15 Most Desirable Qualities Of The Perfect Partner

15 Most Desirable Qualities Of The Perfect Partner

If you are waiting to have an angel for a partner, you'll probably be waiting for the rest of your life. These 15 qualities are, however, the closest you'll get to a perfect partner. So if your better half has these qualities, you can't afford to lose him/her.

A person who is aware of your flaws and still appreciates you is not easy to find. He/she takes note of the little things that matter, complements something in you that you hadn't even noticed, and appreciates other people as well. It means that your partner actually knows you better than all other people.

People who aren't afraid to cry when it's befitting or show sympathy when it's needed to make good life partners. They are good at expressing their feelings and are most likely to hold up the romance for the rest of your lives together.

Whether it is involvement in local charity efforts or just random community work from time to time, a person who cares about society is excellent in bringing up a family. They know the value of other humans and will rarely do anything to hurt you.

Children are sweet little things, and they also can teach adults some lessons. Even if you're not planning to have your own kids, it takes a person with a tender heart to love children. Such love goes hand in hand with patience and gentleness.

If you come first in your partner's life, you will never have issues with the time spent with friends. Even the pals know you come first, and they respect that. It makes you feel wanted and appreciated too. It should also mean that among his/her friends, you're the best.

No one wants someone who always finds an excuse for not having to appear at the family dinner table. There is actually nothing as satisfying as when you see your partner love your family as they are actually your brother or sister. If you're not married and he/she is distant from your family, you're probably not going to grow old together.

A good partner always listens to your point of view. It doesn't mean you will ever agree on things, but at least none of you feels the pressure to give in to the other person's position. Compromise is healthy when you have an understanding partner. Both of you know when to stop during an argument, and you never allow it to go unresolved.

If your partner is able to stop and think about something they did wrong, you're lucky. It means that he/she has a heart and a mind that are working in sync. A person who is confident and humble enough to admit their own mistakes is easy to deal with.

After admitting that he/she is wrong, a genuine apology follows. If your better half is romantic enough, flowers or a beautiful card may accompany the apology. Remember, people are not perfect. Forgiveness in a relationship is a sign of maturity and mutual respect.

Sometimes it takes just a smile to make a dull day bright again. If your partner can make you happy or crack you up with well-deserved laughter, you have a jewel with you.

Be with the person who doesn't always remind you of the wrongs you did in the past. A positive attitude is a treasure that most people don't have. A good partner should remember some of the good things that happened to both of you.

It doesn't matter how busy they are at work. Someone who cares will steal a few minutes out of their busy schedule just to remind you that they love you. Even if it doesn't happen every day, you know you are always on your partner's mind.

Dependability is a value that everyone in a relationship must-have. If you know you'll never catch him/her in bed with another person, and you are dead sure about it, you have an angel in your life.

Everyone needs to be alone sometimes, and it takes a mature person to respect your private space. Such a person will not nag you to tell them what's wrong, and they understand that sometimes, you just don't feel like talking. So he/she will comfortably and patiently wait for you to be human again and welcome you back to earth with a warm, reassuring hug.

Someone who shares a common goal with you will support you all the way. Such a partner won't feel threatened by your success because you share your triumphs and failures.