14 Things That Happen On Every Girls' Night Out

Whether it's a regular weekly outing with the ladies or a meticulously planned event scheduled months in advance to ensure everyone's availability on the same night, a girls' night out is always an eagerly anticipated occasion. It provides an opportunity to reconnect with friends, reminisce about past crazy nights, and possibly create new memories. Regardless of whether you prefer to frequent familiar establishments or explore new ones, certain aspects of a girls' night out are always consistent.

1. Someone Asks If Their Boyfriend Can Come

There's invariably that one girl who simply can't bear the idea of being separated from her incredible new boyfriend for a single evening. Despite informing her that he isn't invited, the rest of the group proceeds to criticize her for even making the request.

2. You Take Too Long To Get Ready And End Up Leaving Way Later Than You Planned

Although you're aware that arriving at the bar before 10 pm is crucial to avoid queuing, you eventually show up around midnight. With any luck, someone in your group still has a connection with the bouncer.

3. You Reminisce Like Mad

Despite having gone over the same anecdotes numerous times in the past, there's nothing quite like consuming a few glasses of wine to help you recall the most embarrassing moments throughout the course of your friendship.

4. Someone Always Leaves Early

She either has an obligation with her in-laws in the morning or has lost her enthusiasm for partying, as she once had. Nevertheless, the group implores her to remain for another round, and she probably concedes, but opts for a ginger ale.

5. You Bitch About Men

Irrespective of whether one is single, dating, cohabiting, or married, there is always some issue pertaining to men to gripe about.

6. Someone Passes Around Her Phone For Some Group Tindering

You swipe right on virtually everyone simply to observe the absurd conversations that result. Then, as a group, you contemplate the dichotomy of simultaneously loving and loathing the single life.

7. Someone Tries To Set Rules

There is consistently that one girl who attempts to maintain the "girls' night" ethos by obstructing any guy who shows even the slightest interest in your group. If you're hoping for a hookup on a girls' night out, you may have to feign a bathroom break to discreetly share your number with the guy in question.

8. Someone Ditches The Group For A Guy, Anyway

Is it really her fault if she gets a chance to spend time with a guy who resembles Channing Tatum? You can't exactly fault her for it, so you decide to let it go this time.

9. You All Go To The Bathroom At The Same Time

A minimum of two individuals will squeeze into a single stall, alternating turns to relieve themselves while engaging in gossip. Who wants to urinate in solitude when there's so much to discuss?

10. One Girl Won't Quit Taking Pictures For Instagram

#GirlsNight. #NoBoysAllowed. #DrunkWithTheGirls. At least you can scroll through her social media feed tomorrow to recollect what transpired.

11. One Girl Starts Secretly Texting Her Ex

However, at this stage, she isn't particularly adept at concealing it. Consequently, she receives a lecture about how "he's a jerk," and one of the other girls insists on taking possession of her phone for the remainder of the evening.

12. Even The Girl That Never Dances Gets Drunk Enough To Dance

She may require a couple of shots, and you may need to play her favorite Janet Jackson track from circa 2001 to get her in the mood, but eventually, she'll arrive there.

13. You Shoo Away Weirdos That Would Rather Creep Up Behind You And Grab Your Ass Than Actually Say Hi

When your friend widens her eyes and slightly shakes her head while peering over your shoulder, it's a clear indication that someone unwelcome is approaching.

14. You Argue Over Your Drunk Food Options

Pizza? No, Chinese food? No, Shawarma? No, Poutine! How do you decide when you crave them all?