A Palestinian zoo, in an attempt to bait visitors into visiting the zoo, decided to declaw a 14-month-old lioness in their possession so the guests could play and interact with the animal. The incident took place two weeks ago in the Gaza strip, where there's a lack of proper veterinary facilities.

The Lioness is tranquilized before the procedure

Falestine, the lioness, was tranquilized and shrouded before a veterinarian named Fayez al-Haddad got to work. He deliberately clipped off her claws one by one using a pair of shears before he sewed her up.

He completed the job on Tuesday when the poor lioness was subjected to much pain once again. One can only imagine the confusion the animal experienced when she realized that she no longer had her claws.

The Four Paws charity says that the procedure is similar to a person losing their fingers up to their knuckles. Mohammad Jumaa, the zoo owner, and the veterinarian seem to be morally unaffected by what they did.

woman shares screenshots of conversation with dog trainer from hell

Rafah zoo opened 20 years ago, but animal welfare is clearly not on the top of their list of priorities. The zoo is located on the border of Egypt in the southern part of the Gaza strip. The zoo was closed down from 2004 to 2017, and Jumaa got it running again two years ago.

woman shares screenshots of conversation with dog trainer from hell

According to Four Paws and many other organizations, the zoo has no business staying open, as there is no improvement in the well-being of the animals that are held captive there.

Four newborn lion cubs were left to freeze at the zoo, and there are at least 49 other animals trapped in pitiful enclosures.

This kind of cruelty is happening too much in this world. We can only hope it is put to an end soon.