14 Reasons You Should Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve, Even If It Means You Might Get Hurt

It's rare to go a day without hearing or contemplating the barriers we erect in our lives and relationships. We often unknowingly try to shield ourselves from life's hurts, but in the process, we might unintentionally exclude many good things and still face pain. Despite its risks, here are a few reasons why you should consider being vulnerable and open-hearted.

1. People Will Get To Know The Real You

If you express the odd aspects of your personality right from the start, you won't have to fret about them surfacing later.

2. You'll Know Faster Who Is Around For The Right Reasons

Your genuine emotional expression will filter out any men who are seeking a different level of relationship than you desire.

3. You'll Realize Flirting Can Be Fun

If you choose to be vulnerable and open-hearted, you might as well stop avoiding intimidating men at the bar and begin conversing with them.

4. Your Life Will Open Up In A Variety Of Ways

Reflect on the contrast in energy between your friends. Individuals who are closed off tend to have limited experiences, while those who are willing to take risks often have incredible success stories.

5. Fewer Games

Expressing your true intentions makes communication significantly easier. It's surprising how effective this can be! The only remaining challenge is figuring out what to do with all the extra time when your life is free of drama.

6. Because Being Open Isn't The Same As Giving Too Much

When selecting who to allow into your life, it's crucial to differentiate between being judgmental and discerning. Establishing boundaries is necessary to protect oneself from pathological liars, but building walls against anyone who resembles your ex is not recommended.

7. It's The Definition Of Romantic

Being open-hearted makes it simpler to connect with the enchanting fairy tale concepts of love. It can happen anytime, anywhere, and you are ready for it.

8. You Don't Have As Many "what If"s

A significant portion of heartache results from dwelling on missed opportunities and what-ifs. However, if we consistently give our best effort, there is less room for regret if things don't work out.

9. You Show Your Affection

Rather than worrying about excessive public displays of affection, your attitude is more like, "Watch and see because this is fantastic."

10. You Can Actually Appreciate Your Exes

Although the breakup was unpleasant, you cherished many aspects of him, and that sentiment will endure. Recognizing the good in people is perfectly acceptable.

11. The Wrong Things Won't Work Out No Matter What

Have you ever wondered why you erect such formidable barriers with certain individuals? Perhaps it's not entirely attributable to personal concerns but also to trusting our instincts. It's simpler to be vulnerable with the right people.

12. You'll Worry Less About The Small Details

You're not concerned that the guy you like resides on the opposite coast, and you're excited for whatever the journey may bring.

13. Rejection Happens Faster

It's likely less painful since you didn't invest too much in the wrong individuals. It's more instinctive to keep going forward.

14. It Requires That You Believe That People Are Good

While you recognize that not everyone deserves your attention and fondness, you prefer to believe that the world is essentially a secure place.