14 Things Men Will Never Understand About Women


For women, these things are everyday norms, but for guys, they remain a mysteriously terrifying fascination. Attempting to explain them is futile as guys often respond with a blank stare. Nevertheless, guys accept them despite not comprehending them fully. These things serve as entertaining distractions for guys from their typical train of thought.

1. Bras

I fail to understand why a bra is so captivating. It feels uncomfortable, especially when it's hot outside, and it's just another layer of clothing stuck against my skin. It's amusing to observe a guy interacting with a bra. They attempt to approach it stealthily and constantly peek into the empty cups as if they anticipate finding something inside. If given the opportunity, they can play with it for hours.


2. Periods

Every guy out there is scared of periods. They understand the pain and discomfort associated with it and, if they possess even a shred of intelligence, they accept whatever happens without protest. Nevertheless, they're also intrigued by it. Why, you might ask? If they had to endure a week-long period with all the associated cramps and bloating, they'd probably succumb. On the other hand, we manage to carry on with our daily routines as though nothing is amiss. They're unable to fathom how we do it.


3. Jobs

Unless a woman works in the service or retail industry, some guys feel intimidated and frightened by her having a job. Perhaps they expect us to be reliant on them for our financial needs and to be helpless. Or maybe it's because we possess skills beyond solely pleasing a man. Either way, if a woman discloses that she has a job, a guy is likely to appear both frightened and astounded.


4. Sense Of Humor

I'm uncertain as to why guys underestimate women's ability to be humorous. However, I do understand their fear. Admittedly, some of us can be a bit acerbic with our humor, resulting in more of an ego-bashing than genuine humor. Once a guy realizes that a woman can be amusing without belittling him, he becomes utterly captivated.

5. Emotions

I've spent a lot of time with guys, and I know they experience emotions, yet they're always caught off guard when we express intense emotions. When something tragic occurs, we cry. When we have a terrible day, we get angry. I'm perplexed as to why guys find our emotions so unusual. Perhaps it's because we possess the courage to express our feelings openly.


6. Fashion Sense

If you haven't done so yet, allow a guy to peek inside your closet. The vast assortment of items will likely intimidate him. However, he will soon be engrossed by your exceptional talent for assembling stylish outfits that exhibit your enjoyable personality.

7. Multi-tasking Expertise

For most guys, multitasking involves munching on chips while watching TV. Women can do that too, but we often incorporate conversation, exercise, and preparing dinner into the mix. It's just how we're wired.


8. Excellent Memory

I confess that I've overlooked some significant dates, but in general, women possess far superior memory skills. Naturally, guys will be intimidated by that. They're also astounded at how we recall all those tiny details. After all, how else can we keep our guys on track?

9. Skin Care Products

Typically, guys have shampoo, shaving cream, and perhaps some face and body lotion. In contrast, women often have an entire shelf or two dedicated to skincare. Do guys assume we look this flawless without any effort? Frankly, it takes a considerable number of products to achieve that silky, touchable skin they always desire.


10. Intelligence

Do guys assume that there's just air inside our heads? Given all the responsibilities we have, it's necessary for us to be intelligent. Naturally, some guys are intimidated by a woman who may be more intelligent than they are. However, the good guys admire it and recognize that intelligence is exceptionally attractive.

11. Purses

If given the chance, guys would probably love to carry a purse. I'm fairly certain that one of the reasons why women carry them is just to haul their guy's stuff around. You can often catch a guy gazing at your purse, wondering what you'll retrieve from it next. He's usually too apprehensive to stick his hand in himself, but he's fascinated by the seemingly endless contents of your purse.


12. Sex toys

Bring out a new sex toy in front of your guy, and observe how his mood shifts. No guy wants to be substituted by a toy; he believes he's all you need. It might take some convincing, but once he gives it a try, he'll be fascinated by the novel sensations. However, for some toys, he might remain absolutely terrified.

13. Teeny Tiny Undies

To guys, panties can be like bras - they find them cute and sexy. However, when they pick up a pair of panties that are smaller than their hand, they become confused. They can't comprehend how we fit our lady parts into something so tiny. Additionally, some guys are afraid that women might try to convince them to wear something like it, but they know for sure their family jewels won't fit in them.


14. Heels

High heels can be uncomfortable, but we still wear them for the way they make us look. Men can't deny the appeal of high heels, but they may also be a little fearful of accidentally getting kicked or stabbed by the sharp heel. Despite the potential danger, men are still drawn to the allure of a woman in high heels.