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15 Best Long Distance Pillows For Ldr Lovers

A great pillow is one of the most comforting things for a successful long-distance relationship, where comfort is a crucial aspect.

Explore 15 top choices for long-distance pillows to ensure comfort in your LDR below.


Finding the right long-distance pillow for your partner is now easier with the numerous excellent options available online.

The challenge now is to navigate the extensive range of pillows for couples.

We simplify your search with a list of 15 top long-distance pillows for LDR couples.

1. Personalized Couples Pillows

Though they are pillowcases, not pillows, they are ideal for LDR couples and deserve the top spot on our list.

The pillowcases come in various cute themes and can be customized with names, dates, love symbols, and more.

Additionally, these customized couple pillows work well with the Little Riot's LDR pillow talk device (if available).

2. Light Pillow with Changing Colors

This LED light-up pillow has a charming effect with its slowly changing lights, perfect for couples.

The pillow is made of super soft, huggable material, perfect for snuggling.

A switch on one side activates the light, which slowly changes color.

Battery-operated, don't forget to include extra batteries when ordering/shipping.

3. Heart Eyes Emoji Pillow with Blinky Lights

A charming item on our list of the top long-distance relationship pillows is the heart-eyes emoji pillow with flashing lights.

This 13-inch, 4-inch thick pillow is sure to be loved by your long-distance partner.

The flashing lights are controlled by a black button on the back of the pillow and run on batteries.

4. Custom Picture Pillow for Couples

A 16x16 throw pillow with a custom photo is one of our top picks for long-distance relationships.

Choose any picture you want and be creative.

Optional personalized text can further personalize the pillow with a special message.

Another good choice for pillow talk.

5. Lunix Orthopedic Adjustable Sleeping Pillow

The Lunix Orthopedic Adjustable Sleeping Pillow is a great choice for frequent phone-callers in LDRs.

The Lunix Orthopedic Adjustable Sleeping Pillow, labeled as a "sleeping pillow," is ideal for sitting and chatting on the phone, texting, video chatting, and watching movies.

6. Flexicomfort Adjustable Support Cushion

If the Lunix isn't for your partner, try the Flexicomfort Adjustable Support cushion for long phone or video calls.

The Flexicomfort support cushion is effective for both supporting your back during long conversations and aiding sleep after talking to your partner.

7. Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me

A 30-inch microfiber pillow with "Hug this pillow until you can hug me" written on it.

Available in 18 and 40-inch widths, this pillow is also suitable for pillow talk.

The highly breathable, super-soft pillow is a great option for LDR couples who can't cuddle in person.

The pillow features long-lasting materials, better than other throw pillows available online.

8. Distance Means So Little Pillow

Another charming pillow that keeps you mentally connected to your LDR partner.

The pillow reads "Distance means so little when someone means so much."

Comfortable and made of linen and cotton, the pillows come in 18, 20, 22, and 24-inch sizes.

These pillows are great for pillow talk.

9. Together Forever Never Apart

Next on the best LDR pillow list is the Together Forever Never Apart case.

The pillowcases say "Always together, never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart."

The opposite side reads "I loved you then, I love you now, always have, always will."

These cases work well with pillow talk devices. Simply turn it on and place it in the case.

10. I Miss You Pillow

These charming throw pillows make a fantastic gift for your LDR partner.

One side says "I f*&^ing miss you!" and the other says "Hug this pillow until you can hug me."

They also work with the LDR smart pillow talk device.

11. Never Forget That I Love You

This pillow helps keep LDR couples connected with its message "Never forget that I love you."

The pillow case is made from safe materials and works with the Pillow Talk LDR device.

Combine this pillow with Pillow Talk to feel closer to your partner with a real-time heartbeat and talking through the device's speaker.

12. Red Decorative "Love" Pillow

This red oblong pillow featuring a heart and "love" inscription is perfect for fostering an emotional connection with your long-distance partner!

This 12"x20" red pillow with a heart and "love" inscription enhances emotional connection in LDR relationships and is compatible with Pillow Talk devices.

13. Love You More / Love You Most Pillows

This 12" x 20" oblong pillow is a great option for both partners in an LDR relationship.

This 12-inch by 20-inch pillow is perfect for LDR couples, with "I love you more" on one side and "I love you most" on the other.

14. Kisses, Hugs, XOXO, and Heart Pillows

These cute pillowcases are ideal for LDR pillows.

These pillows are decorated with affectionate messages, including "hugs", "kisses", "XOXO", and a heart with an arrow, making them a charming addition to any long-distance couple's bed.

These cases measure 20 inches by 20 inches and fit well in any room.

15. I Love You The Most, The End, I Win Pillow

The final pillow on our list for LDR couples is the humorous pillowcase.

The pillowcase features the message "I love you the most, the end. I win," a phrase familiar to many LDR couples.

Consider sending this statement pillow, along with a Pillow Talk device, to your LDR partner for a stronger connection.


Not all pillows are suitable for long-distance couples, hence not deserving of being called an "LDR pillow."

To qualify as an "LDR pillow," a pillow must possess several key features, such as:


The personalization option is a crucial feature for most LDR pillows.

Customization options like adding text, and pictures, or compatibility with pillow talk devices are essential features of top LDR pillows.


Comfort is vital when spending long hours communicating with your long-distance partner while sitting or lying down.

An LDR pillow must be comfortable as well as appealing to be effective. Simply having an LDR quote or cute design isn't enough to qualify a pillow as a good LDR pillow.

Sometimes, simple bedroom pillows can make great LDR pillows, as long as they are incredibly comfortable.

High-Quality Materials

The best LDR pillows are made of premium materials like cotton, linen, and polyester.

High-end materials ensure durability and comfort in LDR pillows. Pillows made of cotton, linen, or polyester are more breathable and provide a better sleeping experience than those made with low-quality materials.


High-quality LDR pillows are typically washable due to the materials used.

Check if your LDR pillow is washable before ordering to ensure longevity and hygiene.

Smart Capabilities

"Pillow Talk" is a device growing in popularity for long-distance relationships as it provides a way for couples to feel connected even when apart. Currently, no pillows with built-in smart capabilities are known.

You can make any pillow smart by adding a "pillow talk" device.

The device offers heart monitoring and voice messaging features.