14 subtle signs you and your partner were meant for each other

Most of us start having feelings towards our crushes in our teens. That is why teenage or high school romances are so popular.

A few flings are usually also part of this experience.

In some of these cases, there is a natural connection and undeniable chemistry between the partners. However, it is not easy knowing whether a relationship will go the distance or not, at least not at first.

So, how do you know you have found your one and only?

Here is a list of signs to watch out for when trying to differentiate between true love and a casual fling.

1. Public Displays Of Affection

14 subtle signs you and your partner were meant for each other
14 subtle signs you and your partner were meant for each other

A lot of people argue about whether PDAs are justified. Some wonder if they are linked to happiness between couples.

Fortunately, studies indicate that public displays of affection are linked to happiness.

Apparently, couples who put a photo of themselves as a profile picture demonstrate that they are not afraid to show the love they have for each other to the world. That’s a good sign that the couple shares a very strong bond.

2. The Kiss

14 subtle signs you and your partner were meant for each other
14 subtle signs you and your partner were meant for each other

Your kissing style can tell if you are into each other or not. Most people these days have heard of the different meanings behind each kiss, especially with regard to different body parts.

A closer look at each of the kisses you share can tell you whether you were meant for each other or not.

For instance, a slow and long kiss with the eyes closed proves that you are deeply in love with each other. It does not matter if the kiss is sloppy or not.

Scientists have gone on to prove that the saliva that is produced during a kiss has hormones that can have various meanings romantically.

In fact, animals also kiss to show affection, but they do it by licking the face.

3. You Text Less But Mean More

14 subtle signs you and your partner were meant for each other

Have you ever found yourself sending lots of text to explain yourself? Have you also ever noticed that people you have a profound connection with understand you even though you don’t say much?

Some guys mistakenly assume that they need to say more through texts when not in a position to have face-to-face conversations. However, women like to text when upset.

In other words, when a couple is truly in love, the texting goes down. For loving couples, the texts are basically kept at a minimum.

4. You Share Similar Interests

14 subtle signs you and your partner were meant for each other

Although the phrase “opposites attract” is quite popular, similar interests are what really keep people together as a couple. Studies have even shown that it is in our nature to get attracted to “like-minded people.”

According to the study, your relationship is likely to last longer when you share similarities in terms of personalities and similar goals in life.

5. You Share Both Good And Bad News

14 subtle signs you and your partner were meant for each other

Is your partner the first person you think about when you have great news to share? What about when you are feeling down? Are they the first person you think of?

Apparently, we share the good news with those we love and like to share bad news with those who love us. Therefore, if you can share good and bad news with your partner, you clearly love each other deeply.

In short, if you like to share both good and bad news with your partner, then you have a great relationship.

On some level, it proves that you support each other and are not afraid to stand by each other regardless of whether things are going as expected or not.

Compatible people feel at peace sharing with each other during the bad and the good times. A level of comfort is attained when there is greater compatibility, which is what creates an environment where you can share freely with your partner.

6. Sometimes, You Get Into Fights

14 subtle signs you and your partner were meant for each other

Do fights ever happen between perfect couples? Yes, they do, and they don’t necessarily mean the love is gone.

Fighting can be a sign that none of the partners like to hold grudges or bottle dissatisfaction.

According to experts, people don’t fight soon after getting into the relationship because they are on their best behavior. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

However, when there are no disagreements, even after spending a lot of time together, that can mean that the relationship is not making any progress and is still superficial.

Of course, we are not talking about physical fights.

Healthy couples fight, and that means they openly voice their opinions even if the other person might disagree with them. Disagreements are a sign that there is trust between the partners and that the relationship has an environment where dissenting opinions are not an issue.

Obviously, we are referring to disagreements whose resolution leads to relaxed and happier outcomes for the couple.

7. You Motivate Each Other

14 subtle signs you and your partner were meant for each other

When a couple is compatible with each other, they will encourage each other. This includes everything from learning to play an instrument to mastering a new life skill.

Caring and loving partners encourage and support you no matter what. It does not matter if you are taking a small or a huge step in life.

It also does not matter to them what you are going through at the time.

