15+ Celebrities Who Changed Beyond Recognition Over The Past Decade

15+ Celebrities Who Changed Beyond Recognition Over The Past Decade

Sometimes, people change so much in a short time that they feel different. This happens with people's personalities and with looks.

If you look at before and after photos with a difference of one decade, you might not want to believe that they are showing the same person.

We compiled a list of some celebrities who changed drastically over ten years or less. They include Kylie Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner, and Elliot Page, among many others. Some of them will leave you speechless and dumbfounded.

Caitlyn Jenner

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Not only did she go from Bruce to Caitlyn in name, but she also did in every part of her body.

To complete her gender transition, she had a nose job done, breast augmentation, jaw reshaping, tracheal shave, and beard removal.

The journey was far from easy, but she successfully transitioned in 2015. Now, at 72, she is looking as stunning as she could be.

Elliot Page

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Elliot Page had always wanted to be a boy, and he finally attained that goal. He was always perceived as the girl he was born as.

He is now transgender and is very excited about exploring opportunities his new self will present.

After undergoing top surgery, he says that he can now recognize himself when he looks in the mirror even though he has long conditioned his mind as to who he is.

Demi Lovato

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After struggling with an eating disorder and drug use, the singer has been on a path to recovery and noticeable body transformation.

With diet and exercise, she has been able to get her health back on track. She is also embracing her body as it is instead of aiming for the unattainable unhealthy way.

She sure has come a long way from Barney and Friends.

Kylie Jenner

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Kylie went from her cute, conservative looks to more liberal outfits, just as she did with transforming from a plain kid from Calabasas into a successful business mogul.

You can notice her fuller lips as a result of lip injections and other more defined features. Although she has denied numerous surgery rumors, her changing body and face keep fans and anti-fans talking.

Jared Leto

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Jared Leto is one of those actors who embodies his roles. He would go to great lengths to transform himself to fit the bill. Besides doing this for movies, he has been undergoing some personal transformation in the last decade.

Not only has he grown out his beards, but he has also done the same to his hair, and he looks like the dashing cowboys from the Wild West.

Kristen Stewart

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She went from Bella in Twilight to Princess Diana in Spencer, and that transformation is really all that! From brunette to blonde, she still looks absolutely gorgeous and has maintained her signature look.

Billy Porter

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In the past ten years, Billy Porter's style has changed so much that the evolution is shocking.

When he arrives at award shows and events, he always pops up with something new; everything from a hot pink cape to an all-white ensemble, striped skirts, witch hats, dresses, and a pearl-encrusted sweater.

He keeps pushing his boundaries on the red carpet and is yet to fail. As he is aging, he accepts himself more and lets it all loose by making fashion statements.

Kelly Osbourne

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The first thing you would notice about Kelly Osbourne is how her chubby face looks much leaner and her experiment with hair color.

She underwent a significant weight loss transformation, shedding about 90 pounds. The journey was inspired by the need to be healthier, not to fit the public's image of the ideal weight type.

Going from blonde to a purple-head showed some spirit, contributing much to her overall new look.

Orlando Bloom

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Well, his curly hair remains, just often tamed to look sleek for events. He now has ear piercings and a buff physique that make mid-forties the new mid-thirties.

Bella Hadid

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The supermodel keeps experimenting with different beauty styles and has undergone one of the most fantastic beauty transformations. Her more defined jawline, leaner cheeks, and eyelids indicate plastic surgery.

Although she has been the subject of plastic surgery rumors, she boldly decries them. The change in her appearance is pretty noticeable, and many believe that they are unattainable without the help of needles and knives.

Well, it could also be the effect of aging.

Katy Perry

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Well, those eyes haven't changed. She went from gospel singer to pop star and from brunette to blonde. Most of the changes in her look are a result of dramatic hairstyle changes.

She is fond of playing with colors. She has been spotted with both blue and pink hair, which she pulls of proudly.

Now a mom, she has experienced some changes but remains as gorgeous as ever.

Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen

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The Olsen twins were actresses but now are more recognized as fashion designers. At first, they adorned similar styles but eventually defined their style.

Still seen together, almost always, the identical twins are now fashion icons, redefining what it means in their way.

Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber is one celebrity who underwent a stunning but uneasy transformation. He came into the industry as a buzzing, cute teenager but is now a married man forced to grow through his experiences.

Being exposed to fame that early and having to grow in the public's eye and with the pressures surrounding him resulted in heavy drug use, which affected his entire health.

After overcoming his demons and starting his life with Hailey Baldwin, he looks healthier and happier.

The physical changes he experienced in the past decade are as apparent as the differences you would notice between a growing child and a mature adult. You can't but notice the mustache and tattoos.

Kim Kardashian

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If we want to talk body evolution, Kim Kardashian just has to be a part of the conversation. Her stylish figure keeps on giving with all her curves in the right places.

Her face looks leaner, and her obsession with always being in form and attaining her goal weight keeps her in tiptop shape for every event and social media activity.

Pierce Brosnan

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If anything should be shocking about this, it's the fact that he seems to have not aged one single day. Except for his reshaped beards and a few creases, he looks as good as he did ten years ago.

The only sign of aging is his grey hair, which makes him look even more dashing.

Miley Cyrus

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If one thing did not change, it was the color of her eyes. Her style transformation over the years has been massive.

She switched her darker tresses for lighter ones and went from the budding star from Hannah Montana to a significant power player in the pop music industry.

She transformed from an innocent, sweet girl to a bold, fearless woman with her unique style.

Which of these 16 celebrity transformations shocked you the most?