15 Real Reasons She Had To Walk Away From You

15 Real Reasons She Had To Walk Away From You

A surprise breakup can really mess you up, even more than breakups typically do. But at the root of every breakup are very solid reasons why the relationship could no longer go on. So, by knowing a few things about your relationship, you can avoid a breakup from happening.

Otherwise, if a girl has suddenly broken up with you and you never saw it coming, here are some possible reasons you might have faced this nasty surprise. Yes, you might have overlooked a few things, and learning about them might give you the closure you need in order to move on with your life.


Here we go

1.She had to leave because despite being in a relationship with you, it never really felt like she was. You should have made her feel that you were her boyfriend.

2. She had to leave because you tried to put too big of a distance between the two of you. She always had to make an effort to bring the two of you closer.


3. She had to leave because she could not take the arguments and the bickering any longer. She finally understood that people who are together should not fight as much.

4. She walked out because, in your eyes, she was no longer the best girl in the room. On the contrary, your eyes would be on other people when you were together.

5. She left because you made her fight for your attention and love all the time, and even worse, you would not validate her attempts to do so.


6. She finally walked away from the relationship because she wanted a relationship where the guy would give her all his attention and effort. She could not take the meager effort you made any longer.

7. She left because she felt taken for granted. She made an effort and you never appreciated it, and you never saw how much she was doing for you.

8. She had to leave because you did not support her hopes and dreams. You made it feel like she had to face all the problems in her life on her own.


9. She had to leave because she had to do all the work in the relationship. She was the only one fighting for the relationship.

10. She had to walk away because she never felt like you valued her in any way. You should have shown your appreciation for having her in your life.

11. While with you, she was never motivated to be a better person. If anything, you seemed to be making her life worse.


12. She had to leave because you made her cry herself to sleep every night. She finally had to accept that a relationship should bring her joy, not sadness, and leave.

13. She had to leave because you could not become the person she needed in her life. She wanted safety and security in the relationship, but instead, you made her feel more insecure.

14. She left because she had to feign happiness while with you. She finally accepted that, in relationships, quality moments should not be forced.


15. She had to leave because she finally accepted that you would never love her the way she deserves to be loved.