A loving partner appreciates you without holding anything back. Even if you are terrible at what you do, they will still be supportive and loving.

8. They Look Into Each Other’s Eyes

14 subtle signs you and your partner were meant for each other

Anyone who thinks they could look into their partner’s eyes for hours on end is clearly deeply in love. This was proved to be true way back in the early ‘70s.

The study involved locking couples in a room together. At the end of the research, it was clear that couples in stable long-term relationships looked into each other’s eyes for longer periods of time.

Specifically, normal couples look into each other’s eyes about 30 to 60 percent of the time, while couples deeply in love can look into each other’s eyes up to 75 percent of the time.

Even when interrupted, loving couples take longer to break their gaze into each other’s eyes. This behavior demonstrates trust and a high level of comfort between the partners.

9. You See Your Partner In Your Future

14 subtle signs you and your partner were meant for each other

People who are deeply in love cannot imagine a life without their partners. That is the clearest sign that true love binds the couple together.

So if you are always seeing you and your partner raising kids together and growing old together, then you have an extraordinary bond.

It’s rare finding someone who makes you feel complete and hopeful about the future.

A relationship should be a safe place where you can be yourself, be happy, and resolve personal issues with someone who loves you and wants the best for you.

10. You Know Secrets About Each Other

14 subtle signs you and your partner were meant for each other

When you find a person you connect can connect to on a very deep level, they will end up knowing a lot of secrets about you. Naturally, we struggle to hide things from those we love and care about.

There are a few things more satisfying than knowing that there is someone out there who loves you for who you are.

With this special person, you will share your achievements, embarrassments, and intimate details. In short, you will have a really hard time holding any secrets from them.

11. You Can Be Yourself Around This Person

14 subtle signs you and your partner were meant for each other

When you are around the person you love, you have no reason to pretend. It doesn’t matter if you are sad, happy, or angry. You feel free to express your emotions around this person.

That is what true love is like.

When you have a partner who truly loves you, they will understand rather than judge you. You can feel their love and support even when they don’t have anything to say.

12. You Find The Same Things Funny

14 subtle signs you and your partner were meant for each other

Having a similar sense of humor is very important to couples. Great couples are often embarrassed and amused by the same kind of things.

When you have this chemistry when it comes to humor, then you can really go the distance in your relationship. A sense of humor is very important in life.

According to studies, about 75 percent of happy couples laugh together once a day. That is clear proof that laughter is essential to a happy relationship.

In yet another study, it was proved that 92 percent of married men and women claimed that humor was a huge factor in their marriage. In short, partners that laugh together stay together.

13. You Have Good Chemistry

14 subtle signs you and your partner were meant for each other

Great chemistry is a basic requirement in a relationship. As the relationship grows, it gets hard to maintain chemistry.

The honeymoon phase makes it seem like you were made for each other and can’t live without each other. However, once it’s gone, some couples can’t even bring themselves to say sweet nothings to their partners or look them straight in the eye.

There is a simple way of knowing that there’s still chemistry in your relationship, and it’s all about making love.

As it turns out, having sex once a week brings as much job to a relationship as earning an additional $50,000.

However, chemistry is not only proven through sex. There are other little things that prove there’s chemistry between two loving partners, such as cuddling, holding hands, looking into each other’s eyes, and so on and so forth.

14. You Are Ready To Make Compromises

14 subtle signs you and your partner were meant for each other

One of the things that can destroy your morale and self-worth is the fear that you might lose your partner at any time. Still, when you are in love with your partner, you easily compromise to keep the relationship moving forward.

Compromise does not mean you are desperate, begging, or giving up your life for the sake of someone else. If they are the right person for you, what you are getting in return is orders of magnitude more valuable than what you are giving up by compromising.

When you are both willing to compromise, you get mutual trust and understanding in return, and it means you can resolve conflicts and still remain together.

A good relationship is always much bigger than your individual differences. Many potentially great relationships break down when the partners decide that their individual desires are more important than the relationship they share.

The only way to make sure such obstacles don’t damage the relationship is to compromise.

So, based on everything we have just looked at, do you think you and your partner were meant for each other?