15 Celebs Who Knew Exactly How To Shut Down Body-Shamers

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Every person has faced body shaming, in one way or another. When you are a public figure, you are under constant scrutiny, so you have to have thick skin and know when to speak up.

For whatever reason, the whole idea that primarily women have to have these ideal bodies is not only insulting but dangerous. That is why celebrities who are brave enough to respond to this type of bullying are setting the right example.

Everybody is a bikini body, and these 15 celebrities proved it by shutting down nasty body shamers.

1. Lizzo

Lizzo is energetic, powerful, and beautiful, inside and out. She is also a frequent target for body shamers. The musician said during the Red Room show at Sydney's The Beresford:

"I have nothing to hide. There's no shame anymore. I just post myself. It's like, you take me as I am. You don't have to love me."

Lizzo will never be a skinny gal, but most of us cannot keep up with her moves, proving that she is in excellent condition.

2. Demi Lovato

Lovato was triggered after they read they were "morbidly obese."

The former Disney star, singer, and actor talked to Paper in 2018, after the rehab:

"That is the most triggering thing that you could possibly write about somebody with an eating disorder. That sucked, and I wanted to quit, I wanted to use, wanted to give up. And then I just realized that if I don't look at those things then they can't affect me. So, I stopped looking and I just really try not to look at anything negative."

3. Hilary Duff

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The beautiful actress and singer Hilary Duff faced body-shaming after giving birth. She did not make a big deal but simply stated:

"Since websites and magazines love to share 'celeb flaws' - well, I have them! My body has given me the greatest gift of my life: Luca, 5 years ago. I'm turning 30 in September, and my body is healthy and gets me where I need to go."

4. Jonah Hill

Yes, most of the celebrities who face body shaming are not males. But, there are some exceptions.

Jonah Hill cracked in 2021 and wrote on his Instagram that he's experienced years of "public mockery" and "insecurities" about his weight. At 37, he finally loved himself.

His comments opened up further discussions on body shaming, especially among men.

5. Serena Williams

Serena is one of the biggest sports names of all time. The only thing that is wrong with the case of Serena Williams is all the racist and sexist comments she faces to this day.

In 2018, Williams told Harper's Bazaar:

"I'll never be a size 4! Why would I want to do that and be that? This is me, and this is my weapon and machine."

She is ultra-healthy and ultra-fit. What more do you want?

6. Adele

Adele proves that you cannot win. She was "too fat" for years. Then, she lost weight, and suddenly tabloids called her "too thin," pretending they were worried about her health.

She told Oprah:

"I [wasn't] shocked or even phased by it β€” my body has been objectified my entire career. Am I too big or am I too small, am I hot or not or whatever β€” I never looked up to anyone because of their body.

Adele explained that she exercises for her anxiety while championing body positivity.

7. Chrissy Metz

Chrissy Metz is tired of defending her body, but her fans helped her quiet the bullies. She wrote on Instagram in 2017:

"I hope that in some small way, an unconventional body wearing an unconventional material opened up discussion, hearts, and minds."

The actress referred to her stunning red dress custom-made by Jordan Grossman.

8. Tyra Banks

Tyra was among the original supermodels, but as we age, our bodies change. Tyra does not want to represent unrealistic beauty standards, and in 2021, she wrote on Instagram that she is obsessed with ice cream.

She added that her body and mind are fuller with age while posing makeup and filter-free.

9. The Rock

Yes, Dwayne, The Rock, Johnson was a victim of body shaming. After his pro wrestling career barely ended and he was in an early film career, he was called "too big."

In 2019, The Rock told Access:

"Basically, what they were asking me to do was 'be everything that you're not.'"

He did not listen and remained true to himself. A few years later, he is among the industry's biggest, most profitable names.

10. Kelly Clarkson

Kelly's voice is perfect, but some people have to find something to pick on.

She has been struggling with body shamers for ages. In 2017, in a now-deleted tweet, someone tried to humiliate Clarkson, saying, among other things, she was "too fat."

Her epic response remains.

11. Will Smith

Not even Will Smith managed to avoid the strange case of dad bod. During the pandemic, Smith got some critiques and shut them down by writing:

"This is the body that carried me through an entire pandemic and countless days grazing thru the pantry. I love this body, but I wanna FEEL better."

While he did say he was in "the worst shape of my life," the multitalented Will reminds people that people should not expect to look perfect during difficult times.

12. Sarah Jessica Parker

And Just Like That star has been labeled as "too skinny." The older she gets, the more body shaming Sarah Jessica Parker experiences.

During an interview with Oprah, she explained:

"Actresses have this weight standard for professional reasons, but I think the standard is impossible for women in America."

Sarah was always slim and fit, and it does not mean you need to be like her. Just stop assuming something is wrong with her.

13. Jennifer Hudson

Hudson was once "too big," then she became "too skinny."

Her response is simple:

"I am who I am, but there's always someone not satisfied with how you look."

This is a winning mindset!

14. Samira Wiley

Samira Wiley has diabetes type 1, a disease without a cure. Yet, body shamers showed no shame, and she opened up to People about how body shaming turned her body gratitude after a photoshoot:

"I remember this one so vividly because feel like I have a healthy body image, and I was on the shoot, and one of the outfits they put me in was something that showed a bit of midriff. And honestly, I thought it was fine. But someone on the set was like, 'Oh, don't worry. We can fix that in post.'"

15. Alana Thompson (AKA Honey Boo Boo)

We, as a society, are so petty that some think it is okay to bully a child.

Thompson is a reality star who has been fighting body shaming since she was a kid. Talking to Teen Vogue, she stated:

"Just because I got a little bit of extra meat on my bones, you want to hate me? I'll never get body-shaming."

Let's ask ourselves: what is the point of body shaming?