14 Things To Know Know Before Dating A Woman With Small Boobs

Let’s just be honest. We live in a world in which people are obsessed with breasts. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s doom and gloom for those of us who have smaller ones. We may have our insecurities but we do have our fair share of fun too.

Here are 14 things you should know before dating a girl who has small boobs:

1. We love to hear you saying that you love them

Everyone has those days when they feel a bit self-conscious. That’s why we can’t get tired of you saying how gorgeous our boobs are.

2. Sometimes they look bigger

We absolutely love it when it happens, even though we know it won’t last. Hormones are the most likely cause of the temporary enlargement. Please don’t be too excited and get rough with them as they may be sensitive.

3. Try to be accurate when “searching” for them

They may be small but please don’t make it seem like you just can’t find them. Have a good idea of where to find them and go for it!

4. We can wear some of the sexiest underwear

Our boobs may be small but when it comes to underwear, they can choose from a wide variety of the sexiest ones. Before you remove it, please throw in a compliment.

5. Gaining weight is not the solution

All this talk about gaining weight to make your boobs bigger is nonsense. If that worked, there wouldn’t be any small-boobed girls left.

6. We will never have to tend to sore boobs

When others are complaining that their boobs are sore, we might nod along and say “mine too”. We are just lying to make them feel better.

7. Don’t bring up that “boob-job” talk

If you start suggesting that we get a boob job, you are asking for trouble. If you don’t want to lose your access to them, don’t bring that up.

8. Don’t buy us underwear

Unless you have done your homework first and known our size, avoid buying us underwear. We wear different sizes, depending on the brand or material and you don’t want to start guessing our correct size.

9. We want you to give our boobs some attention too

Just like any other woman, we want you to gaze at our boobs and grope them. So don’t ignore them just because they are smaller.

10. We don’t wear bras on weekends

For us, bras are not for support. They are a luxury we can do without. So from Friday evening to Monday morning, don’t expect us to wear them.

11. Don’t tell us how you love big boobs

Why would you want to tell us you are into big boobs in the first place? Just say you are a “butt person” if you don’t want any trouble.

12. They are not less sensitive

Believe it or not, a study found that smaller breasts are 24% more sensitive than large breasts. So if you thought it was the other way round, now you know. Start giving them the attention that they deserve.

13. When you spot our chicken fillets, don’t make it an issue

If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it. This is a statement that should apply any time you come across our chicken fillets. That’s not the time to start joking about them.

14. We can’t feel your fondling with our bras on

Before you get too deep into the business, you might want to take the bra off first. That padding is just too thick for us to feel your hands!