14 Undeniable Signs He Loves You Secretly And Deeply

It’s not always easy to tell if a man loves you or is just having a good time until he moves on to someone else. The problem is that men are not as comfortable expressing their emotions as ladies are, which makes it harder to know if he is truly in love with you. But if you can pay attention to how they act around you, you might have the answers you need.

Here are some good signs that a guy loves you.

1. He leans towards you

If he keeps finding an excuse to lean towards you, then it’s a sign that he secretly loves you. It could be when you are talking, or when he is trying to show you something.

2. He hardly mentions other girls around you

If no other woman seems to exist in the world when you are around him, it is a very good sign that he is in love with you and does not think of anyone else.

3. He offers to pay

When he never wants you to pay for anything, it is a clear sign he loves you and wants to take care of you and your needs in every possible way.

4. He is protective of you

A man gets protective of a girl when he has strong feelings towards her.

5. He is punctual

A man who loves you will not lead you on or play games. If he says he will be there at 7 pm, odds are that he will show up much earlier so that he does not keep you waiting. It is also a sign of respect.

6. He is active on your social media accounts

If the guy is always commenting, liking, and sharing things you post on your social media pages, then that’s a pretty good sign he is in love with you.

7. He gets clumsy around you

Guys don’t act themselves around girls they love. Because being around you is distracting, he might drop things or hit objects because he is nervous or too focused on you.

8. He gives you compliments

A guy who loves you will see the best in you all the time and will usually have a lot of positive things to say about you. So, if he always says nice words to you, then it might be because he loves you.

9. He likes to say “we” and not “I”

Whenever he talks about something regarding the future, he says “we” instead of “I”, showing that he sees you in his future.

10. Good eye contact

If the guy gives you constant eye contact, despite knowing each other for a long time, then he secretly loves you. It is an especially powerful sign if he holds your hands as he looks at you like this.

11. He smiles a lot around you

A guy who secretly loves you will smile a lot around you; more than other guys will because he loves being around you.

12. He is very inquisitive

A guy who loves you will want to know as much about you as possible. And this will be very evident in the number of questions he asks you about yourself.

13. He is a real gentleman around you

If the guy treats you like a queen wherever you go, then that is a clear sign he loves you. This could be pulling out the chair for you and so forth.

14. He keeps touching you by “accident”

If there are a lot of “unintentional” touches happening when you are around him, then it is a sign that he secretly loves you even though he might not say it in words.