14 Ways To Love A Woman Who's A Badass Free Spirit

Loving a free spirit requires effort and understanding. They are full of energy and may seem wild, but they choose to live in this world and open their hearts to love. To truly love a free spirit, one must go above and beyond and meet them on their unique terms. Here are 14 tips for loving a free spirit.

1. Give her plenty of space

Allow this lovely flower ample space to grow, as suffocating it will lead to poor results. Let her be true to herself and do not try to control her out of insecurity. By giving her room to flourish, she will not only thrive but also appreciate you more.

2. Accept her for who she is

Enter into the relationship without preconceptions and do not attempt to change her. Instead, accept her with open arms, understand where she is coming from, and keep an open mind. Remember that everyone has quirks and unique characteristics and you agreed to be a part of her life, so respect and embrace them.

3. Step out of your comfort zone

Your free-spirited partner may express their individuality through eclectic fashion choices or unconventional interests. Don't be hesitant to be seen with them in public, even if it means wearing a unique hat. Remember that other people's opinions do not matter, and step out of your comfort zone to fully embrace and support your partner's individuality. You will not regret it.

4. Encourage her

Even though she may have high self-esteem, your partner still appreciates encouragement from those close to her. Express your admiration for her clothing choices, remind her of her strengths when she is feeling nervous, and remind her of her beauty regularly.

5. Take her on spontaneous dates

Impress your free-spirited partner by planning spontaneous dates and surprise outings. Take her to a new restaurant or plan an adventurous activity you've never done before. Even better, make it a surprise and let her decide on the spot where to go or what to do. Your partner thrives on excitement and unpredictability.

6. Never give ultimatums

One sure way to push your free-spirited partner away is to give ultimatums. Avoid statements that include the word "if" such as "If you don't stop talking to that person, I'm going to leave." Ultimatums can be stifling and limiting to someone who values their independence and freedom, and it may cause your partner to distance themselves from you.

7. Pick your battles

Avoid engaging in petty arguments with your free-spirited partner, as it can cause frustration and distance in the relationship. Speak up when it is necessary and important, but try to avoid pointless conflicts. Remember, it is important to address important issues, but it's also important to keep things in perspective. For example, being a few minutes late may not be a big deal, but being significantly late may be a problem.

8. Trust her

Your free-spirited partner will naturally want to engage with the world, make connections and explore opportunities. Trust that they will be faithful, and don't let insecurity hold you back from enjoying your relationship. Trust that your partner's free spirit doesn't mean they're untrustworthy, and have faith in the commitment you share.

9. Be in the moment with her

Free-spirited individuals often prioritize living in the present moment. This may involve practices such as meditation or simply being mindful of the present. Support your partner by focusing on the present and not dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Take time to appreciate small moments, like savoring the taste and texture of a strawberry and be present in the moment. This is what living is all about.

10. Dream with her

Free-spirited people are often aware of the present but also have an inclination to dream about the future. Even if these dreams are not actively pursued, they still enjoy considering the possibilities. Join in on this exercise with your partner, consider what you want and love in the future and share your thoughts and dreams with each other.

11. Respect her boundaries

Understand that your free-spirited partner may have needs for time and space alone, as well as certain boundaries that should not be crossed. Show respect for these needs by giving them space when they need it and not crossing any boundaries they have set. Show common sense in respecting your partner's needs.

12. Engage her in conversation

It is crucial to maintain open and stimulating communication with your free-spirited partner. They are constantly learning and growing, and they will want to share their new insights and perspectives with you. Even if their ideas and thoughts may differ from yours, it is important to engage in open-minded discussions with them. These conversations can be challenging but ultimately beneficial for both of you.

13. Don't get all parental

Your free-spirited partner may not respond well to being told what to do, they prefer to make their own decisions and choices. Allow them the freedom to make mistakes, even if it can be difficult to watch. It's a part of the learning process and respecting their autonomy.

14. Tap into your own free spirit

Recall the sense of freedom and wonder you had as a child, when you were carefree and curious about the world. Try to tap into that energy and imagine what it feels like to be that kind of person. Consider what fears you would let go of and what you would do. Embrace this mindset and take action. Your free-spirited partner will appreciate seeing you embracing their perspective and mindset.