15 Questions To Ask Your Partner Before You Marry Them

15 Questions To Ask Your Partner Before You Marry Them

For most people, marriage is usually the biggest commitment they will ever make, and if done right, it's supposed to last for as long as you and your spouse shall live. And so, before saying "I do," you must be sure about the person you are marrying.

If you are wondering how you can get this assurance, here are 15 questions you should first ask.

1. Are We In Agreement On Personal Finances?

You should make sure you agree on how you spend and save money. There should also be a consensus about how you make large purchases.

As you have probably heard many times, many marriages break up over financial disagreements.

2. Are There Differences In Your Religious And Spiritual Beliefs?

If there are any differences in your belief systems, are they likely to cause problems in your marriage?

3. Are Your Needs Regarding Affection Being Met?

Having a spouse without receiving adequate physical affection from them can be strenuous. For this reason, you should be with someone who is always affectionate towards you.

4. Do We Have Mutual Friends We Can Spend Time Around?

This is actually very important, since being married means having common lives outside the house. Both of you should have a healthy social circle.

5. When The Kids Come, Who Will Be The Primary Care Giver?

This is important so that one partner does not feel forced into a scenario they never anticipated. You can share the responsibility, have one of you work from home, or take a break from work to take care of the kids.

6. Can We Have A Television In The Bedroom?

This might not seem like a big deal, but some couples have issues over whether or not to have a TV in the bedroom.

7. How Will The Home Stay Clean?

Keeping a clean house is a lot of work, and it should be considered an important part of planning a marriage together. Will, you split the work or even hire help from outside?

8. Can You Really Trust And Listen To Each Other?

Having someone you fully trust and someone who will listen to what you have to say is very important.

9. Can You Discuss Intimate Issues Comfortably And Freely?

In case of any issues in the bedroom, can you openly broach the subject without bringing any tension into the relationship?

10. Do You Know Each Other's Health History?

If there is a plan to get kids, you should know about any genetic issues that might affect them. That is why you should understand each other's history concerning mental, emotional, and physical health.

11. Does Your Family Say And Do Things That Upset You?

Difficult situations in marriage can arise due to problems getting along with each other's family members. You have to know if you are ready to deal with such issues comfortably.

12. Do You Feel A Strong Commitment To Each Other That Can Withstand Any Challenge?

Yea, there are bound to be challenges in marriage. How do you plan on dealing with them?

13. Do You Respect Each Other's Families And Relatives?

Each person has a family member they treasure and hold in high regard. Establish if you respect these people's opinions as they will impact how your partner will relate to you.

How about family gatherings, can they be cordial and civil?

14. What Are Your Views On Long Distance Opportunities?

Are you in agreement on how to handle opportunities that would force one partner to move far from family and friends?

15. What Would You Never Change For Marriage?

What is the one thing each of you will still do even after you are married that might be a concern to the other partner?

Marriage is a serious commitment that usually changes your life forever. That is why you should ensure you make the right decision as you get into a marital affair because there are usually few opportunities to start over without any lifelong consequences.