14 Things Guys Will Never Understand About Us

Attempting to make your partner understand every little detail about you is a fruitless endeavor. Although he may recognize that certain behaviors occur, he is unlikely to comprehend why. Men often spend hours decoding our odd behavior with their male companions, which is at least productive. Accept that there are certain aspects of femininity that men will never comprehend. Offer a general outline if he inquires, but delving any deeper will only result in a bewildered stare and perhaps a headache.


1. Periods

To men, menstruation is an enigma. All they know is that women experience bleeding and may become somewhat unpredictable. They either fear it or dismiss it as unimportant. We can only imagine how men would react if they suffered from cramps and bleeding. Unfortunately, it is solely our burden to bear, and men should merely show us love and cater to our needs during this time.


2. Mood Swings Or PMS

Even though they will never acknowledge it, men are subject to mood swings as well. When we experience them, they often believe that we are crazy. However, we are not irrational; we possess emotions and hormones. Add the typical stresses of daily life, and mood swings are the result. Of course, PMS exacerbates the situation. Simply inform men that it occurs and to move on.


3. Group Bathroom Breaks

Do you ever wonder why women like to go to the bathroom in groups? I must admit, I envy men's ability to use the bathroom quickly. However, going to the bathroom together is a chance for us to discuss our dates or reassure each other that we still look good. Men may not understand this, just as we don't understand why they still miss the toilet even after years of practice.


4. Selfies

It's true, women tend to take more selfies than men. We enjoy capturing and documenting our lives, and it's just part of who we are. We want to have a record of our favorite memories to share with loved ones and even our future children. It may be difficult for men to comprehend, but it's just one of our hobbies.

5. Time It Takes To Get Ready

I apologize for taking longer to get ready than men. However, men expect women to look amazing when going out, and that requires time and effort. Unlike men, we have to shave our legs, underarms, and bikini area and deal with hair and makeup. Men may have only a few outfits, but we have an entire mall in our closets. Despite wanting to simplify things, we still do most of this for men, and it's even a way for us to relax.


6. Love Of Shopping

Men have a penchant for disassembling objects, engaging in physical activities, and unwinding in front of the television. Women, on the other hand, enjoy going shopping. Although it may seem difficult for men to comprehend, shopping serves as a form of social meditation for women. It's a pleasurable activity that helps us unwind. Shopping is simply one of our hobbies, and men should accept it as such.


7. Enjoying Chick Flicks

To be honest, I'm not entirely certain why we have an affinity for chick flicks. It's a peculiar phenomenon, and there may not be a logical explanation for why we enjoy watching movies with a box of tissues beside us. Perhaps it's the emotional aspect or the opportunity to immerse ourselves in another person's life. Regardless, we're just as baffled as men are, and there's no point in questioning why we like them.


8. Loving A Good Cry

Men tend to respond to overwhelming stress with silence and anger, whereas women often take a moment to cry. This isn't a sign of weakness; it's a means of giving our minds and emotions a chance to release all the pent-up stress, so we can develop a plan of action. After a good cry, we feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. Although men may view it as untidy, it's actually a therapeutic and constructive way of coping with stress.


9. Baby Pressure

Men may be asked if they want kids, but they'll never understand the pressure women feel to have babies. This pressure starts when we hit puberty, intensifies in serious relationships after high school, and becomes unbearable by our 30s. We feel like time bombs waiting to reproduce. If only men could experience this too.

10. Insecurities About Appearance

Women face constant pressure to look perfect from every angle, which men don't experience in the same way. We know we're not flawless, but we're expected to look like supermodels. It's natural for us to feel insecure sometimes. A few genuine compliments could go a long way in boosting our confidence.


11. Gossiping

Despite their claims to the contrary, men gossip as well, especially as they age. It's not malicious; we just like to stay informed. You never know when that juicy story about the neighbor mowing the lawn with his sister-in-law on his lap might come in handy. It's not mean-spirited; it's simply research.

12. Getting Defensive Easily

The issue of perfection arises once again. Yes, women experience mood swings, but that doesn't justify being referred to as "bitches." Of course, we may require a moment to release our emotions and feel better. However, this does not imply that we are drama queens. Women are defensive because of the frequent little insults we encounter. Men are unable to grasp this because they do not undergo the same experiences.


13. Not Being In The Mood

While men are not always in the mood, they appear to assume that the moment they become aroused, we should be ready as well. Unfortunately, it is not that straightforward. Women are not always in the mood. Men may not understand this, but we will inform them when we are prepared. We will even be considerate and refrain from complaining if the man is not entirely up for it.


14. The Necessity Of Foreplay

One of the reasons women may not be in the mood for sex is due to a lack of foreplay. It's not an option but a necessity for women, as it helps prepare our bodies for sex. While some men may see it as a hassle, it can be a fun build-up to the main event. Men should be reminded that foreplay leads to what they want most, and no further explanation is needed.


Men will always remain clueless about certain things when it comes to women. However, the same can be said for women's understanding of men. These misunderstandings are just a part of what makes relationships so confusing and complex.