14 Early Signs A Guy Is Falling For You


When a relationship is still in its early stages, it can be tough to figure out what a guy really thinks and feels. You may be curious about how much he likes you, if your feelings are mutual, and what the future holds. Luckily, there are a few signs that can help you determine if a guy is falling quickly for you.

1. He Checks In With You A Lot

One of the biggest signs that a guy is falling for you is when he starts to check in with you on a regular basis. If he sends you good morning and good night texts, asks about your day, and shows a genuine interest in your life, he's invested in you. Pay attention to the little things he does to show he cares.

2. He Makes It Clear That He's Only Into You

When a guy falls for someone, he often wants to make things exclusive right away. If he deletes his dating apps, makes it clear that you're the only girl he's seeing, and clears his schedule to spend more time with you, it's a good indication that he's really into you.

3. He's All Into The PDA

Not all guys are comfortable with public displays of affection, especially in the early stages of a relationship. However, if your guy can't keep his hands off you and constantly wants to hold your hand, put his arm around you, and kiss you in public, he's trying to let you and everyone else know that you're together. Physical touch can be a big indicator that he's falling fast for you.

4. He Can't Get Enough Time With You

When you start to develop feelings for someone, it's natural to want to spend time with them all the time. If your guy insists on going with you everywhere, even on mundane tasks like grocery shopping or car washes, he may be falling for you. When you're starting to fall for someone, any moment spent together feels special and wonderful.

5. He Wants You To Meet His Family And Vice Versa

For many people, meeting their family and closest friends is a huge and meaningful step. Lots of guys tend to be guarded and keep much of their lives private until they feel comfortable with someone. So, if a guy is eager to introduce you to the most important people in his life, it's a clear indication that he's falling for you. He wouldn't want you to meet his family if he didn't think you would be sticking around for a while. Similarly, if he's enthusiastic about meeting the people closest to you, it's a sign that he wants your relationship to deepen and strengthen.

6. He Goes Above And Beyond To Take Care Of You

Many guys are natural gentlemen, but if your guy goes to great lengths to ensure your comfort and well-being, it's a clear sign that he's falling for you. Does he cook your favorite meals? Stock his kitchen with your favorite snacks? Pump your gas? Refuse to let you open the car door because he insists on opening it for you? These are all signs that he's head over heels for you.

7. He Reminds You Every Day How Wonderful You Are

When someone is in love, they tend to shower their partner with compliments. If your guy is constantly reminding you how beautiful, kind, and wonderful you are, he is showing that he is falling for you. In his eyes, you are an incredible person, and he wants to express his adoration for you at every opportunity to let you know how he feels.

8. He's Not Afraid To Be Vulnerable With You

Trust is an essential aspect of any romantic relationship. When you fall for someone, you want to confide in them and share your deepest secrets. Unfortunately, many men find it difficult to express their vulnerabilities. They have been taught that being emotional is a sign of weakness, and changing this mindset can be a challenge. However, if your man feels comfortable discussing his fears and past with you, it's a good sign that he is falling for you completely.

9. He Follows Through

When a man keeps his promises, it's a sign that he is reliable and trustworthy. It's not that other guys intentionally lie; they may just be a bit absent-minded. However, when a man's feelings for you become more profound, he will think of you often, and things won't fall through the cracks. If he says he will text or call, he will follow through, and if he plans a date with you, he will keep it.

10. He Brings You Gifts

Gifts may not be the most significant aspect of a relationship, but they can be a meaningful way to show affection. If a man gives you small gifts early in the relationship, it's a sign that he is thinking about you frequently. Be cautious, though, if he showers you with too many gifts, as this could be a red flag. He may be using material possessions to distract from questionable behavior.

11. You Can Tell He's Listening

When a man is falling for you, he will listen to everything you say. He won't have to fake interest because he will genuinely care about your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, guys may not even realize how engaged they are in the conversation. If you can tell that he is actively listening, it's a good sign that he is developing feelings for you.

12. He's Insightful

A guy who listens attentively to what you have to say is worth his weight in gold. He has the ability to make astute observations and insightful comments about you, taking note of the little details that other guys miss. If he's always focused and attentive whenever you speak, it's a clear sign that he's genuinely interested in you.

13. He's Respectful

In an ideal world, every guy would be respectful and considerate all the time. Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world. However, if a guy's feelings for you are genuine, he won't play games or try to use you for a one-night stand, only to disappear the next day. He subconsciously sees the possibility of a long-term relationship with you, so he'll take things slow and steady, with no rush to get you into bed.

14. He's Willing To Compromise

Before a guy becomes emotionally invested in a relationship, he's likely to be uncompromising and focused on his own way of doing things. However, when a guy is starting to fall for you and is unaware of it, he'll be more open to compromising and meeting you halfway. Deep down, he wants to make you happy, even if he's not consciously aware of it. This means he'll be more willing to give in if it means making you happy.