14 Things Guys Will Say Just To Get Laid

It's not uncommon for men to make bold claims or put up with difficult situations in order to be intimate with someone they find attractive. While some may genuinely be interested in the person, others may only be using these tactics to achieve a sexual encounter.

1. No really, I'm single

Many women have experienced being misled about a man's relationship status at least once in their lives. While it's possible that the man is truly single, there is a chance that he may be hiding the fact that he is in a relationship.

2. I might be interested in having a relationship with you… later on… a lot later

Some men may use the promise of a potential relationship as leverage to pressure someone into sexual activity. While personal beliefs on when to engage in sexual activity may vary, this type of behavior is problematic and could be a valid reason to take a cautious approach before becoming intimate with someone.

3. I believe you

I have personally fabricated obvious falsehoods in the past as a means of testing how far men would go to maintain the illusion that they believed me, with the ultimate goal of gaining sexual favors.

4. You're easy, I hate you

When being nice does not achieve their desired results, some individuals may resort to being cruel or hurtful in an attempt to undermine a woman's self-esteem and coerce them into compliance.

5. I'm a feminist

While there are certainly men who are genuine advocates for gender equality, a man who repeatedly brings up the topic in a social setting may not have genuine intentions, and may be using it as a tactic to attract women.

6. I'm unbelievably good in bed, For real

Some men may take advantage of the perception that a woman is less experienced sexually by making boastful claims about their sexual abilities, or even sending unsolicited pictures of their genitalia via text message.

7. My girlfriend isn't as hot as you

Some men may use the line "I'm not looking for anything serious" to manipulate women into being their side partner, while still being in a committed relationship with someone else. This is a clear indication that he is not genuinely interested in a committed relationship and is only looking to satisfy his own desires.

8. Yeah, my dad owns a dealership. I have a Lamborghini

Some men may believe that flaunting their wealth is the most effective way to attract romantic partners, which may not be true.

9. No one else makes me feel the way that you do

When a man says he is "horny", it usually means he is sexually aroused and is looking for a sexual encounter. This is particularly true if the man has a history of using you only for sexual gratification. In a committed long-term relationship, the meaning of this statement may be different.

10. You've got a banging body

If a man frequently compliments a woman on her physical appearance, it is often an indication that he is sexually attracted to her and may be interested in pursuing a sexual relationship with her.

11. You're too good for me

When a man says "I just want to be friends" it is often code for "I am not interested in a romantic or sexual relationship with you". This phrase is also commonly used as a way to end a relationship without hurting the other person's feelings. However, it is important to note that if a man truly wants to be friends, he would not be putting in the effort to distance himself from the other person.

12. I just want to cuddle, Take off your clothes — we don't have to have sex

It is not clear how effective this tactic is in convincing people to engage in romantic or sexual relationships. It is possible that it may work on some individuals, but it is not a guaranteed method of success.

13. Let's watch some Netflix

The "Netflix and chill" move refers to when someone invites someone over to their place with the implication of watching a movie or TV show, but with the expectation of it leading to a sexual encounter. It could also be done with any other activity that is likely to lead to a sexual encounter.

14. I won't tell…

While some men may choose to not disclose their previous sexual experiences, in today's society where the sharing of explicit photos and information is prevalent, it is unlikely that a man would be completely honest about his sexual history.