14 Romantic Gestures Women Want To Experience From Guys

The grand romantic gesture, a trope we've witnessed countless times on screen, has yet to be fully realized in our own lives. As we enter 2023, while we may not anticipate millennial or Gen Z males galloping towards us on white stallions to sweep us off our feet, there exist tangible, real-life forms of romantic gestures that women across the board yearn for.

1. The "I'm Sorry" romantic gesture

A man who comprehends the power of actions over words is one who genuinely apologizes by taking demonstrable measures to make amends. Sending beautiful flowers for you to share on Instagram, for instance, rather than merely texting an apology, shows that he recognizes the value of concrete actions in minimizing animosity between the two of you.

2. The "It's Your Special Day" romantic gesture

A mere phone call to convey greetings like "Happy birthday!" or "Congratulations on landing that job!" falls short. If a man truly cares about you, he should celebrate and cherish you by taking you out to demonstrate his affection. Grand gestures are about expressing his desire to keep you in his life, and what better way to do that than by using your birthday or another special occasion as an excuse to plan something spectacular, which he should be eager to do.

3. The "I've Been Planning This For Weeks" romantic gesture

Nothing beats the appeal of a man who plans date nights in advance and has everything mapped out. The last thing women want is to fret over when they'll next see their partner or what they'll do together. The sheer fact that he provides advance notice already marks a triumph. In this era of indolence and entitlement, a grand romantic gesture involves taking the initiative to plan something romantic for the two of you, even if it's something as basic as a candlelit dinner. The notion that he put some thought into it renders it a romantic gesture.

4. The "big surprise" romantic gesture

He simply requests, "Clear your schedule for the weekend, I have a special place in mind." Later, you discover that he has made reservations at a charming cabin for a romantic getaway - but he wanted it to be a surprise. The gesture doesn't have to be elaborate, and he can give you a general idea of the plan without spoiling all the fun.

5. The "I'm Not All Talk" romantic gesture

Gone are the days of empty promises from men who claim they'll take you to a fancy restaurant, but never follow through. The modern romantic understands the significance of fulfilling his word. He won't just talk about it, he'll do it. The art of following through is, in fact, a grand gesture. When a man's actions align with his words, women admire and value him as a trustworthy partner.

6. The "Open and Honest" romantic gesture

A guy showing his emotions and being transparent about his fondness for you takes courage. This type of grand gesture holds significance because there are no mind games involved, and he fearlessly expresses his feelings. His honesty and openness demonstrate the depth of his feelings and the sincerity of his intentions.

7. The "I Must Win You Back" romantic gesture

Occasionally, a guy messes up and crosses the line, causing you to call it quits. Typically, that's the end of the road. However, a clever man recognizes that he may have a chance of winning you over again by demonstrating his love for you in a unique way. This will involve concrete actions, not just empty words. If his gesture is genuine, you'll be impressed by his humility and determination to make amends, and you may even reconsider your decision to end the relationship.

Other Romantic Gestures Women Wish Guys Would Make

1. The "I know you're PMSing so I picked up your favorite food" romantic gesture

Rather than making you feel self-conscious about your unpredictable hormonal changes, this man chooses to surprise you with some of your favorite foods. Perhaps he swings by Dunkin' to grab you a Boston Kreme donut or recalls that you prefer cheese-flavored Doritos and need a Diet Coke to wash them down. It's the little things that make your heart skip a beat.

2. The "I'm desperate to be right but I'll let you win" romantic gesture

As a woman who dates men, you've probably encountered their irritating habit of needing to be right all the time, even about things they're completely wrong about. This is commonly known as mansplaining and it's incredibly frustrating. Therefore, it's a sign of true love when a man can simply let you win, even when every part of him wants to keep arguing.

3. The "Your Trump-loving aunt is a mess but I'll go to family Thanksgiving anyway" romantic gesture

When it comes to your dysfunctional family, you're well aware of the chaos they bring. While you may not be fond of them, they're still your family, and if you don't show up for Thanksgiving, it will cause problems for the rest of the year. He understands this, and even though he knows it'll be a challenging afternoon, he agrees to accompany you. This is a true display of a romantic gesture.

4. The "Of course she's not more attractive than you" romantic gesture

Sure, she's a Victoria's Secret model with three million Instagram followers and recently topped People's "Most Beautiful People" list, but he insists he doesn't understand the hype and that you're much prettier than her. Is he being sincere? We may never know, but it's endearing that he's making an effort.

5. The "I'll go down on you and you don't need to reciprocate" romantic gesture

Although rare, it's a truly remarkable gesture when he offers to prioritize your pleasure and declares that he doesn't want anything in return. On occasions when you're sexually frustrated but exhausted, being able to relax and enjoy without having to reciprocate afterward is a genuine blessing.

6. The "I can stay with the kids tonight, go have some fun" romantic gesture

Assuming you have kids, you understand just how romantic this gesture can be. Although it's his child too and he's not doing you any favors by spending time parenting, it's still thoughtful of him to take on solo parenting duties, particularly if you have a young baby or toddler who requires a lot of time and energy to care for.

7. The "my ex texted me but I didn't respond and I blocked her number" romantic gesture

I don't believe I need to elaborate on why this gesture is so meaningful, do I? It demonstrates loyalty, commitment, and provides evidence that he has truly moved on from his past relationship.