14 Signs You And Your Bestie Are An Overly Attached Couple

14 Signs You And Your Bestie Are An Overly Attached Couple

Your WiFi connects as soon as you step into her house, and it's because you have been cut from the same cloth. You cling to her as if your life depends on it, because you believe it does. And to some extent that is true. There is a ton of stuff you can only share with her.

Also, other than the fact that you can barely stand spending a day apart, you have stuck together despite all the craziness in your lives. Around her, you feel truly alive, your love has endured, and you know you will remain to be best friends. But things might be getting a little out of hand if any of the following is starting to happen.

You think alike and trust each other.

1. You trust each other to the point where you can type entire conversations on each other's phones. You literally think alike, and you share everything, including opinions.

She is your emergency contact.

2. Despite how out of control your bestie can get, when asked to put your people on your emergency contact, she is the only one you can list. She may be totally insane at times, but it often feels like she is all you've got.

She knows things others wouldn't know.

3. When you say "I have seen my husband today", she is the only one who understands what hot guy you are talking about, even though he does not even know you exist.

Your relationship will outlast anything else.

4. When you make promises like, "Not even marriage can change what we have..." In other words, you imagine that your relationship will outlast everything else that will happen in your lives.

You can joke with her in a way you can't joke with anyone else.

5. You mercilessly tease each other over very personal things you would only share with her. Such as when you get diarrhea before a big date.

There is jealousy over them having other friends.

6. You are more concerned about your best friend's new friend than even your own crush because you are more concerned about losing her than you are about losing your crush.

You are an overprotective friend.

7. When you hear your friend has a new friend, you get protective, feeling that the new friend is being invasive.

You can't stay mad at each other

8. Even after having a bad fight, it does not take long before you are friends again. You cannot wait to make up and revert to your old fun ways.

She sees all of your juicy DMs.

9. She has seen all the dick picks you have received.

You get mistaken for being sisters.

10. When you meet each other's crushes, they think you are sisters.

Your periods sync up.

11. You cry together over minor things and feel like it's you two against the world, then you get your periods the following day and are like, "I knew it!"

She is there for you when everyone else is against you.

12. She is practically the only person who will stand by you even when your own blood is against you. So, she is the only person you trust to get you out of jail, help you get out of bad relationships, and make you smile when you are feeling down. Deep down, you consider her your sister, and you cannot imagine a life without her.

Being mean to each other is normal.

13. You are such great friends that you do not even bother being nice to each other. Instead, you are constantly acting like jerks to each other.

You stalk your crushes together on social media.

14. You stalk each other's crushes on Facebook and Twitter.