15 Games That Guarantee A Great Time

15 Games That Guarantee A Great Time

Games are always a favorite of mine

It is such a great way to create memories and even break the ice if you are feeling nervous about meeting someone for the first time. They are sure to make you laugh and have a good time! All of your nerves will go away. So let's check out some great conversation games! These are a great way to get to know someone. Are you ready?

1. 20 questions is always a fun one

Some people have put their own twist on this game over the years but the general rule of thumb is that you think of something and the other person has to ask 20 questions to figure out what you are thinking of. It could be an animal, person, place or something else you think of.

2. What's Your Favorite is a great way to really learn about a person

You will learn what their likes and dislikes are. This is good for when you are dating because then you can remember what that person enjoys for future references.

3. Never Have I Ever; this is one of my favorites

Typically this is played as a drinking game, but if that is not your thing that is perfectly fine. Someone starts out saying, "Never have I ever...." and then they can come up with something maybe a little risky but then the others who have done it would take a drink. You can definitely learn a lot about a person playing this one.

4. The Alphabet Game

You pick a topic like animals or food and then go through the alphabet thinking of ones that start with the different letters.

5. Truth or Dare

Oh, this classic game brings back so many memories. You can test each other's comfort zones with this one and learn a thing or two in the process. If they pick truth, then you ask a question and they have to tell you if it is true or not. If they choose dare, you may dare them to do something crazy, a little risky or just something funny.

6. Two Truths, and one Lie

In this game a person comes up with three things to tell. Two of them will be a lie, and one will be the truth. The other person or persons have to determine which is the truth and which are the lies.

7. Word Association

This one is pretty unique, someone starts off by saying a word. The other people then say the first thing that comes to their mind when they hear that word. It is pretty fun and an easy way to get the conversation flowing.

8. Fact or Fiction

With this game you can look up crazy facts and myths and then take turns trying to figure out which is real or not. You will learn some pretty neat stuff while playing.

9. Making up a story is really fun

It is not so much of a game but I enjoy seeing people using their imagination. You can even pick a word and then create a story using that word and see how crazy or funny your story becomes. This is a great way to get some laughs.

10. This or That? Want to learn what a person prefers?

This is the game for you! Pick two things; for example it could be dogs or cats? Then the other person tells you which one they prefer.

11. Just a minute

You have to think of something to talk about and try to keep the conversation going for at least one minute. This is a great one if you are maybe first dating. It gives you the opportunity to see how well the other person can hold a conversation.

12. This one is not a game

But getting each other to describe their dream life can really help you figure out if you are into the same things as the other person. It may even help you see future goals of theirs.

13. Weird words

Look up weird words in the dictionary and discuss them. Have you heard of them? Do you know what a certain word means?

14. Charades

I know, I know this is a silent game BUT it is a good way to see how good of a team you are. And if you happen to get it wrong, how well you handle disagreements.

15. Monopoly

This can be controversial. In my opinion this could be good because it will tell if a person is honest with their money or not. Or it could end badly and you never want to play with that person again. Be warned.

I hope this gives you some awesome ideas for games. These are a lot of fun and I have personally thought these are great games to get conversation going and really get to know people. Happy gaming.