15 Reasons Sisters Make The Best Friends

Although sisters can sometimes drive us up the wall with their constant fighting, competition, and annoyances, they can also be a blessing in disguise. They make great partners-in-crime for any challenge life throws our way, and they will always support us no matter what we're going through. That's why sisters are truly awesome. Here are 15 more reasons why they are simply amazing:

1. They Truly Know Everything About You

Having lived with you for a long time, they remember everything about you, from the embarrassing bed-wetting incidents to the specific moment during a drunken night out when they need to confiscate your phone.


2. You Get Their Services For Free

On every special occasion, you'll have an instant hair and makeup stylist at your disposal, but only if they can first rummage through your closet.

3. They're Your Automatic Shopping Partners

They won't hesitate to give you their honest opinion that the dress does make your butt look big, but they will also encourage you to get it because who doesn't love a little curve?


4. You're Stuck With Them Forever

Whether you appreciate it or not, they will be there for you through all the highs and lows of life.

5. They Get All Your Nuts Family Drama

It can be challenging to describe your family's dysfunctional dynamics to your friends. Sometimes, having someone who already understands can be a great relief, and you can vent and share your frustrations with them.


6. You Always Have Someone To Cover For You

Whether it's covering for you when you sneaked boys over in high school or helping you explain why you missed the recent family reunion, your sisters are always there to provide a convincing excuse for your actions.

7. They're The Perfect Blackmail Target

Regrettably, since they always have your back, they may also hold your past against you as leverage. But that's alright, as you know everything about them as well. You'll keep their secrets if they keep yours.


8. You're Already Good With The Buddy System

Need a quick bathroom break? Check. Craving for McDonald's late at night? Absolutely! Your sisters are always there to accompany you, so you never have to go anywhere alone.

9. They're Your Go-to Gal For Girls' Night

Whether it's for a movie night or a night out on the town, you can always count on just the two of you (or more!) to have a great time together. Of course, you can bring your friends along, but you can always rely on your sisters to be your loyal companions.


10. You Get To Enjoy All Of Their Perks

This is particularly valid if your sisters are skilled at dealing with guys. They can effortlessly charm the bartender to score a free drink or persuade the staff at the Mac store to replace your phone at no cost, and the same goes for you!

11. They Taught You How To Fight

Living together for an extended period, whether it involved physical or verbal clashes, was bound to create some conflicts. Fortunately, that constant experience with your live-in sparring partner has taught you to defend yourself in other areas of life.


12. You Have An Automatic Bodyguard

Despite spending a significant portion of their lives fighting with you, there's no way you'll allow anyone else to harm them. Your sisters will readily handle unwanted individuals attempting to hit on you, just as you intervened when girls were harassing your sisters back in middle school.

13. They'll Tell It To You Like It Is

There's no need to worry about hurting each other's feelings or damaging your relationship because you've spent countless years doing just that. However, you also know that you'll always get past it. Your sisters will tell you the hard truths that you need to hear because they understand that it will make you stronger.


14. You Have Someone To Vent To Whenever

When your sisters call, you pick up, and if you need someone to talk to about anything and everything, they're always ready to listen. Whether it's about guys, school, work, or your crazy family, they're always there to lend an ear and let you pour your heart out.

15. They'll Never Judge You

After years of dealing with your uncivilized table manners and watching you roam around naked after a shower, nothing fazes your sisters anymore. They know everything about you, even the revolting things you keep from your friends. When you're together, you can be your most comfortable and relaxed selves. There's no condemnation since they know you do the same for them.