14 Signs He's Trying To Push You Away And Why You Should Walk Away First

Men may not always communicate directly about wanting to end a relationship. Instead, they may give subtle hints and try to distance themselves from the relationship. It is important to be aware of these signs and take initiative to end the relationship before it becomes a painful experience. Don't let them push you away, take charge of your own happiness.

1. He tells you that you deserve better

If your partner is expressing a lack of confidence in himself and suggesting that you date someone else, it may be a sign that he is not fulfilled in the relationship. Instead of trying to boost his self-esteem, consider his words as a hint that the relationship may not be working and that it may be best for both of you to explore other options.

2. He's suddenly going through a rough patch

Recently, your partner has been seeking an increased amount of sympathy from you, but this behavior is new to the relationship. He may be using this as an excuse to distance himself from you. For example, he may claim that he is too stressed from work to spend time with you. Instead of feeling sorry for him, it's important to recognize this behavior for what it may be: a sign that he is trying to pull away from the relationship.

3. He cancels dates at the last moment

It's a clear disregard for your time, but it could be attributed to a busy schedule or other stressors. Therefore, it may not be a sign of him pulling away.

4. It's a mission to get hold of him

He appears to lack the same level of excitement in responding to your texts or calls. He takes a long time to get back to you, if he responds at all. This behavior is not acceptable.

5. Making up after a fight doesn't happen

Previously, when conflicts arose, he would quickly make amends and resolve issues so you could start fresh. Now, he seems indifferent to this process and often just walks away from arguments without considering the aftermath.

6. He's become vague

He is less forthcoming with his emotions and personal information than he once was. It can feel as if you need to repeatedly ask him questions to get a straightforward answer.

7. He doesn't give you the best sex of your life

He still wants to engage in sexual activity with you, but it lacks the same level of passion as before. This could be due to him not being as attentive to your needs as he once was. If he has become self-centered in this aspect, it may indicate an underlying issue outside of the bedroom.

8. He makes you feel guilty

Recently, it appears he wants to make you feel guilty for various reasons. For instance, he may accuse you of encouraging flirting with your co-worker because you're too friendly with other men. However, you believe this is an exaggeration on his part. Could he be trying to provoke you into ending the relationship?

9. He makes crazy demands of you

He may be attempting to manipulate you by requesting things he knows you are unable to fulfill. These could be small tasks such as collecting his laundry during your busy workday or significant ones like accompanying him on a trip to Europe when you have other responsibilities. When you are unable to meet his demands, he uses it as a means to blame and make you appear at fault. This behavior is deceitful.

10. He uses alone time to hang out with other people

He tells you he wants to spend the night alone because he is exhausted or unwell, yet you see on social media that his friend has tagged him at a bar. He then gives you an excuse that his friend needed him urgently or some other fabricated story. This behavior is frustrating and distrustful.

11. He "forgets" important dates

If your partner fails to remember your anniversary despite previously making it a special event, it is a clear indication that he is becoming more self-centered and not considering your needs as much as before. The same applies if he "forgets" about plans you made for the weekend or a vacation you booked together in the future.

12. Small acts of affection have dried up

He no longer uses the affectionate nickname he once called you by, or he doesn't tell you he loves you anymore. When you inquire about this change, he may brush it off as unimportant, but the absence of these sweet words can be a sign of something deeper. It may indicate that something is amiss in the relationship.

13. He needs his stuff back

If he left a t-shirt at your place or a toolbox he said was more convenient to keep at your home because he was spending more time with you. If he is now insisting on getting back those items, it could be a sign that he is distancing himself from you gradually.

14. He's making changes

It is normal if he is making significant life changes and keeps you informed, but it becomes suspicious if he is taking job or travel opportunities without considering how it will affect you. This not only shows that he is prioritizing other things over the relationship, but it also indicates that he may be trying to distance himself from the relationship.