14 Ways To Love A Woman Who’s A Badass Free Spirit

Free spirits live on their own terms; and if you happen to fall in love with one, you will have to change your expectations and actions a little if the relationship is to have a future. Here are some pointers to staying on good terms with a free-spirited woman.

1. Respect her boundaries

Understand that a free spirit will have boundaries she will not like crossed and that there are times when she won’t spend time with you. Try to be respectful of such boundaries and take a step back when you feel you are intruding.

2. Be ready to go beyond your comfort zone

A free spirit will often try strange and unusual things, and you will have to participate every once in a while. So, unless you are willing to step outside your comfort zone, life might get a little difficult for you if you are with a free spirit.

3. Don’t issue ultimatums

Don’t use threats to control a free-spirited woman, it would never work anyway. These women dread being tied down and being controlled, and giving them ultimatums makes them run off as fast as they can.

4. Avoid petty squabbles

If you are in love with a free spirit, you have to avoid petty battles. These can be extremely frustrating for her as they distract her from enjoying her life and letting her wild and exciting thoughts dictate the direction of her life. All relationships have fights, but for the free spirit, let this happen only when it is absolutely necessary.

5. Love her for who she is

Free-spirited women are rare, and many people have no idea how to keep up. So, the fact that you can put up with her wild nature and accept her for who she is can go a long way in winning her affection. She understands that being a free spirit is quite a lot to deal with for many people; which means accepting who she is can be a huge advantage for you.

6. Be a bit of a free spirit yourself

You can try to be a free spirit yourself, not worrying too much about adult responsibilities. This can give you a clearer perspective as to the person you are now in a relationship with. Be like a child, not worrying obsessively about the future.

7. Accept her dreams

Free spirits may live in the moment, but they still dream of a future, even when they are not doing much to pursue it. So, don’t dismiss any dreams she might have about the future, however distant they may seem.

8. Give her space

Everyone needs a little space, even regular people. However, free spirits need this space more than anyone else. If you try to reign her in, she will feel suffocated, and at the first chance she gets, she will want to have this space even if it means compromising the relationship. But don’t worry, she will appreciate that you are willing to put up with this free-spirited nature that most people cannot handle.

9. Don’t be bossy

A free-spirited woman might seem irresponsible, and you might feel the urge to tell her what to do. But even if she makes mistakes, let her be and don’t interfere. After all, we all make mistakes.

10. Surprise her with a date

A free-spirited woman would definitely like to have a kindred spirit in you. So, when you introduce some excitement and spontaneity to her life by taking her on outings she did not expect, you will make her very happy.

11. Have regular conversations

You should try to have regular conversations with her; as a free spirit is always learning new things and would like to share them with you; even if you might not agree with them.

12. Try to live in the moment with her

To a free spirit, the present seems like the greatest priority; and not distant concerns about the future. So, when you are around her, try to have a similar spirit and avoid worrying too much. Live in the moment, there will be enough time for worrying later.

13. Support her

Although free spirits usually have more than enough self-esteem, to begin with, they need support like any other human being out there. As a loved one, showing your support can have a huge impact on her life. So, tell her how amazing she is before she takes on a challenge and even remind her about how good she looks.

14. Trust her

A free spirit will go around interacting with people and making connections, and you have to trust her intentions. Although she may have many friends, don’t think that she cannot be trusted.