15 little known bad girls club secrets

Like millions of other people, you have probably watched Bad Girls Club, a reality show created by Jonathan Murray. The first season aired back in 2006, and the 17th and last season aired in 2019.

The show's idea was to put a bunch of "bad girls" in a house and see what happens. Predictably, there was no shortage of drama as the girls fought, gossiped, and talked smack about each other right in front of cameras.

15 little known bad girls club secrets
15 little known bad girls club secrets

For those still wondering why Bad Girls Club ended, it was because Oxygen was rebranding itself as a crime network. The truth is that the series was still popular and getting great ratings.

However, while it might seem like nothing was left hidden during this dramatic show, there are lots of secrets fans don't know about Bad Girls Club.

Here are some of these secrets.

1. The Girls Couldn't Be At The Mansion At the same Time

The owners of the mansion didn't allow all the girls to be there at the same time. The house had a capacity of 10 people, and the camera crew had to be included in that figure.

Therefore, some of the girls had to stay in hotels to maintain this capacity.

2. The Auditions Were Months Long

When one of the Bad Girls Club contestants, Lauren, was asked what they asked her to do during the audition, she said, "Everything under the sun."

Apparently, she auditioned for about six hours, although only a few minutes of the process were publicized. She was asked about the kind of girl she hates the most and pet peeves in an audition process that took about three months.

3. There Was Total Isolation During The Show

Once the girls checked in, they couldn't go out. Doing so meant getting into trouble with the producers and making things much harder for yourself during the show.

4. Actual Police Officers Were Featured In Season 7 Of The Show

Things got out of hand all the time during the filming of the Bad Girls Club show. There were even incidences when actual police officers had to step in and get things under control.

During the show's seventh season, they had to get real police officers because things were regularly getting out of hand due to the constant fights between the contestants.

5. Yes, The House Was Exciting

The house the girls stayed in was huge, and everything was designed to turn the girls into real-life celebrities. It even had a Hollywood-style sign at the back to make sure they were fully aware of this fact.

6. Fights Were Not Encouraged, But They Were Not Discouraged Either

Although it might have seemed like the endless fights the girls had on the show were scripted, the producers did not actually plan them.

Obviously, the show makers still wanted drama, which meant they didn't typically get in the way when fights happened unless things were getting out of hand.

Actually, the producers made sure there were many opportunities for the girls to get into confrontations with each other. There were also times the producers encouraged the girls to cause a scene, and given the atmosphere at the house, that didn't take a lot of persuading.

7. Two Girls Sued The Show

If you watched the fifteenth season of the show, you might remember Amanda and Victoria. The twins were to appear in season 15 as replacements.

They ended up suing Bad Girls Club. This happened after the two sisters were pranked and left covered in flour as soon as they entered the house. As soon as this happened, a fight broke out.

The two girls left immediately and sued the show and the girls for the hostile welcome.

8. There Were Cameras Are All Over

Even when the girls left the house to go party, they still had the cameras on them. They had to go to particular places, and the camera crew spent every second of this time with them.

That meant that visiting places that didn't allow filming was out of the question.

9. The Girls Had To Pay For Some Things

Apparently, when the girls were in the house, they got a weekly allowance. Fortunately, the weekends away were catered for.

However, the girls had to pay for a random lunch. The girls also had to keep the house clean, but that didn't go so well, which is why it was usually so messy.

10. The Editors Were Partial

The editors could edit the story to make it seem like something happened when it did not. For instance, the edits could have suggested that a certain girl was getting badmouthed when that wasn't actually the case.

For instance, during the show's seventh season, the audience was made to believe that Tiara pushed Cheyenne out of the house. However, the production team wanted her out but had to use someone as a scapegoat, and Tiara was it.

Apparently, Cheyenne even had a ticket home before the whole fallout happened.

11. Product Placement Was A Huge Aspect Of The Show

Since the show had such a big audience, it's no surprise that lots of brands wanted to advertise in it. For instance, the foods and drinks in the fridge were always branded.

In fact, if the girls bought a drink or meal that was not by an approved brand, they had to tape over the label to avoid free advertising and possibly a lawsuit.

12. After The Show, Some Girls Stayed In Touch

Two girls from the Bad Girls Club admitted to staying in touch long after the show ended. That was Lauren and Nikki, who hanged around each other in Season 6.

So, there were still real connections between the girls despite the endless drama they had in front of the cameras.

13. Being Part Of The Show Created Great Opportunities

After the show, some girls made good use of the publicity and ended up landing great gigs afterward. Some girls went on to take part in other reality shows.

That exposure can't hurt someone who wants to be in the show business, especially after getting recognition as a celebrity.

14. The Girls Had To Share Rooms

Although the mansion had a lot of rooms, the girls still had to share rooms. However, only some of the girls had to suffer this inconvenience.

15. The Producers Favored Some Girls

Behind the scenes, the producers tried to control the show's outcome if they felt things were not going their way. If they liked a particular girl, they could give her more opportunities to be part of the show.

However, when they didn't like a particular girl, they might have talked the other girls into making her leave the show. Uncooperative girls usually had everyone working against them.

Bad girls club was full of secrets

Granted, there were mixed opinions about Bad Girls Club as it aired. Some thought it was good drama, while others claimed it was outrageous and morally bankrupt.

However, the truth is that the reality show was full of exciting secrets, some good and some bad.