15 Reasons To Keep Your Dating Options Open


It's likely that you've been involved with multiple people simultaneously at some point in your dating life, and chances are that the men you've dated have also done the same. For instance, you could have a regular Friday night date with Dylan while spending your Wednesdays with Shawn. Perhaps you call Joe when you want to grab a drink, but you prefer inviting Brent over when you feel like staying in and watching a movie. Although nobody wants to discover that the person they're seeing is considering other options, dating multiple people has become a commonplace practice in the 21st century. In fact, it might not be such a bad idea to explore your options.


1. It's the perfect in-between after a long term relationship

Has anyone ever had a successful rebound relationship? After ending one commitment, the thought of immediately entering into another may seem unappealing. However, you still have physical and emotional needs to fulfill. By dating multiple people, you have the opportunity to determine precisely what you're seeking in a long-term relationship while simultaneously establishing emotional and sexual connections with different men.


2. You learn a lot about yourself

Interacting with various individuals can reveal distinct aspects of your personality. For instance, you may realize that you feel intimidated by someone who earns more money than you, experience jealousy towards guys who maintain friendships with their ex-girlfriends, or require a few days each week to recharge. Dating multiple individuals allows you to not only learn about them but also discover new things about yourself.


3. Guys are doing it, too

Why prioritize a guy who views you as just an option? It's likely that the guys you're seeing are also dating other women. Becoming overly invested in one guy can be devastating if he decides to choose someone else. It's best not to place all your focus on one individual and instead keep your options open.


4. You won't put up with BS

Dating multiple people can prevent you from tolerating unacceptable behavior from a guy. If someone cancels on you, treats you poorly, or fails to meet your standards, you won't hesitate to move on because you have other options. If one guy fails to give you the attention you crave, another one will step up to the plate.


5. You'll figure out what you want

It's challenging to discern what you're searching for if you haven't encountered it yet. You might assume that being with a lawyer is ideal, but how can you be certain if you've never dated one? Similarly, if you've never been with a compassionate man, how can you determine if that's the kind of person you prefer to be with? Until you've dated a range of individuals, it's difficult to determine what suits you best.


6. You'll get more of your needs fulfilled

Different men can fulfill different needs, and discovering the perfect individual can be challenging. However, when dating multiple people, it's effortless to find satisfaction in various ways. For instance, you might call Michael when feeling aroused, reach out to Bradley when craving an intelligent conversation, and confide in Jonathan when seeking emotional support.


7. You'll be less clingy

You won't feel obligated to see or communicate with them every day since you have other choices. If one person is unavailable to hang out in a particular week, you can rely on others who are available.

8. You won't settle

You won't settle for thinking that what you have is the best you can get. You'll be aware of other options out there and may continue to date multiple men who don't possess all the qualities you desire, but you'll recognize that those qualities do exist. Waiting until you find what you're looking for won't be a problem for you.


9. You won't take rejection so hard

If things don't work out with one person, it's not a catastrophic event. Jack, Bill, and Ryan are still showing interest.

10. You can focus on yourself

Having no commitment to a guy allows you to have more time for the things you enjoy. You won't feel guilty when embarking on a two-week trip with your friends or enrolling in a course that occupies your weekends. You can even accept a job in another province without worrying about his family dinners interfering with your Friday night workout routine.


11. You come across as less available

Who would want a girl who is always available? Have you noticed that when a guy realizes how busy you are, he starts planning dates in advance instead of last-minute invitations? Most men appreciate women who have hobbies and are occupied with other activities. There's no need for him to know that your hiking partner was a guy from yesterday.


12. The guys you're dating will step up their game

Men tend to be naturally competitive. Once a guy realizes that other men are competing for your attention, he will not be satisfied with mundane date ideas. If he realizes that you could easily choose someone else, he will make a greater effort to ensure that you select him.


13. You'll gain valuable dating experience

How many times have you been turned off or lost interest in a guy because he lacked experience? Most likely, you value a man who has dated enough to understand what he wants, can handle various awkward dating situations, is confident in the bedroom from having had prior partners, and has plenty of exciting date ideas. By playing the field, you also bring valuable experience to the table.


14. It's a great way to network

Meeting new people can lead to unexpected opportunities and connections, even if the romantic spark isn't there. One of the guys you're seeing could offer you a job opportunity, introduce you to someone in another country you're traveling to, or even refer you to a great doctor in your area. Expanding your social circle is always a good idea.


15, It's fun

Why would you ever decline an opportunity for some fun?