction

One of the things keeping couples together is sex, and it is also one of the biggest relationship breakers. After getting together with someone, sexual attraction sets in, and if it turns out to be disappointing, then that can be bad for both of you. The frustration can lead to arguments and even resentment. However, if the sexual attraction is still there even after spending all that time together, then that is a very good sign for your relationship.


7. You Still Have Fun Together

Now that your relationship has great stimulating conversations, a satisfying love life, and a strong emotional connection, it also needs to be fun. It is not always about romance and deep talks. There has to be room for fun. This boils down to keeping your inner child happy, and we all have one. But what's even more significant is being able to have fun with your partner by playing silly games, telling jokes, and enjoying each other's company.


8. True Discovery

You know plenty of things about each other by now, but that does not mean it's all there is to you or your partner. You have to look into how your life would turn out if you ended up together forever. Your needs might change, and even your plans for the future. The question you have to ask is – are you still willing to work through them and remain together as a couple? If you can agree to keep moving forward despite knowing deep, hard truths and realities about each other, then you have made a lot of progress as a couple.


9. You Have Your Own Lives

As far as having relationship goals goes, this is one of the big ones. Many people make the mistake of putting their lives on hold to be with each other. Your lives become one. However fun this is, it is also not very healthy. At the end of the day, you are two individuals who have made a choice to be together. You have to embrace who you are by having individual interests so that you don't drive each other crazy and ruin a promising relationship.


10. Your Greatest Priority is Your Relationship

Even while we are trying to say it's important to maintain your individuality and have individual interests, your relationship should still be a priority. If you go too far apart and start to lose touch, your relationship will be doomed. So, you should not give up on things that define you as a couple and keep you excited about being in each other's lives. Think of your relationship as a fire that has to be kept burning by adding more fuel, without which it would automatically die.


11. Deep Connection

Although there has been some chemistry between you and some discoveries and compromises, there will still be a need to get together in a closer manner. This is what makes it possible for couples to work through various issues more easily. You will also derive greater satisfaction from things that make you happy. At this point, you have realized that your goal in life is to come together in harmony, not to compete for domination.


12. Doubts

Don't think that because you have grown so much as a couple, you will have a perfect relationship full of trust in each other. Even the very best couples have their doubts. It is a natural human trait to do comparisons, even when that relates to people we love.

You might think about how your ex made you feel and how you never have the same experience with your current partner. But that is normal. You might reminisce on how much a previous lover cared about your family or your career, something your current lover does not seem to do.


This can you make wonder if this partner is really the best option you have. The important thing is to accept that such doubts exist and also ensure that you talk to your partner about them to ensure that the doubts are resolved and improvements or changes are made where possible.

13. Sex

This might sound like a good relationship goal, but it ends up being a nightmare for many couples. As the years go by, some couples start to lose interest in sex, and that can put a strain on the relationship in general. It could also be that an affair starts to develop, and the relationship is put under threat by such issues. Some people think that a relationship is all about sex, but that's not the case. So, if you can realize that and address any issues in this sector properly, your relationship will be better off for it.


14. Trust

Suppose you have made it this far congratulations. But keep one thing in mind - the trust you have for each other could be gone in an instant with one wrong move.

So, never take the trust you share for granted. Never give up on reassuring your partner, telling them you care, and showing them that you love them.

A few minor issues might put your trustworthiness in the eyes of your partner at risk, and that could very well ruin an otherwise perfect relationship.


You should trust each other to the point where your greatest focus is making sure your partner grows in all possible ways. Otherwise, if you lack trust, you will hold each other back and you might become resentful of each other.

15. Spiritual

For many couples, the years they spent together while older were their best because they had a spiritual relationship at this point in time. When this connection is made, a lot comes to the surface, and this makes it clear what being in a relationship with your partner is all about.


Relationships require compromise, support, and trust. There also needs to be a desire to keep growing and improving. The partners have to work together as a team towards similar goals. You have to realize how big a role your partner plays in your life. When you have a deep spiritual relationship with your partner, you know that you will remain together through whatever comes your way.


To many couples, the relationship they share is the best they know, especially during the early stages when they hardly spend a moment without fantasizing about each other. Happiness makes you think you have it made as far as relationships go.


But over time, the passion dies off and reality starts to set in.

This is where true relationships are defined because weak relationships die while those that are meant to be brave the hard times.

After these hardships, you will enjoy the deep satisfaction that being in a healthy relationship brings with it.

So, remember these relationship goals and understand what you should expect at various relationship stages and why it matters for your relationship.


In the end, you have to know that the relationship is between the two of you and no one else. Not even a life-changing issue should be a threat to your union.