15 Differences Between Mr. Right And Mr. Right Now

Have you ever been in a relationship with a guy you knew wouldn't last more than a few months? While there may not be anything wrong with him, you know he's not the one you'll spend your life with. Maybe the timing isn't right or there's no spark, but you still enjoy spending time with him. So why not make the most of it while it lasts? The truth is, you'll only find one Mr. Right (hopefully), but you'll encounter a few Mr. Right Nows before you do. Going on dates with different people is a necessary part of figuring out what you're looking for and who you are. Mr. Right Now is just a temporary stop on your journey towards finding Mr. Right.

1. Upon receiving an invitation to your college roommate's wedding, you promptly invite Mr. Right to accompany you as your date. You choose not to inform Mr. Right Now about the wedding, as you suspect that he won't be a part of your life by the time the summer ceremony takes place.

2. Mr. Right is eagerly looking forward to meeting your family, while Mr. Right Now seems to have missed the part where you mentioned your parents would be visiting for the weekend. He doesn't seem to mind rescheduling your plans, however.

3. Mr. Right is aware that the first CD you purchased with your own money was by Toni Braxton, who your favorite Backstreet Boy was, and how you were upset when Ginger Spice left the Spice Girls. However, Mr. Right Now is unaware of your past music interests and assumes you only enjoy live performances at small bars, such as the one where you met.

4. Mr. Right loves you unconditionally, even with your addiction to the entire Real Housewives series. On the other hand, Mr. Right Now assumes that you only enjoy the Atlanta edition, when in reality, your favorite is actually New York.

5. You were aware of Mr. Right Now's favorite sexual position before even knowing his middle name. In fact, you still don't know his middle name, and you're not bothered by it. You're excited to learn everything about Mr. Right as you look forward to a more meaningful connection.

6. Whenever you spend time with Mr. Right Now, you usually have some sort of activity planned. However, when it comes to Mr. Right, you're perfectly happy just lounging at home and watching Netflix together.

7. Mr. Right is enthusiastic about discussing and making plans for your future together, whereas Mr. Right Now tends to respond with phrases such as "Let's see what happens" and "I don't want to jeopardize what we currently have" when you bring up the topic of commitment.

8. Mr. Right Now tends to make plans with you at the last minute, while Mr. Right prefers to ensure that you're available well in advance, as you are his top choice for Saturday night hangouts, rather than just a backup option.

9. Mr. Right Now tends to shower you with compliments, but most of them revolve around your physical appearance and how attracted he is to you. However, Mr. Right admires you for your intelligence, humor, and compassion as well.

10. Mr. Right Now seems to be in a state of constant change when it comes to his career, friendships, and even his future plans, to the point where he might be willing to uproot and move to another country without much notice. On the other hand, Mr. Right has clear goals, a solid plan, and he always takes your opinion into consideration when making any significant decisions about his future.

11. When you bring up the topic of having kids someday, Mr. Right Now gets extremely anxious and starts worrying about a potential pregnancy, and you have to reassure him repeatedly that you're not currently pregnant. On the other hand, Mr. Right is willing to have an honest conversation about his desire for children in the future, and you can both agree on whether or not you want kids, even if it's not the right time at present.

12. If he's the first guy you've gone on multiple dates with or the first person you've slept with after ending a long-term relationship, it's more likely that he's Mr. Right Now. However, if you've completely moved on from your past relationships and are seeking a serious commitment, he could potentially be Mr. Right.

13. If he explicitly says that he isn't ready for an exclusive relationship and is still dating other women, then he's most likely Mr. Right Now. On the other hand, if he initiates a conversation about being exclusive with you and expresses his desire to commit to only you, then he could potentially be Mr. Right.

14. Mr. Right will not only remember your preferences and interests, but also show that he cares about them by taking action. For instance, if you mention that you want to attend a particular concert for your birthday, he might surprise you with tickets. However, with Mr. Right Now, you may not even receive a simple happy birthday text.

15. Mr. Right will proudly introduce you to his friends and family, and speak highly of you so much that when you meet someone he knows, they may recognize you as "the girl." On the other hand, if you meet someone that Mr. Right Now knows, it will be clear that he hasn't talked about you much, if at all.